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Sanhe's Guide to the Rebellion


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  • Removed some misleading stuff
  • Added more options
  • Did a little 'trimming'
  • Overall updating (May 27, 2021)




The Rebellion class is known for their flexibility by simply switching weapons, and thus dealing large amounts of damage from a distance rivaling Rangers and Magic-users in tearing down foes! This guide will feature (4) four builds: Shotguns, Rifles, Gatling Guns, and Revolvers. Enjoy the guide! ^_^^_^^_^


Trivia time!
Did you know that the first class I've ever played in Ragnarok was a Gunslinger? Now you know!



This guide contains:

-Stat builds (with Pros and Cons!)

-Item builds




1) Stat builds:

Rebellion builds are very flexible, meaning you can switch weapons and still deal significant damage depending on the situation!

Known Builds:


Shotgun Stat build:

Str - 1 - 130 (Stick with 130 if you're using Adventurer's Backpack)

Agi - 190 - 200 (Shotguns take a ton of attack speed from you. This is actually the primary weakness of the shotgun: speed. 200 Agi along with some buffs and potions should give you steady damage.)

Vit - 100~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 100 - 120 Vit for an increase in survival rate!)

Int - 99~ (I like to keep my Int at 99 to utilize the Amon Ra card's maximum effect.)

Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!)

Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!)



-Super highest damage output of all builds IF BUILT PROPERLY.

-Capable of single and multi-target attacks.



-Very slow attack speed. Shotguns reduces your attack speed by a lot which balances out the damage you dish out.

-Low (No) mobility skills.

-High SP-cost skills


Rifle Stat build:

Str - 130

Agi - 150 (You don't need a lot of attack speed for Rifles but I do recommend putting around 130 - 150 Agi to ensure that you are on Max Aspd despite being Marshed, Quagmired, Agi-Down, or Freezing.)

Vit - 120~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 100 - 120 Vit for an increase in survival rate!)

Int - 50~ (Rifle skills don't take a lot of SP so keeping your Int at a minimum of 50 will be enough for you to take down anything and still have SP left over!)

Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!)

Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!)



-Consistent (high) damage output
-Surprisingly fast

-Access to a strong debuff

-Strong PvE potential

-Low SP-cost and spammable skills

-Doesn't need Kiel to work

-Cheap to build



-Damage output is lower compared to Shotgun

-Low Mobility


Revolver Stat Build:

Str - 130

Agi - 120 (You don't need a lot of attack speed for Revolvers but I do recommend putting around 130 - 150 Agi to ensure that you are on Max Aspd despite being Marshed, Quagmired, Agi-Down, or Freezing.)

Vit - 150~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 150 Vit for an increase in survival rate because you're going to be going up close and personal!)

Int - 50~ (Rifle skills don't take a lot of SP so keeping your Int at a minimum of 50 will be enough for you to take down anything and still have SP left over!)

Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!)

Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!)



-Arguably the fastest attacking build

-Effective at all ranges

-Very mobile

-Cheap to build



-Going near enemies risks you getting killed quickly

-Low damage output


Gatling Gun Stat Build:

Str - 130

Agi - 120 (You don't need a lot of attack speed for Gatling Guns but I do recommend putting around 130 - 150 Agi to ensure that you are on Max Aspd despite being Marshed, Quagmired, Agi-Down, or Freezing.)

Vit - 120~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 100 - 120 Vit for an increase in survival rate!)

Int - 50~ (Rifle skills don't take a lot of SP so keeping your Int at a minimum of 50 will be enough for you to take down anything and still have SP left over!)

Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!)

Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!)



-2nd fastest Rebel Build

-Effective at face-range

-Capable of destroying ground-effects

-Potential Emperium Breaker



-Going near enemies risks you getting killed quickly

-Low Mobility



Now that we've got the stat builds out of the way, time for item builds!


Upper Headgear:

63104.png?nocache=420113668 Dragon of Eternity [1] - Hands down the best upper headgear item for shotgun Rebels. You can make it through this guide.

