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Letter To Santa 2018


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Dear Santa,


Hi there Santa, Kaze here. It seems to be that time of year again and I was wondering if you would allow 2 players from the GatheringRO players a chance to have one of their wished fulfilled once again! I hope to hear back from you soon Santa! Merry Christmas!!


Every player will write a letter to you, mentioning their Ingame-Name, Real-Name (optional), Age and their 1 item-wish and why they desire it so much. They have to be creative!



I will ask if it is possible to extend the deadline a little longer though this year though. If it is alright can we make the deadline the 31st this year Santa?


Sincerely Yours,



Dear Kaze,


Merry christmas to you as well! As usual I would be more than willing to fulfill the wishes of your players. They are always (for the most part) very well behaved and I would be honored yet again to help your team spread the christmas cheer! Also the 31st works wonders for me. Gives me a time to relax a little and more time to read all these wonderful letters after all that flyin around! That said though there are a few rules to follow.


  • Only Costumes are allowed to be wished for
  • The Costume shall not have any power
  • The Costume must already have been available in the past


That said I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I look forward to receiving all your letters!





Write your letter to Santa and he might bring you an awesome Christmas Gift! Remember there are restricted items (God Helms/Items, God Item Ingredients, the MVP cards that aren't in the donation NPC cant be wished). If you don't follow these rules, Santa will ignore your request!

Be as creative as you can in your letters, Santa will appreciate it. Here's a little sample for the letter.

(You can write your own letter, if you wish!)

Dear Santa,

My name is XXX ingame and my real name is XX - I am XX years old.
I'd really like to have an Elephant Hat, it's one of my favourite headgears!
Hopefully you can fulfill my wish.


There will be 2 winners. One for the most creative letter to Santa, the other winner will be determined by using the post-numbers (#2 - #...) and using an online random generator to get 1 random number out of it.
The people having that post number will be the winners.

Only 1 entry per player. I Will be doing IP Checks.

You can only wish for one (1) piece of whichever item you desire.

Any question, feel free to ask me Via PM or Ingame.

Merry Xmas from the entire GatheringRO GM Team!

  • Special thanks to the great legend Renee (Holly Enix) for creating this event (PLEASE COME BACK AND VISIT!)
  • Also thanks to Everade for making the art ;D





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Dear Saint Nick
This year, there is no item that I wish to pick
From your jolly bag of gifts and Yuletide Candy sticks.
I come to request, neither card nor gear
For what I seek, is far greater I fear.
It is for a world that I hold very dear
To my heart and mind do the memories sear.

I expect it not to be granted so
But I just wanted you to very well know
That the ones at the top of your nice list
Are those who hide beyond this holiday's mist.
Those who toil and constantly persist
To make us smile all year long- they have been missed.

Please do grant some coffee for the GM Team
To make them smile and their eyes gleam.
Leave them a bottle of holiday wine
That they too, with joy, dine.
For they have been giving gifts all year long
So giving them a gift would do no wrong.

Every update they've done was with toil and thought
Bugs they've fixed have not been for naught.
For they have players to appreciate
Their support and funds to donate :P

So Saint Nick,
For get not to give them their gifts!
They are people too not machines that kink!
I pray that a single finger from your hand lifts
To grant the GM Team their own wish~

My name is Kazalus,
Soul of Joachym Roa
Age of the 18
With a slate not entirely clean
Rest assured I mean well
Surely, you can tell.

And as my own, selfish, desire
I request one that is to be noticed
One GM who's heart was on fire
That gave opinions of deep thought that sire
A strong bond with a game that was more than a game
Lend thy ears to one they call Khai
His words are priceless as those up high
I pray you all be well and rarely tire!

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Dear Santa,


I hope you are having a nice day.

My in-game name is Watafaka and my real name is James, Its already been 9 years since i started playing this server /awsm i still remember the days where there are so many peeps esp. during woe /rice and i hope this server will still be kickin' in the next more years! More powers to all of you guys! and for this year i really wanted to have a King Tiger Doll Hat(1) Item ID# 5497.
Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!


Yours Truly,
James /phP H I L I P P I N E S N U M B A W A N !

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Dear Santa,


I wish you good fortune if this reach out to you.


My IGN is FlashAttacker and my real name is Reu Baize, I started playing at this server around the Ghz era i was part of that guild.  i still remember the glory days of the Ghz Guild and Ed Stampede that gave us all the support we need and all the great development of the server and i really hope that you guys are still around to help us players fix issues and bugs and stuff inside the game. I really love this server and game although i got 2 jobs here in japan right now i would still make time to play more often if i get more chances. Also i got my cousin to play my toons for me. Being an Oldie is really fun esp. when you see your fellow oldies play again and have fun at WoE and PVP. There's no other server that can replace what this server left in my heart i started out as boring teenager and now a working machine but still came back to play here the love i got for this server is just unmeasurable. Love you guys! and the thing that i really wanted to get is just a wing (Costume:Great Demon Wings Item#:20762) if you guys may. Thank you so much for making my end of the year happy again!.


Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!


Sincerely Yours:

ll Phoenix ll of the Ghz Guild.


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Dear Santa,


My in-game name is BogbogBerna. I still feel bad for Mrs. Claus that she is lonely for you still don't have kids cause you only come once a year, but i hope this time you'd give me a happy balloon i can give for my daughter. Thanks!

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Here I am writing my special letter, just for you


Hello hello Santa!! my name is Gacha, I am 1 year and 5 months old here ingame and I've been living 332 months longer on Earth[wiki] than here~


Honestly, I've been naughty this year, hehe and I hope that you don't mind


Because I want the


Happy Balloon


Here's a little story from me to tell: I've been gone through AWESOME Happy-Sad moments this year, and I know that everyone must've been through such things too. BUT have you heard that 19095.png Happy Balloon 19095.png can make me happier than before? And and and, making others happy will make you happier too!! That's why I'm asking for a 19095.png so that we can have a Happy Happy life~


Soo... thank you for reading my letter. I hope that you can 19095.png Happy Balloon 19095.png me /wink

Wish you a good good New Year moments, and don't eat too much candies!!


your naughty cat,           




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Dear Santa Kaze,


  I'm here from that letter to wish tree things, one is a item, and the others are a wish.


1- I would like to wish, to you and to the GatheringRO Team, a congratilations and a Thank you, you did a awesome work here, i know how change the code from a game can be hard, and you can't take care of all simply problems you get in a game, and same with that, you don't gave up. Really, thank you alot...


2- I really wish, in the next year some people get back to the server, i lost alot of friends here, i really wish, with new updates they get back, anyway, thank you for the hard work!

3(the item)- I want a sealed LK, cuz i can't ask a LK,  i want one, cuz is what i need to almost finish my ranger set, it would help alot, i was hunting LK almost a month, and i only droped a High Wizard card, i would like to buy one, but nobody sell it, and i can't buy cash points, idk why, i tryed, xD.

  Anyway, all i have to say is thank you for the fellings, you guys give to me, it's awesome play your events, else which i have to count how many pupkins have on lutie, xD HAHAHAHA 

  Well, my Nickname is Galandriel, and i want to wish, Merry Christmas for everyone. :D( yes i know it's already day 31/12) xD



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THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! The Winners are @Hersheys@dannyphantomz ,and the random number picker chose @sucrose. But as an added gift Santa decided to send some extra presents for everyone who sent him a letter. Thank you all so much for the letters and congratulations to the winners!


edit: All participants have been sent a little gift via mail if i did not see you ingame. Winners I'm waiting to give you your items personally!

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