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map warping



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There are reasons for warp restrictions to some maps. Either it's about preventing abuse, or other reasons since we're based on officials, and exceptions came from reasonable reasons (I think). i.e.: Reductions for accessing Thanatos Tower 3F and above, from 5 people into 2 people only


And here's FYI about Biolabs and Splendide & Manuk Filds (in case you need them)


On 2/15/2019 at 11:35 AM, D e M o N said:

Bio Lab 3 can be accessed by using @warp lhz_dun02 150 150.

Nightmare Bio Lab can be accessed by talking to Guard at @warp lighthalzen 267 200 >  Ohno Tohiro (lighthalzen 321, 218)


Thanatos Tower can be accessed through the official quest, but only requires 2 people instead of 5.

Bio4 is accessible through 2 ways:

  1. @warp lhz_dun02 150 150 and when you're at Bio3 (lhz_dun03), use @jump 240 77
  2. IF you have done the Wolchev's Labaccess Quests, Find NPC Warp Agent in any town. Pick Instances > Wolchev's Laboratory, you'll be warped directly to Bio4 map (lhz_dun04)


13 hours ago, D e e m o said:

About accessing Manuk and SPL fields, Cat Hand Services is the fastest I guess.

This Cat Hand Service (NPC Teleport Cat No.4) can be found at @go 26 or using @warp mid_camp 206 234

It's providing access to spl_fild02 and man_fild02 for affordable prices



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