18987.png?nocache=672350638 +10 Midgard Serpent Hat [1] - This item will be your go-to. It grants resistance against demi-human and gives you -10% cast delay when it reaches +10. (obtainable via Shady Figure in Althea's Adventurer Guild for 70 EBFs)

63205.png?nocache=2102476157 +?? Glorious Helm S [1] - Reduces your cast delay by 25% if you're equipping the Glorious S set. If you're wearing a Glorious Weapon, you gain +7% Atk and Matk. (obtainable via Battlegrounds for ? Battle Badges)

63011.png?nocache=95549682 +?? Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - Stats, stats, and stats! Adds +15 to all stats! Stats are always good especially if they grant both Dex and Agi~ Do take note that this is quite expensive to make. (obtainable via this quest)

63089.png?nocache=1847041697 +?? Prism [1] A great balance between stats and effects! I recommend choosing either Effect #2 or Effect #3. (obtainable via this quest)


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Kiel-D-01- This card will be your best bet for dishing out tons and tons of damage! Equip two of these for maximum effect!

31022.png Gemini-S58 Card - A viable option of you can't afford a Kiel (yet!). This card will grant you resistance against Stone CurseSilence, Stun, and Sleep depending on your stats. This will allow you to continuously deal damage without being interrupted by status effects.

31022.png Maya Purple Card - Grants you a third-eye to see them sneaky bois. A better option would be using Prism #3 and slotting a Kiel on it but, it's still a fine choice!


Middle Headgear:

18877.png?nocache=1481683836 Baron's Evil Eye [1] - Reduces your cast delay by 5% but increases SP costs by 25%. This item will grant you that subtle boost in cast delay reduction causing you to deal damage faster like a madman, and as a bonus, it looks dank on a Rebel! (obtained at the Pro Hunter Shop for 50 Hunter Coins).

Emperium Blinder [1] -

Emperium Eye Protector [1] -

63086.png?nocache=337724680 Noble Mask [1] - It's budget and adds a good amount of damage but it's not as good as Baron's Evil Eye in terms of speed.

63348.png?nocache=2028798667 Royal Dark Flame [1] - It's a better version of the Noble Mask but it's still not as good as the Baron Eye.


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Kiel-D-01 - You will need a second Kiel-D-01 card to make the shotgun build work because Full Buster's cast delay is just so bad but the damage hits like a truck.

31022.png Gemini Card - Budget resists if you don't have Kiel (yet!).

31022.png Maya Purple Card (only if you don't have another one equipped yet) - I only recommend using the Maya Purple Card on a different headgear which you will use to switch in and out as an alternative when fighting Cloaking or Invis-using characters.


Lower Headgear:

63343.png Speed Orb [1] - Provides +1 Attack Speed and some percentage of Attack. Obtainable through World Boss Events (particularly through Belphegor)

5155.png?nocache=433723344 Father's White Mustache [1] - Personally, I prefer this because it's cheap and provides a good source of Atk making this a go-to item for all my Rebellion Builds.

5113.png?nocache=2070398860 Angry Mouth [0] - This item simply reduces after-cast delay by 3%. However, you risk going Blind when spamming your Full Buster (Not to be confused with Angry Snarl). Thank you @Derpotato for correcting this!

63340.png?nocache=1973331663 Rainbow Sash [1] - The stats from the sash are great since it provides Atk and AtkSpd which are both important for all Rebellion builds. It's expensive and tedious to make but it's just as rewarding.

63026.png?nocache=1341476080 Nebula Aura [1] - You can use this as a budget piece as the extra Mdef protects you from Magic-users and the random buffs help too!


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Deviruchi Card - This will prevent Full Buster from blinding you especially when your accuracy is already terrible compared to other Dex-based classes.

31022.png Marduk Card - Normally I just bring Panacea but if you really don't have a Deviruchi card, this is a safe bet to rely on (for a while!).

31022.png Dark Pinguicula Card(?) - Adds extra attack but personally, I don't recommend this card.

31022.png Duneyrr Card(?) - Similar to Pinguicula, get this only if you're greedy with your already outrageous damage.



63933.png?nocache=68159012 +9 King's Armor [1] - Arguably one of the best PvP armors for the Rebellion. Requires to be +9 to achieve its full effect. (Acquired at the Eminent Armorsmith for 4000 61513.png?nocache=747379720Heroism Badges located at @warp bat_room 170 142)

+10 Battlelord's Armor [1] - If you want to go Desperado build, you can opt for this set! It reduces your after-cast delay by a lot and increases Desperado damage by 30% at maximum.

