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Preview Costumes and items (Suggestion)

Miss Carol


Hello Everyone, i'm here to do a Suggestion about the Preview System, in a old update you guys adicioned the "Preview" a button text from the costume and items.

I noticed something i think cool to add too...


In the first case you can use preview in costumes and itens you have, like that:





Since with that, i would, and maybe others players too, preview items i don't have like, the new Wings, at the Cash Shop, the awesome Brillant Golden Wings, if you go for the item, and try preview it, you can't, it would awesome for me and maybe others, preview the item before buy or something like that...





Anyway, thank you everyone for the attention! :D 

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I don't know if it already works on newer clients.
It's still impossible to realise this on the current v2018 client we're using.

It will automatically become available in case they implemented it, and we're going to update to the latest client version.
That means that it's also possible that this is never going to happen, depending on what Gravity develops for their game.

Until then... we have to be patient.

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