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Dagger/Trapper/Warger Ranger

D e M o N

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63089.png Prism Helm (#1,#2,#3) [1] - Effect depends on Prism Type. Obtained from Prism Quest.

63016.png Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - +15 all stats. Obtained from BVH Quest.

63001.png Dark Lord Helm [1] - Obtained from DLH QuestNightmare obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv).

18856.png +4-13 Tiger King Doll Hat - +25 attack per refine. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

18984.png +8-12 Old Rabbit Hood [1] - +10% warg damage every 2 refine. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

5373.png?nocache=2011547619 Dark Randgris Helm [1] - +5 Stats. Obtained from <GM> Castle. >>Additional information<<

5308.png Brazil Hat [1] - Increases walk speed. Obtained from Brazil Hat Quest.

63006.png?nocache=377322465 Helm Of Hermes [1] - +3 all stats, increases walk speed. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

4399.png Gemini-S58, Arch AngelingElemental ResistsStatus ResistsKiel-D-01 or Anything with bonuses to Attack / HP / Aspd.

4399.png Maya Purple good option if you're not using Prism #3.


Headgear-Mid: or Anything with bonuses to Attack / HP / Aspd.

63348.png Royal Dark Flame [1] - Obtained from World Boss Event.

18503.png Devil Horns - +10%HP/SP and +5% ATK. No slot. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

63086.png Noble Mask [1] -  Obtained from Noble Mask Quest.

19126.png Shadow Booster [1] -  Obtained from World Boss Event.

4399.png  Gemini-S58, Arch AngelingElemental ResistsStatus ResistsKiel-D-01


Headgear-Lower: Anything with bonuses to Attack / HP / Aspd.

63343.png Speed Orb [1] - +3% ATK, +1 Aspd. Obtained from World Boss Event.

63344.png Golden Fish [1] - Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116).

63346.png Poker Card [1] - Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv), Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116).

63347.png Whistle [1] - Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv), Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116).

4399.png Elemental ResistsStatus Resists.



15074.png +7-12 Geffen Magic Robe [1] - Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament.

15073.png +7-12 Anti-Magic Suit [1] - Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament.

65108.png Brynhildr [1] - Obtained from <GM> Castle. Can be slotted. >>Additional information<<

2357.png Valkyrian Armor [1] - Cheap, indestructible.

4399.png Tao Gunka, Werewolf, Peco PecoDetardeurus, Marc.



28705.png +12-15 Crimson Dagger [2] - Best weapon for warg damage.

63434.png +10-20 Balmung [3] - Obtained from <GM> Castle. >>Additional information<<

13027.png +10-20 Scalpel [3] - Cheaper option that is easily obtainable.

13017.png +10-20 Ice Pick [1] - Cheap alternative to 4399.png Thanatos.

4399.png Thanatos, Turtle General, Tendrillion, Hillslion, Andre, Zipper BearAtroce, Randgris/Golem (For indestructibility).

4399.png Corruption RootGarm PuppyMutant DragonoidBloody Knight, Doppelganger.



1208.png +10-20 Main Gauche[4] - Use when damage is not highest priority.

13093.png +10-20 Thanatos Dagger [2] - For HP/SP leech. Obtained from Ghost Palace.

1223.png +10-20 Fortune Sword - For perfect dodge.

1228.gif +10-20 Combat Knife - +10% demi-human resist.

1234.png +10-20 Moonlight Dagger - For restoring SP.

1705.png +10-20 Composite Bow [4] - Mainly for pushing traps. Can add defensive cards if desired.

4399.png Hunter Fly, Sniper, Maero Thanatos, Lord of Death, Stormy Knight.

4399.png Corruption RootMimingMetalingSrophoGarm Puppy.



2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1] - Cheap, effective, and widely available.

28902.png +7-12 Mad Bunny [1] - Obtained from World Boss Event.

2168.png +7-12 Immune Shield [1] - Use only if high refine rate.

28903.png +10 Scutum [1] - +10 gives 7% HP/SP.  Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

4399.png Thara FrogHodremlin (Golden Thief Bug for WoE/PvP/BG).



2576.png +9 Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Not many options better than this.

20830.png Wings of Seraph [1] - Can be enchanted, obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv).

20718.png Gigant Snake Skin [1] - Obtained from Faceworm Nest. Best when paired with Temporal Boots.

2524.png +4-20 Valkyrian Manteau [1] - For perfect dodge.

2541.png Asprika - +30% Resists to melee damage. Obtained from <GM> Castle. >>Additional information<<

4399.pngNoxiousRaydric, DevilingGiant WhisperKasa, ChocoAliotGiant Octopus.



22006.png +6-12 Temporal Str Boots [1] - Fighting Spirit 7 and Lucky Day/HawkEye/Bear's Power.

22007.png +6-12 Temporal Vit Boots [1] - Vitality 4/Fighting Spirit 7 and Lucky Day/HawkEye/Bear's Power.