EshooterSuit.gif.89a05fe4012e57e8cbc5183f3ec4ab81.gif Elite Shooter Suit [1] - This is part of one of the most budget PVP sets for Rebellion. It reduces after-cast delay by 25% when equipped in its set along with other resistance benefits. Though its benefits are outmatched by the Ascended BG gears, the -25% after-cast delay is nothing to scoff at.

15074.png?nocache=1382156694 +12 Geffen Magic Robe [1] - Pretty standard because it grants that -10% cast delay when +12. I recommend this only if it's +12 so that you get the maximum cast delay reduction which will help you shell your enemies down! (Acquired at the Geffen Magic Tournament)

2383.png  Brynhild [0]/[1] - On paper, this God-armor looks great but without the after-cast delay reduction, you will be missing out on a lot of damage. I wouldn't choose this over the GMR.

65105.png?nocache=703028901 Glorious S Suit [1] - I recommend using this with the Glorious BG set in order to get that optimal after-cast delay!

15021.png Emperium Formal Suit [1] - A better alternative for the +12 GMR! (Does not work outside PvP)

65133.png?nocache=2098890470 Adventurer Armor [1] - The cool thing about Rebellion is that they can be strong even with starter gear~


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Tao Gunka Card - You will need this card for survival. This is your staple and you must work for this card at all costs! A Rebel is a super squishy class without a Tao Gunka Card!

31022.png Champion Card - Champion card adds a lot of damage to an already high-damaging class. I recommend using this card only if you're confident in not dying in one hit as well as if your role is a back-line damager.

31022.png Professor Card - Use this only if you really want that attack speed. Despite the Matk bonus being quite useless to the class, the Land Protector from the card enables you to go toe-to-toe against Sorcerers and other magic classes. Personally, I wouldn't get this card as you can't maximize the effects of the card and you might as well get a Tao in this place.

31022.png Detale Card - A pretty cool card if you're up against Magic-users like Warlocks because it prevents freezing and casts Land Protector when hit with magic nullifying AoE skills! Not as good compared to a good ol' Tao Gunka Card though~ Recommended as alternative usage only.

31022.png Marc Card - Budget anti-freeze.

31022.png Pecopeco Card - Budget Tao that isn't too shabby either.



63731.png?nocache=567290935+10 Gate Keeper-DD [2] - This shotgun is currently the only 2-slotted shotgun in the game that comes in with Attack Speed bonuses (per refine) that are perfect for all shotgun builds. The attack speed bonus of this item is so great that it nullifies the need to use a Doppelganger card during high refines. (Acquired through enchanting a regular Gate Keeper-DD at the Item Enchanter located at @warp althea 161 118)

13178.png?nocache=694639982 +14 Glorious Shotgun [0] - Arguably the best shotgun at +14, this item is perfect for punching holes through tanky classes like RKs, RGs, and Suras! Perfect also for taking down groups of people with Spread Shot which deals a ridiculously high amount of damage even at +10! (Acquired at the Glorious Blacksmith for 3500 61513.png?nocache=747379720 Heroism Badges located at @warp bat_room 165 144)

13192.png?nocache=1055947579  Death Fire [1] - This shotgun has the best base damage but is the slowest shotgun of the bunch.

63730.png?nocache=1515856012  Gold Lux [4] - Being the only 4-slotted gun in the server, this item is perfect for utility cards such as Whitesmith, Lord of Death, Stormy Knight etc. as you can poke enemies and switch back to the main weapon when you want to finish them off. (Acquired through enchanting a regular Gold Lux at the Item Enchanter located at @warp althea 161 118)

13127.png  Crimson Revolver [2] - I chose this revolver because it's cheap and easy to find but it doesn't really matter. You just need a revolver to switch to when you need to change positions with Fallen Angel.

13189.png?nocache=1604565668  Color Scope [2] - Use this weapon to deal a pretty good amount of damage when using Anti-Material Blast to weaken enemies. Once you see that debuff hovering over their head, pop them with a few Full Busters to deal an insane amount of damage.

branc.gif.7980a6390dae19d45f3c7fc68a4029e3.gif Branch [3] - One of my personal favorites, this weapon is the best of the utility rifles. Choose any on-hit cards to put here!

