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Suggestion: Have the excess CRIT above 100 hit players with 100 PD or 40% Crit Shield accordingly

ll Phoenix ll


1 CRIT = 1% chance to hit critical with auto attack only. 100 CRIT = 100% all auto attack hits will be critical.


But even if you have 130 CRIT, you still won't be able to hit someone with 100 Perfect Dodge. I suggest that whatever the amount beyond 100 you have, will be the chance you can hit someone with 100 Perfect Dodge. It means that if you have 130 CRIT, then you have a 30% chance of hitting someone with 100 Perfect Dodge, the 30 being the excess CRIT above 100.


Same suggestion for Crit Shield. The LUK value of the victim provides a chance to reduce the attacker's Critical Hit chance. Every 5 points of base LUK provide +1% Crit Shield. An enemy with 200 LUK will have a 40% Crit Shield, meaning even if you have 100 CRIT, you will still miss 40% of the time. 40% is the max Crit Shield one can have because it's based off base LUK. Similar suggestion, to have the excess CRIT above 100 add to the chance of hitting an enemy with high Crit Shield. If your CRIT is 130 then you have 30% more chance to hit the enemy with high Crit Shield. Therefore, the enemy will only have 10% Crit Shield instead of 40% because you have an excess 30 CRIT.


This will only be for auto attack of course since those are the only attacks that hit critically. CRIT, PD, and Crit Shield all require to sacrifice a lot of stat points to be put into LUK either ways.


Take this suggestion into consideration, thank you!

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14 minutes ago, D e M o N said:

Do you understand what you are talking about?


-1 to this suggestion.


Interesting suggestion. Now that I think about it, it does seem strange that for every 1 Crit is a 1% chance to do critical damage and per 1 Perfect Dodge is 1% chance to make non-skill attacks miss.. but if you have 100% Crit and the enemy has 100 Perfect Dodge, none of the non-skill attacks will hit. I know Perfect Dodge takes priority over Crit, per official though. However, so much for 100% Crit; lol you might as well have 0 or 180 Crit as it won't matter if the enemy has 100 Perfect Dodge, at least when it comes to non-skill attacks. How can something be 100% chance yet none of it hits? XD


What are your thoughts on this? With you being against it, I mean. The suggestion seems to only be about those at the highest range of Perfect Dodge and crit shield. I guess if your Perfect Dodge is 20, then this suggestion doesn't apply? /hmm

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