22072.png +6-12 Hiking Boots [1] - +HP/SP%, +12 gives walkspeed bonus. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

2423.png Variant Shoes - Cheap boots, can be bought from vendors.

22014.png Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] - Obtained from Eden Group

4399.png Boss Egnigem CeniaMoonlight FlowerGreen Ferus, Verit, Firelock Soldier.



2963.png Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - For aspd bonus. Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament.

2910.png Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo - For aspd bonus. Obtained from Pintados Festival Event.

2923.png Str Glove [1] - Obtained from Eclage Quest.

2926.png Vit Glove [1] -  Obtained from Eclage Quest.

2724.png Medal of Honor (Archer) -  Obtained from Battle Grounds.

63301.png?nocache=43674427 Improved Ring [1] - Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

63303.png Improved Necklace [1] - Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

2772.png Glorious Ring S - Obtained from participating in Battle Grounds.

2957.png Advanced Ring Of Flame Lord - Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

2678.png Ring of Flame Lord - Cheaper option, easily obtainable.

2976.png Red Lantern [1] - Gives Sight.png Sight and has a slot. Obtained from Horror Toy Factory.

2629.png Megingjard - +90 Str. Obtained from  God Item Quest.

2856.png?nocache=1115247848Half Megingjard - +45 Str. Obtained from Dhurfan. (@warp bat_room 170 153)

4399.png Ifrit, BronzeringGold Scaraba, Yoyo, Errende Ebecee.


Costume/Shadow Gear:

19780.png Knit Rabbit Ears - +3% HP/SP.  Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv).

19538.png Full Moon - Gives +50 ATK when dealing damage. Obtained from Costume Shop.

24152.png Solid Shadow Weapon - ATK +5, additional 1 ATK  per 2 refines.

24153.png  Solid Shadow Earring - HIT +5, 1 HIT per 2 refines.



STR - 100-130 - Increases warg damage (180 if going with 22006.png Str Boots).

AGI  - Enough for 193 aspd with656.png Awakening Potion.

VIT  - 160-185 - For higher HP pool and better survivability.

INT  - 80-130 -  increases trap damage, higher SP pool and regen.

DEX - 130-160 -  Increases warg damage.

LUK - 80-150 - Only need high LUK if going for melee warger.



Warg Strike.png Warg Strike - Main offensive skill.

Warg Bite.png Warg Bite - Stronger version of warg strike, inflicts immobilization status.

Fire Trap.png Fire Trap - Main offensive trap skill, causes burning status.

Bomb Cluster.png Cluster Bomb - Strong neutral trap.

Ice Trap.png Ice Trap - Inflicts damage and causes freezing status (decreases walk speed).



Falcon Eyes.png True Sight - +5 All stats. Increases ATK, HIT, CRIT. Keep active at all times.

Improve Concentration.png Improve Concentration +12% agi/dex. Reveals hidden enemies cowards.Keep active at all times.
Wind Walker.png Wind Walk - Increases flee/walk speed. Keep active at all times.

Camouflage.png Camouflage - Blends in with surroundings. +30 ATK, +10% CRIT damage every second (up to 10 seconds).

Warg Mastery.png Warg Mastery - Summon/hides warg.

Ankle Snare.png Ankle Snare - Immobilizes enemy.

Electric Shock.png Electric Shocker - Immobilizes enemy and drains SP.

Shockwave Trap.png Shockwave - Drains 80% SP.

Sandman.png Sandman - Inflicts sleep status.

Skid Trap.png Skid - Knocks back enemy up to 10 cells.

Freezing Trap.png Freezing - 90% Chance to freeze enemy.

Detonator.png Detonator - Detonates Blast Mine, Claymore Trap, Sandman, Talkie Box, Bomb Cluster, Fire Trap and Ice Trap.

Keen Nose.png Sensitive Keen - Reveals hidden enemies cowards. Can also be used to disarm own traps and regains 7940.png.

Remove Trap.png Remove Trap - Removes certain traps and regains 7940.png.



Other Guides:

Adoramus Type Arch Bishop Guide

Full Support Arch Bishop Equipment Guide

Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross Guide


Thanks for reading!! /no1

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Decent overview. What a guide like this needs are tactics, tho.


I am surprised you didn't mention combat knife. This is supposed to be a pvp guide, right? A ranger with combat knife, thara frog, mad bunny or immune shield and noxious with a decent set has one of the best atk/def ratios in the game thx to super trap dmg and warg strike calculation.

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10 minutes ago, IronWill said:

I am surprised you didn't mention combat knife. A ranger with combat knife, thara frog, mad bunny or immune shield and noxious with a decent set has one of the best atk/def ratios in the game thx to super trap dmg and warg strike calculation.


This guide isn't done yet, I will still be adding more items.


Including Combat Knife.

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