13198.png?nocache=1361219289  Tempest [0] - I normally use this weapon to cast Fire Rain to get rid of traps, Land Protectors, and reveal sneaky Invis users!

28200.png?nocache=1955507881   End of the Horizon [1] - Use this to blanket an area with Ground Drift to give the enemies a harder time passing. Based on testing, the best card here would be a Doppelganger card as its the slowest of all Rebellion weapons.


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Doppelganger Card - This card will stick with you for a long time as it grants around 3 attack speed without drawbacks. If you're planning to use the Full Buster build, I strongly recommend this card.

31022.png Thanatos Card - This card will let your Full Buster damage go to even greater heights. However, I only recommend using this card when your attack speed reaches 193 without the aid of other weapon cards.

31022.png White Knight Card - A better version of the Turtle General but a little harder to get. (Acquired at the Portrait Collector outside the Old Glastheim instance.)

31022.png Turtle General Card - The attack bonus is always helpful and this card isn't hard to find.

31022.png Samurai Specter Card - Similar to Thanatos and Phreeoni Cards, use this only when you attain 193 attack speed.

31022.png Atroce Card - Since the new build I tried out, Atroce card became a secondary choice. You can use this card if you want to gamble between 170 and 193 attack speed. Inconsistent but a viable pick.

31022.png Phreeoni Card - The Death Fire shotgun has terrible accuracy and this card ameliorates that problem. It doesn't fix the fact that you need attack speed and hit, but it will work. I only recommend this card when you reach 193 attack speed.

31022.png Stormy Knight Card - Good for switching between weapons. I suggest slotting this on your Color Scope or End of the Horizon for utility reasons.

31022.png Whitesmith Card - I prefer to slot this on the Grenade Launcher in order to break weapons and armor of enemies who step on the Ground Drift.

31022.png Cecil Damon Card - Budget Doppel card. It kills your accuracy even more but it grants some attack speed. I still recommend getting a Doppelganger card but if you really can't, you have an option to use this card.



63934.png?nocache=1616853981 +9 King's Cloak of Subjugation [1] - I prefer the Subjugation line over the Ascendancy line as it grants more appropriate bonuses for the Rebellion. Needs to be +9 to achieve its full effect. (Acquired for 3500 61513.png?nocache=747379720 Heroism Badges at @warp bat_room 170 142)

sherrmant.gif.052d67c4deed71ec82bbb2a19a6b9f00.gifSheriff's Manteau [1] - The main problem of the Elite Shooter Set is its lack of attack speed bonuses. I strongly recommend you slot a Cenere Card here to help with that problem.

2576.png?nocache=1744393955 +9 Adventurer's Backpack [1] - This along with Cenere Card and the right stats,  grants around 20 attack speed and other delicious stats. Obtainable through the Pro Hunter Shop.

20717.png +12 Giant Snake Skin {Spec. Dex/Agi, Dex/Agi, Dex/Agi} [1] - Not too amazing either but with the right combination of stats, you can get your attack speed in an OK level. Again, not the best but it will do. (Obtainable through the Faceworm Nest.)

65107.png?nocache=2001601449 +?? Glorious Muffler S - Only use this with the Glorious set. (Acquired at the Glorious Blacksmith for 700 61513.png?nocache=747379720 Heroism Badges at @warp bat_room 165 144)

65134.png?nocache=518738398 +?? Adventurer Cape [1] - Not the best but it's good for those starting off!


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Cenere Card - If you want to reach maximum attack speed, you need this card paired with any of the garments mentioned.

31022.png Deviling Card - Strong against forced-neutral enemies especially Suras.

31022.png Menblatt Card - If you're damage-greedy go ahead use this.

31022.png Farbjodour Card - For switching purposes. I don't recommend this being your go-to if you're using a shotgun build but if you're using a Rifle/Pistol build, you can use this as a staple.

31022.png Kades Card - Similar to Farb, use this when going up against pesky magic users.



63935.png?nocache=320141012 +9 King's Boots of Subjugation [1] - Requires to be +9 to achieve its full effect. (Acquired for 3000 61513.png Heroism Badges at @warp bat_room 170 142).

Batboots.gif.6e703530b1783f77eae1e8fa2eccf4c8.gif  Battle Boots [1] - Similar to the Sheriff's Manteau, this provides its own bonuses but works best in a set.

