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Tomb of Honor & Bug Fixes


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Tomb of Honor Dungeon - Release
In the slums of Lighthalzen, Ohno Tohiro discovered something strange.
It was a crevice situated in an unassuming part of the village. Although the town was no stranger to oddities, the crevice that emitted strange sounds was new. Curious, Ohno Tohiro ventured inside... and immediately scrambled back out. Terrified of what he had seen, he told an adventuring friend of his, who also ventured into the strange crevice.

This latest edition to the Bio Labs, Tomb of Honor is a high level dungeon, reserved only for the strongest and bravest of adventurers. If you're up to the challenge, you will be rewarded with exhilirating battles and epic rewards!

Learn more about Tomb of Honor ,the latest dungeon release which includes an exciting storyline and new items!
< Tomb of Honor - Update >

Woe Fixes
- Fixed WoE Treasure Chests not spawning, more details below
- Fixed castle economy investment not being accounted
- Fixed Last Login Date information on the Guild Member interface which was showing the wrong date

Critical Core Fixes
- Refactored item bonuses to utilize new coding language features within the emulator:
  This fixes several core issues related to bonuses such as:
* Increased max amount of bonuses/autospells a single character can stagger (increased from 10 to 50)
* Fixes immunity to burning bonus such as used by Bijou, Enhanced Amdarais and Skoll Card
* Fixes several issues related to other elemental statuses, immunity and many more

The clock was always ticking!!!
- The emulator has been using the GetTickCount function, which runs out after 49.7days. This was a critical core issue which i'm happy to say, has finally been solved. That means that several features always got broken when the server was running for over 49.7 days -> as noticed many times by players in the form of:
* WoE Treasure Chests not spawning
* Unfunctional Switch Button
* Many many other unseen issues and broken features

More Core Fixes
- Fixed an issue were stacking healing bonuses dealt damage on yourself rather than healing you. Affected bonuses: bHealPower, bHealPower2, bSPGainValue, bHPGainValue, bMagicSPGainValue, and bMagicHPGainValue.
- Fixed a potential crash on change map events
- Fixed item bonus bAtk which returned wrong values. This bonus is used among several official items and as well as our custom Wings and PvP equipment.
- Fixed some bonuses not ending properly when the timer ran out
- Fixed issue that after creating a 3rd character, the character was always shown to be in an Unknown Area within the Char Selection window

Quest Fixes
- Fixed several Gaebolg Family Curse quest related bugs

Skill Fixes
- Fixed Electric Shocker not trapping boss type monsters. Status should also not stack with itself and should be cleared by normal means
- Fixed Fire Charm formula which was granting too much bonus damage when used with Exploding Dragon
- Fixed Absorb Spirit to work outside PvP enabled maps
- Fixed White Imprison. Targets in White Imprison using reflect equipment or skills should not send damage back to those outside
- Fixed Stone Hard Skin (Hagalaz Rune) which should not end after taking full damage
- Fixed Grooming not bein able to cast while being in a frozen status, which made it impossible to unfreeze yourself
- Fixed Blessing of Shrimp not boosting SP recovery properly
- Fixed Tasty Shrimp Party not accounting for Fresh Shrimp level learned
- Fixed Lope not placing the caster at the selected target location
- Fixed a few statuses getting removed when using Mado Gear that should be enabled. Following skills were affected: Adrenaline Rush, Power Thrust, Maximum Power Thrust, Cart Boost and Full Adrenaline Rush

Monster Fixes
- Updated normal and magic attack damage formula of all monsters to the official formula.
- Fixed the high magic damage output caused due a lacking update on our hundreds of customized monsters. Some monsters might still be affected. In any case, please let us know.
- Rebalanced World Boss Monsters to aproach aprox. the same amount of damage as they were inflicting before the last update took place.
- Updated all boss monster data to the latest official information. This mainly brings some smaller buffs to them, but they stay overall about the same. Some bosses now drop additional new gear.
- Updated official monsters with all the latest official data, this includes new stats and item drops. Just like for the boss monsters, these changes shouldn't affect the world too much as they are smaller tweaks.
- Added Lasagna Boss spawn (Big Eggring)

Item Fixes
- Fixed Small Life Potion and Medium Life Potion which didn't heal an equivalent of 5, respectively 7% HP of your Max HP every 5 or 4 seconds respectively.
- Implemented several missing item combos
- Updated some old weapons which should NOT be able to be worn by Summoner and Rebellion jobs

Map Fixes
- Fixed several visual bugs found in Althea. (Both the christmas and normal version)

A big thank you to all the bug reporters and anyone who gave us constructive feedback!

Christmas Event Status
< Visit our dedicated Winter Promotion website >
Promotional Event 01 has ended - Additional Cash Points are no longer added to any purchases
Promotional Event 02 has ended - Battlegrounds and WoE reward bonuses do no longer apply
Promotional Event 03 has ended - Chance to obtain a GRO Gift Box from several activities!
Promotional Event 04 has ended - Write a Letter to Santa Event!
Gods Smelting Bonus has ended - Increased refinement success chances for all armor and weapon types!
Christmas Quests has ended - Don't miss your chance on the brand new costumes!
Vote Shop Contet has ended - Get your hands on limited time ~ holiday season headgears!

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