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Tomb of the Fallen Cards



why ist eremes and howard card only adding 5% more damage to their specific skills?

at this point, a hydra/turtle general card will be doing more damage and does not need to be in a +10 weapon or Level 4 weapon.


eremes/howard card only affect 1 specific skill, and require +10 weapon and weapon lv4 to have full card effect

while hydra/turtle general have no restrictions ?



where ist the advantage to using eremes/howard over hydra/turtle general card?

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Due to balance reasons. I can't really take a side on this one but I believe the conservative approach and decision to nerf these cards is the right one - as to how much it was nerfed, I can't comment as I haven't tested things yet.


But here are some points:

Hydra only applies to specific races. True Bio5 applies to all races.

TGen is an MVP card. True Bio5 is a normal mob card.

Most end-game weapons are Level 4 ( though it is hard to get that +14 bonus on a level 4 weapon )
Unlike Old Bio5 Heagears, the bonuses of these cards apply on PVP/WoE.


So yeah, just some probable thoughts on why so.

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