22002.png?nocache=219770888 +12 Temporal Agi Boots {Expert Archer5, Hawk Eye} [1] - I strongly recommend getting this to +12 as soon as possible in order to get your optimal attack speed.

22008.png +12 Temporal Dex Boots {Expert Archer5, Speed of Light/Hawk Eye} [1] - Originally, I paired this with the Atroce card. The damage output is really high but your attack speed becomes inconsistent.

2446.png?nocache=1337585209  Glorious Shoes S [0] - Best used in the Glorious BG set. (Acquired at the Glorious Blacksmith for 960 61513.png?nocache=747379720 Heroism Badges at @warp bat_room 165 144)

22072.png?nocache=13786717 +12 Hiking Boots [1] - High HP and SP gains from these pair of boots. Doesn't give the attack speed you need but you can use it.

65135.png?nocache=501188841  Adventurer Boots [1] - For starters, it's okay. But once you start aiming for higher attack speed, you need to switch this out.


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Boss Egnigem Card - Due to the Rebellion class being an overall SP-hungry job, having a Boss Egnigem Card around solves most of the SP issues. 

31022.pngAmon Ra Card - Best if you have 99 or more Int!

31022.png Moonlight Flower Card - Moonlight will help you kite targets more and get into position better if you're not confident with switching to pistol for Fallen Angel.

31022.png Ifodes Card - Ifodes card grants some attack and attack speed which is good if you need a little more damage and/or attack speed.



63949.png?nocache=296128937 King's Glove [1] - It's an optional but a recommended accessory in the King's set as it provides an Awakening bonus which grants strong abilities to the Rebellion for a short time. (Acquired for 2500 61513.png Heroism Badges at @warp bat_room 170 142)

63342.png?nocache=1431327486 Improved Expert Ring [1] - One of the  best accessories for the Rebellion as it grants an extra -1% after cast delay to Gunslinger classes. I recommend pairing this with a King's Glove. (Acquired through enchanting a regular Expert Ring at the Item Enchanter located at @warp althea 161 118)

2963.png?nocache=1514515138 Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - Best paired with Geffen Magic Robe to get that after-cast delay reduction.

65115.png?nocache=70174998 Emperium Glove [1] - Best paired with any other Emperium accessory. The Emp Accessory combo gives additional damage and after-cast delay reduction which you will need for most Rebel builds.

65137.png?nocache=1570395709 Emperium Clip [1] -  Similar to the Emp glove, it's best when paired with another Emperium accessory.

2927.png?nocache=722098523Dex Glove [1] - Budget and adds a little more damage. (Obtainable in El Dicastes)

65136.png?nocache=278117670 Adventurer's Badge [1] - For Beginners only.

65109.png?nocache=1842953278 Glorious Ring S-1 [0] - For added resistances. It won't give you additional after-cast delay reductions or attack speed but it will help.

65109.png?nocache=1842953278 Glorious Ring S-2 [0] - Similar to the Glorious Ring S-1, it gives some resistance to particular elements but it won't boost your damage as much.

2733.png?nocache=903830937 Sheriff's Badge [0] - Budget damage for a budget price.


Recommended Cards:

31022.png Faceworm Card - Use only as a set with Dark Faceworm card.

31022.png Dark Faceworm Card - Use only when you pair this with the Faceworm card. The set bonus grants a good amount of after-cast delay reduction.

31022.png Bronzering Card - Easy to farm and enables you to deal slightly more damage as it grants a damage bonus to Gunslinger classes.

31022.png Belphegor Card - A strong card for any class who wants to deal more damage. Expensive and a little difficult to acquire as you need to fight the World Boss Belphegor.

31022.png Errende Ebecee Card - For switch-ins when you're up against other ranged classes.


Important Skills:

Full Blast.png Full Buster - This skill will be your primary damage-dealing skill due to its long range and the tremendous amount of damage it deals. This skill however risks blinding the user thus reducing both accuracy and visibility. Tip: Use Deviruchi Card.

Spread Shot.png Spread Shot - The Rebel excels in many crowd-control situations especially when they get surrounded. If paired with a Glorious Shotgun, you become more than just a force to be reckoned with.

