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♥ Custom Monsters as pets♥

Autumn Angel


As the title says~
It would be awesome to get some more of our costume monsters from the alt_filds as pets.

I know we allready have the leaf bird (and idk if we have more, please correct me if im wrong)

Hmm its just in my option its a nice part of gro, and much more people should encounter this awesome mobs too! So why not making them as pets too /lv
I love it that we get them sometimes in dq, so maybe new player could see them~ I love all our costumes from althea to the customs mobs~


So my suggestions would be this pets (please tell me if i made some wrong suggestions from pets wich allready exist!! thank you ^-^)





/wow And what about our cute little lovely blobborings? In my option i really like them. And i would love to get them as pet/wow




Thanks for reading ❤️



*Side Note: I know this isnt a really important suggestion, or neither a requiered thing. But i just wanted to make a randome/cute suggestion /no1


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Yes. I know abt leafbird, chipmunks and i found out about the others, since i found an guiana pet on my old storage wich isnt working anymore /heh Thats why u cant find a picture of leafbird and chipmunk /swt3


But important for me was the kyut, cotton and or gold/silver/bronze and blockring

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