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Official Ammo Equip Behaviour



Hello hello,


I'm having thoughts about the recent changes about the official ammo equip behaviour,

here's a simple example: equipped arrows removed while rangers were switching bows


The thing is

  • I heard that some players were annoyed with the changes, i.e.: sometimes rangers switched weapons, and gone berserk with no arrows equipped during world boss events (happened to me as well)
  • but there are players who were fine with those changes, and simply adjusted their own behaviour in equipping ammos


So, for my own thought. Hmm, I don't know why it changed officially and it was annoying (sometimes). But it will be more handy for me, and most players here (maybe) if we're having the old ammo equip behaviour. Which wouldn't remove arrows while switching bows. Isit possible to be applied here?


That's what I'm thinking about it, any kind of feedback are welcomed

Thank you /gawi

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Thank you for your feedback.
Since this seems to be a very big topic, i've taken immediate action.


Ammo is now no longer being unequipped when you take off your weapon.

However it currently still checks for a suitable weapon when you're trying to equip your ammo.
Does that sound good or do you want that behavior to be reverted as well?

(It is also how it works on the official servers.)

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+1000000000 for this

the new switching ammo behavior,honestly its REALLY SHIT UPDATES!!!!,

Please return it back to normal,

its okay if the arrow cannot be used while shadow chaser is using dagger and shield, but 

if you applied that (equipped arrows removed while rangers were switching bows) for ranger, well its really stupid idea to applied, and you already did that

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