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February Updates


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Core Updates
- Corrected status attack's element. Status attacks should always be forced to neutral.
- Fixed some issues related to the equipment switch function
- If new item combos were added to the database and players were wearing the item combo the players would never get the bonus until unequipping and reequipping. This problem has now been solved
- Fixed a possible script exploit
- Fixed a possible mail send server crash
- Fixed a possible pet server crash
- Fixed other potential server crash issues

NPC Updates
- Some minor fixes in episode 13.1 and 13.2 quest lines
- Fixed Royal Messenger in episode 16.1 quest line not triggering npc dialogue properly under certain circumstances
- Updated Rebellion weapon & ammo shops in Althea and Prontera with the latest official content
- Fixed WoE 2.0 guardians spawning randomly on the map due a typo in the script Eddga Card. This fixes issues related to character stats going haywire during certain cirumstances
- Adjusted some NPC names from various quests all around midgard
- Some Prontera NPC location fixes
- Added clan icons to the Althea clan NPCs and removed the floating ones from Prontera
- Fixed Identifier NPC which was not being able to identify refined unknown gear
- Fixed a typo in the Pro Hunter Quest
- Mercenary Service NPC entirely rewritten, which is now much closer to the original version
  Supports buying multiple scrolls at once
  Now also sells 10th grade mercenary scroll
  You no longer lose mercenary loyalty points when a mercenary dies.
  Reduced the loyalty point costs
- Updated Rebellion Ammo shop with the new ammo variants and the latest weapons
  If you still have old slugs or spheres.
  Exchange them in alberta 116 156 for new ones.

Instance Updates
Geffen Magic Tournament
- Fixed Geffen Magic Buff client crash issues when hovering over their status icon

Old Glast Heim
- Several Workarounds to fix the non-spawning issues related to OnTouch Events and fixed a bug

Item Updates
- Fixed item bonuses losing effect if a character relogged and item is already equipped. This issue was related to card slot counts
- Fixed item bonus bVariableCastrate and bFixedCastrate bonuses which weren't affecting all skills properly
- Fixed several job masks were Gunslinger could wear the items while Rebellion job couldn't
- Fixed healing effect duration for Daehwandan and Taecheongdan
- Major item move restrictions update which is now synced with the latest official data (our customizations have been kept)
- Added and fixed several item bonuses, combos and corrected several item locations
- Added item bonus bNoWalkDelay which replaces infinite SC_ENDURE used on items such as 
- Fixed accessory equipping with cards. Accessories that have cards which require specific left/right locations must take priority
- Fixed some item combo cards that transformed the wearer into a monster causing the stats to come awry
- Added some missing item effects to achievement related rewards
- Fixed Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf Card effect
- Fixed Mercenary Scroll 10 item description

Item Balancings
- Reduced total human resistance of all Battleground sets to better balance their strength vs defense
- Reduced total amount of mdef on the old Emperium gear set to better balance their strength vs defense
- Increased Gioia elemental magic damage for Wind and Ghost to a total of 50%
- Temporal int boot enchantment : Speed of Light enchant effect has been reduced from 10 to 5 seconds
- Slightly increased mdef for Anti Magic Suit from 20mdef to 25mdef
- Mjolnir and Half-Mjolnir has one of its custom bonuses removed and does no longer ignore monsters defense
- Sniper Card, True Margaretha Sorin Card, True Howard Alt-Eisen Card, True Seyren Windsor Card, Headless Mule Card and Mavka Card effects have been reduced to reduce their harsh skill balancing impact.

Skill Updates
- Corrected skills that give bonuses while sitting
  Corrected Gangster's Paradise not releasing the monster invulnerability state when standing up around multiple Rogue's that know Gangster's Paradise. Same fix goes for Taekwon's Peaceful Break and Happy Break.

- Corrected Sling Item Bonuses
  Concentrated White Potion Z should only increase HP regeneration rate (not the interval).
  Vitata 500 should increase SP regeneration rate (not the interval).

- Fixed Camouflage
  Fixes the Provoke icon getting removed when clif_changeoption is called and it's not an infinite duration.
  Fixed Camouflage not ending after 10 seconds.

- Fixed Create Deadly Potion not failing when haven't met the requirements
- Fixed Camouflage. The Provoke icon is no longer removed when clif_changeoption is called and it's not an infinite duration. Does no longer end after 10 seconds
- Fixed Reflect Damage not reflecting damage due timer related issues
- High Jump/Leap is meant to check the next cell for a wall as well
- Fixed Full Blast delay on attack and using items
- QD Shot should no longer remove the read status.
- Dragon Trail should no longer end the Crimson Marker status.
- Quagmire will now remove Crazy Uproar
- Fixed a possible unlimited spam of skills bug, before cooldown triggers
- Increased Adoramus skill damage (already in place since january)
- Fixed Ice Wall units to match their official behavior. Ice Wall units duration now decreases 50HP per second, and their HP is 400HP at level 1, +200 each level

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