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58 minutes ago, Everade said:

If i'm not mistaken then we've modified them to be human race rather than brute to balance them.

Ah right, thank you for the info. I've updated the explanations about race and some links to the GRO Wiki.


Regarding to the adjustment in GRO, does the size of Doram stay with Small, or adjusted to Medium too? 

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On 9/2/2018 at 2:48 AM, Everade said:

We have only customized their race, not their size.

cool! Finally, I've been wondering about the size and race before, instead of asking and/or testing it /swt3  Thank you 


4 hours ago, mvp_kost said:

ahhh reminder... sice we cant warp anymore to lasa_dun we can go there with teleporter


Warper -> Dungeons -> Lasagna -> Floor 1/2/3

WOW THANKS! didn't think of that before /swt3

It's been updated for the Warp Agent lady, and added more gear suggestions, and some more~ /gawi

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16 minutes ago, mvp_kost said:

also foxtail limited to +10 on the description


so above +10.. i dont think its possible

[Trade_Hisoka MoreL]screenGatheringRO000.jpg

yass, that's the limit for the bonus increase explained above it. And +10 would be the most efficient way in refining. It might not worth the ores and efforts for going further, but still you can earn +7 wAtk for each refine level, even it's for +11 and above

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