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Gravis' Guide to a Support Rune Knight!


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Rune Knights are feared for their massive HP and ability to deal large amounts of damage against groups or individual targets but seem unlikely to support a team with buffs until now...
Welcome to my guide on how to play a support Rune Knight! (PS: Any Rune Knight can be support regardless of build)



Probable questions:
Q1: How can a Rune Knight support?

A1: You'll soon find out ;) 


Q2: Why support when you can focus killing enemies?
A2: To simply put it, Rune Knights can basically make everyone pseudo-Rune Knight due to their buffs which we shall discuss soon.



This guide contains the following:

1) Short intro on a support Rune Knight
2) How to support as a Rune Knight
3) How to utilize your Runes in various situations



Short Intro

It is not common to see a Rune Knights playing as support because most players would opt to get more kills or get reach higher places on the scoreboard by themselves. The purpose of this guide is to reintroduce the long forgotten art of the Rune Knight support and allow players to not only succeed by themselves, but as a team as well. Another reason why players would rather score kills themselves other than support is because it's "not fun". Seriously though, what's not fun in giving a Nosiege Runestone buff to everyone? /slur Note: I won't be tackling item builds since this build does not require any gear to be useful!



How to Support as a Rune Knight


The concept of playing a Support Rune Knight is very simple. So simple to as any Rune Knight of absolutely any build can play it efficiently. All it requires is timing, patience, and a modest amount of zenny. A Rune Knight support is heavily reliant on the usage of the various Runes most especially the Lux Anima Runestone which transfers your most recent Runestone buff to all party members within a 7x7 area! Let's get on to the various Runestones!


22540.gif Lux Anima Runestone - This will be your rune for buffing all your allies in a 7x7  area! When using this runestone, it will remove the most recent runestone buff you applied on yourself and give it to all allies in a 7x7 area. You will be using this quite often and so always time your runestone buffs when most of your allies are nearby.


12727.gif Berkana/Verkana Runestone - Using this rune will grant the Millenium Shield buff which provides 2~4 shields with 1000 HP and the same Def and Mdef as the user. Each shield will block an instance of damage (and will block excess damage as well!) making you impervious to mortal strikes 2~4 times (depending on the number of shields).  Using this along with the Lux Anima Runestone will cause your allies to avoid multiple instances of damage that could mean the survival of your team!

12733.gif Hagalaz/Hagalas Runestone - Using this rune will grant the Stonehard Skin buff with provides a decent Def and Mdef buff as well as a chance to break the weapon of attackers.
I strongly recommend using this when you're sure that NONE or at least most of the enemies are not using a Thanatos Card or  Sealed Thanatos Card. Use this when you're up against Sorcerers or Warlocks to give your team a huge advantage towards them due to the Mdef boost. Party members affected by the effects of the Hagalaz Rune will have 20% of their MaxHP taken away.


12728.gif Isa/Isia Runestone - Using this rune will grant the Vitality Activation buff which provides extra healing when using potions or getting healed.
This runestone is perfect when you have an Arch Bishop in your party since it will provide extra survival rate for all members affected by this rune. Do not use this rune lightly though, due to the fact that it disables SP Regeneration.


12725.gif Nauthiz/Noseige Runestone - Using this rune will grant the Refresh buff which bestows immunity to Stun, Sleep, Curse, Petrification, Poison, Blind, Silence, Bleeding, Chaos, Frozen, Deep Sleep, Burning, Freezing, Crystallization, Marsh of Abyss and Howling of Mandragora. 
This also cures the mentioned effects if you are effected by them. Use this runestone when your team is about to siege a castle or take down a group of enemies. One minute is more than enough to destroy the enemy and take the castle down with them. This runestone has a very long cooldown so only use it on or before a dire situation.


12729.gif Othila/Asir Runestone - Using this runestone grants the Fighting Spirit buff which bestows Atk, and Aspd to every party member in the area.
The Lux Anima Rune won't debuff you and split the buff (since it already does that) but doing so will still consume a Lux Anima Rune. I recommend using this first before everything else to get the most buffs out of everything.


12726.gif Raido/Rhydo Runestone - Using this rune will grant the Crushing Strike buff which, for a single strike, deals a massive amount of damage, and has a chance of breaking your weapon upon striking the enemy.
This runestone buff cannot be granted to other party members but can still be used for other means (such as taking out an enemy). Use this independently.


12731.gif Thurisaz/Turisus Runestone - Using this rune will grant the Giant Cross buff which increases Str, and has a chance of enhancing the next regular hit by 300% it also has a small chance to break the target's weapon when attacking.
I personally use this when I'm near a Guillotine Cross (the usual Emperium Breaker) to speed up their breaking. You can also use this when alongside Rangers or any auto-attacker to boost their damage output!

12730.gif Uruz/Urj Runestone - Using this rune will grant the Abundance buff which grants 60 SP Recovery every 10 seconds. Use this to counter-act the effects of the Isa Runestone.
This is also great when your party needs to restore some SP after a scuffle.


12732.gif Wyrd/Pertz Runestone - Using this rune will activate a shockwave in a 7x7 dealing damage to the area.
That's all it does, no buffs whatsoever. Use this independently.



FOOTAGE! (view this via GatheringRO Patcher)



WoE Applications!



(above) I pre-cast the Nosiege Rune (Refresh) just outside the clash area to surprise the enemy. This is an important tactic because if the enemy sees what trick you have up your sleeve, they will most probably retreat and wait for the effects of the Refresh to wear off.




(above) As soon as I entered the portal, I used my Lux Anima Rune to give buffs to everyone in my area. Unfortunately, it's quite tricky to land a lot of people within your Lux Anima Rune so I (fortunately) only able to pass the Refresh buff to Challengeur (who wrecked a lot this woe).




(above) Coordination, coordination, coordination. Playing as a support Rune Knight is one of the most challenging yet one of the most rewarding support roles!
You can be any build and still be a support! Trust your team, and you're sure to win!




(above) Packed like sardines, we stuck together and buffed each other so hard that @Gale Windscar ran up the portal (and Arrulloing) us all.
There's @Gacha looking adoerabowl ❤️ (he was preparing diabolic plans)





(above) These guys waited for my cooldown to finish before attacking. Letting your team know what you're doing will allow them to coordinate very well. Being an RK
support isn't like playing an Arch Bishop wherein you just heal and buff, you need timing, proper coordination, and most of all, trust amongst yourselves.



(above) Here is me telling my guildies to dog-pile on the entrance so they'd get them juicy buffs /rice 



(above) AND THEY DID! /awsm/fsh/lv 




(above) /ene/ene/ene/ene/ene/ene/ene/ene/ene/ene/ene 





(above) Note, my gear was extremely substandard but it didn't keep me from boosting my team mates from getting the castle.



Notice how I use the Nosiege Rune and Hagalaz Rune before entering a skirmish. These buffs are extremely important in frontal assaults since they protect your team from various status effects as well as grant them a lot of Def and Mdef.


Turisus Rune and Asir Runes were used when many of us are in a single area. Giant Cross allowed our breaker (Nidhavel) and the others to break the Emperium with ease despite the fact I died attempting to stall the enemy.


Millenium Shield protected some of my team mates from getting hurt too badly from the Soul Expansion.


Coordination is key to winning as a Rune Knight Support.






I hope you all enjoyed my guide on How to be a support Rune Knight!


Special Thanks to: The Varia Guild, @Gacha for leading an awesome WoE, gRO community. /lv/lv/lv 


HOPE THIS HELPS Y'ALL! /awsm/awsm/awsm 

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