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Monster Mercenary and Loyalty

Gale Windscar


Hi, I just noticed something about our Mercenary system.

It seems like our human mercs were buffed (HP & SP) but the monster mercs were left alone.

Was this intended?


Spearman LVL6:



(grO / iRO wiki)



(in-game stats)




So that's 100x HP and SP



Bur for Scaraba:



(iRo Wiki)



(in-game stats)




I don't have any screenshots for other monster mercenaries as I have none of them atm.


But is this intended? If not, mayI suggest buffing the monster mercenaries' HP and SP pools.




Also, this doesn't work:



The merc needs to land the killing blow on monsters 1/2 the base level of the contractor to get a killcount - doesn't matter how much damage it does as long as it's the killing blow.


I know there's reports about this but maybe if it's not getting fixed, just change the wiki entry as it is misleading.




i'll just throw it in here as I don't want to create another post.

Can we make Mercs LVL 7-9 store-able?


So that we can use it to level up new characters but not taking the loyalty grinding part.




Thanks in advance, @Everade

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All the missing, new monster mercenaries have been buffed too.
That means all mercenaries are now buffed accordingly and the changes are already live.

Some existing buffs have been adjusted to have an overall balance scheme.
Basic mercenaries haven't been touched much unless some slight HP buffs on the upper levels.

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