Gunslinger Mine.png Ground Drift - Make the enemies approach you with caution when you lay out a minefield right before their eyes! If you're using Holy/Neutral property bullets (and not Spheres), you will cause random property mines to appear when you cast Ground Drift. They might either stun, poison, or freeze the enemy depending on how unlucky they are.

Platinum Altar.png Platinum Alter - This grants a powerful Kyrie-like barrier on the Rebel on the condition that they use Holy-property bullets. Platinum Alter increases your damage depending on how many coins were consumed in casting the skill. As powerful as it might sound, it is countered by a simple Acolyte skill.

Last_Stand.png Madness Canceller - Sacrificing movement in exchange for a short boost in both Attack and Attack Speed, this skill allows you to break through slow attack speed. This skill will not stack with Heat Barrel, Platinum Alter, and/or Adjustment. Despite not being able to move, you can still make use of Fallen Angel to move your Rebellion around.

Anti-Material Blast.png Anti-Material Blast - Reduce enemy resistances by 50%. (Requires a Rifle equipped)

Hit Barrel.png Heat Barrel - It's like Platinum Alter but riskier. It lowers your accuracy in exchange for monstrous damage. Switching to other weapons however cancels this effect.

Rich's Coin.png Rich's Coin Why flip coins when you can get them all at once?

Fallen Angel.png Fallen Angel - Ever wish you could fly around like a Sura? Wish fulfilled. (Requires Pistols equipped)

Shattering Storm.png Shattering Storm - Break headgears in a small AoE like no one else can! (Requires a shotgun equipped)

Vanishing Buster.png Banishing Buster - Royal Guard cast Defender and you can't damage it? Say no more with Banishing Buster!

Fire Rain.png Fire Rain - Arch Bishop/Sura cast Pneuma? Sorcerer put down a Land Protector? Guillotine Cross Poison on the floor? SP traps all over the place? Wreck them all (in a straight line) with Fire Rain! (Requires a Gatling Gun equipped)


Bullets: An Elaboration

In this section, I will expand the 'when' to use part of the bullets as it will be important for both PvP and PvE settings. I will only cover the bullets that I think need to be specifically mentioned as you cannot carry all bullets in a practical setting.


13215.png?nocache=1204050079 Armor-Piercing Bullet - This bullet deals Neutral damage and boasts the highest attack among all the bullets. I recommend using these bullets when you're up against any target that is NOT Ghost-property. This bullet's damage also benefits the best among all the other bullets when the enemy is under Anti-Material Blast's effects. In PvP, use this 50/50 as most people use Deviling Card nowadays and your damage will suffer if you come up against this match-up with Neutral Bullets

13220.png?nocache=1118399668 Purifying Bullet - Not to be confused with the old and present Silver Bullets, this ammunition deals Holy damage and enables use of the skill Platinum Alter. This bullet may be your go-to ammunition for most situations as it is considered a safe option due to Platinum Alter keeping you from taking a lot of damage. I recommend using this against any target so long as they're not Holy-property. In a PvP setting, you will want to use this against most match-ups except against Sura and most magic classes. You might be thinking that it would be a good idea to use these bullets for the Platinum Alter, however it is ill-advised as most Suras and magic classes use the Emperium Light Robe set which grants them not only more HP, but Holy-property armor as well.

13218.png?nocache=1420856031 Lightning Bullet - These bullets are Wind-property which counteracts the effects of Deviling and/or Ghostring cards. These bullets also synergize well with the effects of the King's Set due to the set having a chance to freeze enemies on the spot thus giving the next hit a lot more damage. In a PvP setting, the problem would be if the enemy uses Kades card and your damage too, will suffer greatly. Use these bullets at your discretion.

13232.png?nocache=711271521 Blinding Bullet - I've recently found out that Rebellions do possess Shadow-property bullets. At first, these bullets might not seem amazing as they have only 20 Atk compared to Armor-Piercing Bullets which have 50 Atk. However with Holy-property being one of the most popular elements to use, this bullet will obliterate a lot of Suras and magic-users alike. Even against non-Holy-property users, this bullet still stings. This bullet's purpose servers primarily as a PvP countermeasure however, this can also be used to fight the Rangdris effectively.


Thank you for reading my guide! I might possibly add more in the future!

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