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Illustrations of Emperium Foxtail Wand and Model





I'm having a suggestion about switching the illustration of these items: 

#6390663906.png?nocache=2080068567 Emperium Foxtail Wand

#63907 63907.png?nocache=136545848 Emperium Foxtail Model


Pictures at Spoiler below


Below is the Illustrations of Exquisite Yellow Foxtail Model & Wand obtained from monsters




Above are the illustrations of Emperium Foxtail Model & Wand

obtained from Cyruldus, the Emperium Weapon Seller*

*same thing goes on the ones from Emperium Weapon Chest


Here are the thoughts about it:

  1. The Yellow Exquisite ones and The Emperium ones have different illustration, which might be confusing
  2. The confusion might lead the risk of getting the wrong Emperium weapon which is not like intended. Because some people recognised the type of weapon through pictures instead of texts. Me, personally, used to recognise the item as:1697.pngthe physical weapon, and 1693.pngthe magical weapon. But The Emperium ones said otherwise.


That's it, hope that the illustrations and the pictures of the items can be synced


Thank you /gawi

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