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Adoramus Type Arch Bishop Guide

D e M o N

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This guide focuses on Arch Bishop's and the skill Adoramus.png Adoramus.

Using the Arch Bishop's exclusive equipment:

Judgement Armor Set




cfe42b279f4df5a256289603082ee1fc.png Image result for ragnarok archbishop



Just to show you the potential of Arch Bishops, here are a few screenshots of what Adoramus can do.


This guide is primarily focused on PvM. While not specifically tailored for PvP/WoE/ BG, it is possible to participate some extent.


Arch Bishop vs Wraith.




Arch Bishop vs Evil Druid.




Arch Bishop vs Fenrir. (Before Headless Mule was implemented)





Arch Bishop vs Anubis. (Before Headless Mule was implemented)




Arch Bishop vs Anubis again. (Before Headless Mule was implemented)





63020.png Skeggiold Hat [1] - +15% MATK. Drops from Skeggiold

18570.png Ancient Gold Ornament [1] - +8% MATK. obtained from Biolab Gear Exchange.

5373.png?nocache=2011547619 Dark Randgris Helm [1] - +5% MATK. Obtained from <GM> Castle. >>Additional information<<

63016.png Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - +15 All stats. Obtained from BVH Quest.

63001.png Dark Lord Helm [1] - +10 stats, +10%HP/SP. Obtained from DLH QuestNightmare obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv).

63089.png Prism Helm (#1,#2,#3) [1] - Effect depends on Prism Type. Obtained from Prism Quest.

5308.png Brazil Hat [1] - Increases walk speed. Obtained from Brazil Hat Quest.

63006.png?nocache=377322465 Helm Of Hermes [1] - +3 all stats, increases walk speed. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv).

4399.png VesperHigh Wizard.



63348.png Royal Dark Flame [1] - +4% MATK. Obtained from World Boss Event.

63086.png Noble Mask [1] - +3% MATK. Obtained from Noble Mask Quest.

18503.png Devil Horns - No slot but gives +5% MATK, +10%HP/SP.

4399.png VesperHigh Wizard.



63343.png Speed Orb [1] - +3% MATK. Obtained from World Boss Event.

63344.png Golden Fish [1] - +10 MATK. Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv), Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116).

63347.png Whistle [1] - +10 MATK. Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv), Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116).

4399.png LichternRata, Kathryne Keyron, Marduk.



15030.png Robe of Judgement - Obtainted from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests.



16018.png +10-20 Empowered Mace Of Judgement [1] - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests.

16018.png +10-20 Mace Of Judgement [2] - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests.

4399.png Time Holder, ZakudamDoppelganger, Dancing MarionetteCecil Damon.



2162.png Bible of Promise [1] - Grants Lvl 2 2537.png Odin's Power (+100 MATK), obtained from Biolab Gear Exchange.

28902.png Mad Bunny [1] - +5% MATK. Obtained from World Boss Event.

2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1] - Cheap, effective, and widely available.

2168.png +7-12 Immune Shield [1] - Use only if high refine rate.

4399.png TirfingExecutionerAliceHodremlinThara Frog, (Goldring Boss for WoE/PvP/BG).



2570.png Shawl of Judgement - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests.



2472.png Shoes of Judgement - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests.



2964.png Magic Intensifier Ring [1] - +5% MATK. Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament.

2907.png Buwaya Agimat Tattoo - +7% MATK. Reduces fixed cast time by 7%. Obtained from Pintados Festival Event.

2722.png Medal of Honor (Acolyte) - +5% MATK. Obtained from Battle Grounds.

2703.png Expert Ring [1] - Cheap, useful.

4399.png x2 Headless Mule (Best when slotted into2964.pngMagic Intensifier Ring [1]), Phen.


Costumes/Shadow Equipment:

19780.png Knit Rabbit Ears - +3% HP/SP.  Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv).

19538.png Full Moon - Gives +50 MATK when dealing damage. Obtained from Costume Shop.

24228.png Soul Shadow Weapon - Gives +1% MATK, +7/9 refine gives additional +1% MATK.

24229.png Soul Shadow Earring - Gives +5 MATK+1 MATK per 2 refines.

24230.png Soul Shadow Pendant - Gives +5 MATK, +1 MATK per 2 refines.


Stats: Feel free to adjust the stats to your needs.

STR - 1-50 - For increasing weight limit only.

AGI  -  Depends on personal preference, can also be left at 1 if desired.

VIT -  150-180 - Better HP pool and survivability.

INT -  180-190 - Directly increases MATK and SP pool.

DEX - 140-160 - Reduces cast time of some skills.

LUK - 90 -120 - Every 3 Luk = 1 MATK.




Adoramus.png Adoramus - Main offensive skill, does massive damage.

Judex.png Judex - Use for mob control and while waiting for Adoramus' cooldown.

Magnus Exorcismus.png Magnus Exorcismus - Supplemental damage, only hits demon or undead monsters.

Holy Light.png Holy Light - Removes Kyrie Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison from players or monsters. Can also be used to get monsters attention.


WARNING: Some monsters can reflect magic attacks, if Adoramus.png Adoramus gets reflected back at you, you can easily die.

It is possible to avoid this by using 14540.png Holy Armor Scroll. However, they are incredibly hard to obtain in large quantities.

Alternatively, you can ask a kind Royal Guard to cast Piety.png Piety on you.



Oratio.png Oratio - Reduces holy resist of enemies by 20%.

Lex Aeterna.png Lex Aeterna - Target receives x2 damage for 1 hit.

2537.png Odin's Power - Gives +100 MATK/ATK.

Safety Wall.png Safety Wall - Blocks short range melee damage.

Pneuma.png Pneuma - Blocks all forms of long range melee attacks.

Sacrament.png Sacrament - Reduces fixed cast time by 50%.

Heal.png Heal - Restores HP. Always keep HP full with this skill.

High Heal.png High Heal - A more powerful version of heal.

Offertorium.png Offertorium - Increase healing amount of all healing skills. Also cures some status ailments.

Renovatio.png Renovatio - Restore 3% HP every 5 seconds. Keep active at all times.

Clementia.png Clementia - Increases INT, DEX, STR. Keep active at all times.

Cantocandidus.png Cantocandidus - Increase walk speed and AGI. Keep active at all times.

Praefatio.png Praefatio - Blocks all forms of physical damage. Keep active at all times.

Kyrie Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison - Blocks all forms of physical damage, use while waiting for Praefatio cooldown.

Magnificat Magnificat - Doubles natural SP Recovery. Keep active at all times.

Gloria.png Gloria - +30 LUK, which gives +10 MATK as an benefit.

Lauda Agnus.png Lauda Agnus - Increase VIT by 8. Also cures some status ailments.

Lauda Ramus.png Lauda Ramus - Increases LUK by 8. Also cures some status ailments.

Cure.png Cure -  Cures, Silence, Chaos and Blind status. You cannot use this skill if you are silenced.

Ruwach.png Ruwach - Reveals hidden enemies cowards.

Sanctuary.png Sanctuary - AoE that recovers HP. Damages undead and demon monsters.



Other Guides:

Full Support Arch Bishop Equipment Guide

Dagger / Trapper / Warger Ranger

Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross Guide



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