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Fishing Screenshots Event


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Fishing Screenshots

Share this years fishing experience with us!
The 3 most innovative ingame fishing screenshots will be rewarded with some extra Blue Sea Eggs!

Don't forget to tell us your ingame character name and show us your favourite fishing spot.

Get creative, and tell us your story with an image ~

Last Years 1st Place:


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"There maybe plenty of fish in the sea, but in the meantime, i'm just holding holding my rod against these Brute/Cute friends (Sasquatch,Leib Olmai, Poporing, Bigfoot) /lv 

and be patiently waiting for my luck /pat2"....


IGN: Ultimyr




"So i'm not the only one that's excited to caught some fish, some big hungry fellas are also waiting." Wth. /abs/heh/swt3



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Summer fishing trip with the Noob.. Some little monster got into the storage,  ate a couple of freshly caught fish and left the lures everywhere.

Who would do such a horrible thing?!


IGN:  Violentia








In case you can't see the fish that was eaten, here it is zoomed in.




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Hello!! my IGN is Gacha, thank you for reading this


So... since the weather was too hawt for us to go fishing, nothing much happened /swt3

BUT, I finally decided to go fishing at our favourite spot with ma pet, Gorimon and his bud Lion. Look at their face /heh




Thank you @Shuichi for letting him hang out with Gori /lv


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