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September Updates


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Sky Fortress Updates
- Added some missing item drops
- Added Portrait Collector NPC which exchanges Coagulated Spells for Cards (glast_01 216 292)

Tomb of Honor Updates
- Increased drop rates for 25131.pngFallen Energy Fragment and 23016.pngGrudge Fragment
- Updated respawn mechanics for boss monsters. It now takes significantly less kills to trigger the spawn events
- Adjusted some wrong item drops

Bug fixes
- Disabled automated login events which prevented players from playing.
  Please note that you are no longer prompted with a NPC conversation window in case you've won an event
- Warp Agent warping to Devil's Tower starting location has been corrected

NPC Updates
- Cleaned up several City NPC locations
- Cleaned up several sign board icon locations (icons above NPC heads)

Item Updates
- Concentrated Ceromain Soup does no longer have a healing effect and can now be used in PvP/GvG

Ranking Updates
- Players with 2000 elo score who did not actualy participate actively (and vendors) are no longer listed in both WoE and BG rankings
- Quitting a Battlegrounds round now influences your ranking
- Fixed ties and losses being mixed up in Battlegrounds ranking

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