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September Update


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Banquet for Heroes - Episode 16.1
Room of Consciousness Guide

You're invited to rediscover the magic of Prontera with an all-new castle, quests, instances, and more! Take in the sights and sounds of a new Prontera and mingle with royalty at the glamorous new Prontera Castle. Listen carefully to their whispers, and you may just uncover a world where nothing is what it seems, and political intrigue lurks just under the surface. What's in store for you in this brave new world, adventurer? Find out now, as 16.1 - Banquet for Heroes has just been released!

-> Visit our dedicated Banquet for Heroes information page! <-

Room of Consciousness
Initial release of the Room of Consciousness instance.
Room of Consciousness Guide

Confront Bijou who's stealing the Heart of Ymir from Terra Gloria!
This instance is a single player experience.
Room of Consciousness Wiki Guide

Sky Fortress
Initial release of the Sky Fortress instance.
Sky Fortress Guide

Find the root of Prontera's Invasion and collect Vicious Weapons!
This instance is a party experience.
Sky Fortress Wiki Guide

Other New Instances
Airship Raid
Initial release of the Airship Raid instance.
Airship Raid Guide

Join Chaos and his friends and defend the airship from Arcana the Witch!
This instance is a single player experience.
Airship Raid Wiki Guide

Devil's Tower
Initial release of the Devil's Tower instance.
Devil's Tower Guide

Fight alongside Loki to stop the ritual of the Evil Believer!
This instance is a party experience.
Devil's Tower Wiki Guide

Cash Shop Update

Our halloween themed events are just around the corner, so we decided to offer some steampunk and halloween themed costumes to the shop.
We will have more to offer ones the Halloween events have officialy hit the server!

Costume Previews

Cash Shop - Costume Preview - Halloween 2018

Cash Shop - Costume Preview - Steampunk 2018


Misc Updates
- Reduced amount of players required to enter the Thanatos Tower from 5 down to 2 players.

- Fixed costume hairstylist, handing out a wrong hair costume color

- Some small tweaks and fixes in the legendary Dark Lord Helm quest (noticed during playthrough/script review for the Wiki guide)

- Blocked Tarot Card of Fate on World Boss Event maps

- Updated mining system to display your remaining total of crystals allowed to mine.

- Restricted Bloody Lust in towns

Item Updates

- Fixed Emperium Light Robe, Emperium Swift Tights and all set bonuses after cast delay reduction bonuses

- Adjusted SP and HP effects of Geffen Magic Robe and Anti-Magic Suit to be closer to official effects thus keeping the balance when used along with other gear.


Core fixes

- Corrected wrong display of Account Plus exp bonus messages
- Resolves PvP timers and effects not displaying properly.
- Resolves any GvG effects not displaying properly.
- If PvP or GvG is disabled, stop players from attacking.
- Fixed possible map server crashes related to specific map properties
- Fixed possible map server crashes related to dynamic storage clearings


Skill Balancings
- Reduced SP steal amount of Masquerade-Ignorance as the last buff update was way too high.
- Increased additional SP consumption of the Masquerade-Laziness debuff placed on your enemies.
  This should make Masquerade-Laziness more appealing and reduce the impact on the Masquerade-Ignorance nerf.


Skill Updates

- Corrected Blast Mine and Claymore Trap behavior. Damage is now split among targets.


Website Updates
Website security and performance improvements.
This should also have fixed some specific issues for a handful of users not being able to post anything on our forums.

Information & Guides

Over the past 13 years a lot of content, customization and tweaks have found their way into the game. Yet a lot of this information has only been announced within our news or wasn't documented as detailed as it should have been.
We've been busy to create a better information flow when it comes to GatheringRO and its features, and you've also been busy helping us out with the latest guide event. And we're overwelmed by the great new guides you have created for the community! Thank you!


- Fixed tons of famous Player Guides which had:  broken links, broken format,  missing images or wrong information.
  This should hopefuly give an overall better experience when searching for guides and seeing actual information and images.
- Updated official Basic Guides with latest information and new updated images:
    Adventure Guild - Daily Challenges
    Job / Class Information
    Emperium Breaker Service
    And many, many more.

Wiki Updates

Back in july we were counting 350 articles and 1,732 images.

We've now pumped the wiki up to a total of 948 articles and 3,095 images!
The wiki will be further extended with more useful information for your to explore. This gives you the possibility to get true information which reflects actual data from our server, without relying on the iro wiki which does not represent our content.


- Now featuring official, up to date Legendary Quest Guides
- Tons of official quest guides
And so much more.


Future plans are to also offer full skill information giving you all the details on our skill balancing and customization.

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On divine-pride, Bijou + Powerful Amdarais combo gives Shadow and Undead element immunity.


On gRO Wiki, Bijou + Enhanced Amdarais combo gives Shadow and Ghost element immunity.


On gRO Item Database, Bijou + Powerful Amdarais  gives immunity to burning status.


On RateMyServer Bijou + Enhanced Amdarais, gives immunity to burning status.


Which is correct effect of the combo?

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@D e M o N

First and foremost, let me explain to you the different information sources and why they differ:

1. gRO Wiki information mostly represents iRO wiki information because it helps us to fill our wiki fast with a lot of useful information
    However iRO has a lot of customizations and does not directly represent what gRO has to offer. But we fix what we can.

2. gRO Item database is based on rAthena data, and may not be up to date
3. RateMyServer db is based on rAthena data and other unknown sources. (least reliable database worldwide)

4. Divine-Pride offers ALL official databases, so it depends on your settings but is usualy fully up to date.



We follow kRO official.

The most official database is:

Divine Pride, however that doesn't mean that it's 100% reliable.
But in most cases, it is.

Always pick Server - kRO!


Use google to translate it.
If google does a bad translation job (usualy always when using korean), start to compare the korean text with other items, of which you're certain that they will be using the same phrases.

Such as *Undead Element*
Or whatever.


Thanks, has been fixed ;)


Will release a fix asap.


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On 10/1/2018 at 2:41 AM, Everade said:

Item Updates

- Fixed Emperium Light Robe, Emperium Swift Tights and all set bonuses after cast delay reduction bonuses

- Adjusted SP and HP effects of Geffen Magic Robe and Anti-Magic Suit to be closer to official effects thus keeping the balance when used along with other gear.


@Everade I just want to ask the exact numbers on the change on the Magic robe and Anti-Magic Suit - 'coz it's still the same in the in-game description and database.

Thank you.


Nvm, it now properly displays the change to 15%. Thanks.

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