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Missing Items

ll Phoenix ll


Its been a while since i last login to my account. i mean i've logged it on several times now. just for farming stuff then log out again. so when i browsed all my toons i noticed i`m missing items esp. the rare quest ones.


So i would like to ask on how to retrieve them back.... so i went ahead and checked my inventory in the website so i noticed that some of my long items are listed there and some are missing...


Also when i first logged back on the game all of my equips that we`re equipped we`re in the inventory and the storage... its pretty much scattered everywhere. So please can someone help me investigate about this matter...


I`m currently downloading the game now.. as i'm about to play it again and i would really appreciate the help. TIA! and God Bless to everyone! Cheers!


IGN: ll Phoenix ll / Old member of Ghz Guild / TambayGuild / Reclusion Perpetua.

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Use @storage2
If you have access to the VIP storage, then maybe your items have been moved there (there were some rare cases were we moved them).


Also do what D e M o N suggested about taking out all the items until you're truly below 500.
If there were too many items inside, they will only appear after cleaning up the storage.

If none of the above mentioned tricks help.

Then we need to know all the details on what went missing and within what time frame.

Please note that we do not save logs over several months.
And if we can't see it in the logs, then we can't proof that you've ever had them which means we will not be able to help you in that case.

Unless it's about account bound quest gear, then we can easily proof that and retrieve them for you.




In any case, please send me a private message here on our forums with a list of what you think you're missing so i can take a look at it.

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