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Homunculus and Homunculus S Guide

Ryu Sakamoto

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What are Homunculus?

Homunculi are special pets which acts as a support or an instant party member for the Alchemist class.



According to Paracelsus, they are a tiny man produced artificially and endowed with magic power. Who's Paracelsus? He's Hohenheim from the Full Metal Alchemist duh. 😝 No seriously, Hohenheim from FMA is taken from a real person named Theophrastus von Hohenheim, 1493-1541, a Swiss physician and an alchemist.


How to get a Homunculus?

One must complete the Bioethics Quest to unlock the appropriate skills to create a Homunculus. (Much better to talk to the Platinum Skill Npc so you will get the Bioethics)

Once you get a Bioethics skill, make sure you have an 7142.png.9c32c71ccb519f0078994daadc244a80.png Embryo on your Inventory and use Call Homunculus.


How to get an Embryo


You can either make these, purchase from other Alchemists or just buy at the Tool Dealer at Althea (althea 166, 277).
To make one, you need to have Prepare Potion along with the following items:

These items can be bought at the Alchemist Guild (alde_alche 35, 179)




Note: You can actually replace your homunculus by deleting it then use Call Homunculus.


Types of Homunculi


There are 4 types of Homunculi.



Players often ask "which should I choose?" which kinda reminds you of that time when you picked your first pokemon.



Each homunculus  offers a different purpose that will suit the players' needs. Not only that but also stats and skills are carried out to Homunculus S.

  • lif2.png.3bd9a6643b6b81c4bccaabbfbeb63c86.png  Lif (Demi-human, Starting Stats: 150 HP/40 SP, STR: 12, AGI: 20, VIT: 15, INT: 35, DEX: 24, LUK: 12, Category: Support)

If you want something to just walk around Althea with a cute companion, this is a good choice but if you want to use it as a party member, its not. It offers a movement speed boost but that is already covered by Cart Boost. Its stats are low, no burst attack and a useless healing skill therefore using it as base is not really advisable.

  • amistr1.png.e76a2ca98d378370d56b2ca5d7cf0159.png Amistr (Brute/Animal, Starting Stats: 320 HP/10 SP, STR: 20, AGI: 17, VIT: 35, INT: 11, DEX: 24, LUK: 12, Category: Tank)

The best base for a Homunculus S but also hard to feed especially if you choose learning Blood Lust making it loyal requires twice the amount and also lacks offensive skills. Its main selling point is its skill Defense which is valuable since it increases VIT and a certain amount of defense which can be useful in PvP and MVP. Not a pet for those who doesn't like to wait for it to get loyal.

  • filir1.png.8e342ccc1b1516e7d349597e034a8d54.png Filir (Brute/Animal, Starting Stats: 90 HP/25 SP, STR: 29, AGI: 35, VIT: 9, INT: 8, DEX: 30, LUK: 9, Category: High ASPD/Dodge)

A good base due to its skills and offensive stats but suffers from lack of VIT which carries over on your Homunculus S. Other than that, its still a good choice for a base.

  • vanil1.png.0d20c03a3940b70aed39912a796e0ff8.png Vanilmirth (Formless, Starting Stats: 80 HP/11 SP, STR: 11, AGI: 11, VIT: 11, INT: 11, DEX: 11, LUK: 11, Category: Magic)

If you can't choose between Filir and Amistr, this is the best option left. Having high VIT and HP and also decent offensive skill although Caprice is random. This is the best homunculus for brewers since their skill Instruction Change increases success rate for brewing.




Just like your pets, homunculus requires feeding. Always feed the homunculus between 11~25 hunger level so that it gets 1 point of Intimacy. (Well auto-feed option already answers this  but you need to at least learn how it works) If one forgets to feed the homunculus, Intimacy will drop and homunculus will leave its master once it gets to 0 Intimacy.



Homunculus displays a warning by using emotes.




Stat Growth


Homunculus' Stat Growth differs from its masters.
Here's a chart on how to calculate their stats:stats.thumb.png.7f6bb598f4bfe5c2d1b9327a22e6912a.png


Mature Versions




Use 12040.png.f97eb05b6eb835a38316b0d262cb6e2c.pngStone of Sage once Intimacy gets to Loyal


Homunculus S
Similar to Digimon or Pokemon or whichever game you prefer, your Homunculus evolves to an improved version which we refer to as Homunculus S.


How to get Homunculus S?

You can only obtain a Homunculus S by doing the Homunculus S Quest and make sure that your base Homunculus have evolved to its mature form. (Refer to below for the Quest)


You also need to fulfill these requirements:

  • Owner must be a Geneticist
  • Homunculus must be evolved into their mature form
  • Homunculus must be at least Level 99

Note: Intimacy will return to 10 (Hate) once it evolves.


Types of Homunculi S








Similar to Lif, this is the least popular amongst the choices, but not entirely useless. Most skills require loyalty but they are pretty handy depending on the situation, they might act as life savers like Overed Boost that sets FLEE at 500 and Light of Regenerate that Eira uses to bring owner back to life. Recommended base: Vanilmirth





Another unpopular choice from the pack. Stein Wand is basically Safety Wall but differs with its duration and number of blocks. Heilage Stange is very bad though as it is interruptable making it useless in battle. Stahl Horn can be used in PvP but Stun and Knockbacks are really unreliable in WoE. Recommended base: Filir or Amistr 





Very popular pick due to its Pain Killer which massively reduces damage on the owner making it good for tanking. Recommended base: Filir or Vanilmirth





Probably the most popular due to the skills it has to offer. Pyroclastic provides a good damage boost but can break the weapon. Defenses are good when it comes to stats. AOE skills like Magma Flow and Lava Slide makes it very popular. Recommended base: Amistr or Vanilmirth





A good offensive homunculus but has not much to offer aside from its offensive abilities. It can chain its offensive skills Sonic Claw, Silvervein Rush and Midnight Frenzy. Recommended base: Filir




Homunculus S Quest

  1. In the Geneticist Guild in Lighthalzen talk to Viorel (job3_gen01 12, 44)
  2. Agree to visit Viorel's house and he will warp you inside
  3. Talk to him again, and explore the Homunculus Mutation System. He will send you to Jeyna.
  4. Talk to Jeyna; She will ask you to check the Magic Board behind her. This will briefly explain the Homunculus S.
    hs3.png.c6dac240ecff6a02181347c7499a8ff6.png   hs4.png.828ba61f20c258ef805670070b794025.png
  5. Talk to Jeyna again. If you agreed, She will transform your Homunculus back to a 6415.png.44d03f2545468a22fa6c286a92674b23.png Strange Embryo.
  6. Talk to her again and she will send you to Viorel.
  7. Talk to Viorel, he will give you an option for a stabilized mutation for 50,000 zeny or not pay at all for a random unstabilized mutation.
  8. Talk to him again to leave the place.


Sadly I don't have a working AI right now, I'll edit this guide once I manage to get one, but I don't think there's one or if we are encouraged to have an AI of Homunculus, I still have to ask them to the higher ups. Gomen gomen... 😢





PS: I want to thank @Gacha and @Kazalus for helping me. I also like to thank @Pixel for discussing me some things regarding them.



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