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Ichi's Basic PvP Guide for Shadow Chaser


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Welcome to a guide for the most annoying class in the game!


This is my first time to make a guide so please bear with me and be ready to the incoming Wall of Text¬†but i'll try my best not to make it one ¬†ūü§£and i guarantee that it will be worth to read.


I decided to create this guide because i believe SC plays a very important role to a guild and  It is a very fun char to play and i can guarantee that to you, and still it's my favorite char in the game :D but i don't know why i don't see a lot of players playing it. To me, SC is not an expensive char to build but needs time and practice to be able to play effectively and is only reliant on a single MVP card which is Kiel D-01 Card and proper switching of items mid-battle.


Why SC?


SC is a very complex character that has unlimited potential and a variety of play style you can play it with, but this guide will primarily be pertaining about sharing to you how i play shadow chaser which i believe will at least be able to provide basic and somehow advanced knowledge on how to use SC effectively. To my play style, SC's role is to strip enemies naked and torture them and rape them  disable enemies with certain SC skills which you can combo them with debuff cards while still having the capability to dish out good damages after it (Do note that most of the time i prefer to disable enemies first (silence, strip, remove sp, etc.) before trying to kill just to reduce the risk of getting damaged or dying). SC specializes in disabling enemies, copying skills (first job and third job skills(Main skill i copy is Flying Kick for 1st job and Magma Eruption for third job, we'll get into it more later)), and combos you can do with its skill set. With this role of SC that i play, you'd already be able to guess that i prefer using gears which will help me a lot in terms of surviving so i will have a lot more time being able to disable enemies which i'll explain later, I remember our previous guild leader Keos told me "The longer you remain in battle the more things you can do, not just damage dealing but also giving aid to allies and disabling more enemies ". There are still a lot more fun things about SC but let's talk about it deeper in the guide.  Now let's get into the stat build.


  Stat Build:



Strength: Only few on this enough to carry paints, traps, arrows, and gears. Around 20-50.


Agility: Put a lot in here or max as it increases your main damage skill (Triangle Shot). Around 190-200.


Vitality: Put decent amount on vit to increase your hp pool which help your survivability. Around 130-170.


Intelligence: Only for cast time requirement (dex * 2 + int = 530) and a few sp. Around 50-99.


Dexterity: Put a lot in here as it increases damage from bow (triangle shot) and increases success chance of full strip and masquerade skills. Around 190-200.


Luck: Put the rest in luk for resist and more damages. It depends on how many stat points you'll still have.



My Shadow Chaser's Item Set Guide!


Following the way i play the char, the cards and gears you will see mostly revolves around being able to stay longer in the fight, rather than dealing burst¬†damage. "Let's toy with them first and kill them slowly as it's more fun watching them helplessly annoyed watching themselves die slow without being able to struggle much anymore", as a lot of you may not believe, i got this¬†from Mitsu's mentality¬†of playing SC as¬†she was one of those people who taught me SC when i was new to the game¬†ūü§£¬†It makes a SC get a higher win rate in BG too, as to me BG is not all about killing, delaying enemies can secure a win for your team too. Continuing:





As many of you may know, people nowadays often use Stormy Knight card to their damage weapons together with wind element converter/wind element arrow to deal 2x damage when freeze procs from the SK card, that's the reason i'll include it as a card on damage weapon. Tho it has a risk because freezing enemies with your damage skills means you're probably using the combo and wind element reducers will reduce your damage a lot, by wearing stuffs or cards that reduces wind element like Guardian Kades card or Fabjodur card. But you can do mind games with it by giving that info to enemies then countering them by using Holy or Ghost element arrow (Assuming they might switch to Kades) or Neutral arrow (assuming they might switch to farb) ;) SC relies a lot on mind games and fast-thinking and fast-switching. It's more of your foundation rather than gears.


18109.gif +10 - 20 Catapult / Thief Crossbow[2] - Increases triangle shot damage 2*refine level. Budget damage weapon, dropped by Gertie. (card.gifThana, card.gifInca, card.gifTgen, card.gifHydra, card.gifArcher Skel, card.gifSK,card.gifValkyrie Randgris )


63812.png?nocache=407140643 +10 - 20 Emperium Bow[2] - Increases overall damage and 20% triangle shot damage and enchantable, best enchant would be 2x Expert Archer. Obtainable via Emp frags or emp weapon chest. (card.gifThana, card.gifInca, card.gifTgen, card.gifHydra, card.gifArcher Skel, card.gifSK,card.gifValkyrie Randgris )


1743.png?nocache=558235458 +12-20 Glorious Hunter Bow[0] - Best combined with Executioner set (Def ignore since you can't put thana card on it + TS increase damage) to deal beast damage with triangle shot and i believe it will only be able to match emp bow with cards and enchant if above +12 and is best on +14 above for the slaughter effect.


1208.gif +4-20 Main Gauche[4] - Main purpose of this is to combine it with debuff cards together with shield cards. Obtainable from Hornet. (4x 31022.gifSK (High freeze chance with FK, highly recommended), 4x 31022.gifBanaspaty Card, 31022.gifLOD card, 31022.gifVR card, 4x 31022.gifMarina Card (Low cost SK alternative), 4x31022.gifDark Priest Card (SP draining tho not so reliable anymore) 31022.gifSropho card)


1202.gif+4-20 Knife[4] /1205.gif Cutter[4]  - Can be used as an alternative for Main Gauche in case you want to switch between 2 debuff weapons with different hotkeys to avoid confusion on stacked hotkeys. (4x 31022.gifSK (High freeze chance with FK), 4x 31022.gifBanaspaty Card, 31022.gifLOD card, 31022.gifVR card, 4x 31022.gifMarina Card (Low cost SK alternative), 4x31022.gifDark Priest Card (SP draining tho not so reliable anymore)4x31022.gifSropho card,card.gifCorruption Root Card )


13442.gif +4-20 Old Parasol[3] or 13027.gif Scalpel[3] - Can be used as an alternative for Main Gauche in case you want to switch between 2 debuff weapons with different hotkeys to avoid confusion on stacked hotkeys. (3x 31022.gifSK (High freeze chance with FK), 3x 31022.gifBanaspaty Card, 31022.gifLOD card, 31022.gifVR card, 3x 31022.gifMarina Card (Low cost SK alternative), 3x31022.gifDark Priest Card (SP draining tho not so reliable anymore)3x31022.gifSropho card,card.gifCorruption Root Card )






For the mid gear and upper headgear, you need to be constantly switching between Maya purple card and Kiel card. While walking around you'd probably want to use Maya purple and just switch to kiel (will be from Mayap + kiel to kiel + kiel on mid + upper hg) when it's time for you to spam skills like full strip or triangle shot.


Upper Headgear: (Card Icon Kiel D-01 Card, Card IconMaya Purple Card)


5308.gif¬†Brazillian National Flag Hat[1]¬†- Increases movement speed ‚̧ԳŹ¬†My most beloved upper hg in most of my chars since i use braz hat + moonlight flower card combo most of the time to get a lot of movement speed and is very cheap!¬†Quest item.


63006.png?nocache=1994575709 Helm of Hermes[1] - Same as braz hat but gives additional +3 stats. Obtainable via Pro Hunt Coins.


63101.png?nocache=587216444¬†Cosmic Infinity Helm[1] - Also same as Braz and HoH but gives +10 all stats. A luxury item, indeed worth it but i'd rather stick to the HoH or braz first and use the resources for other items or gears unless im already rich af¬†ūü§£


18987.png?nocache=1978990112 +10 Midgard Serpent Hat[1] - This is the upper hg i put my kiel on. Usually i play with Braz hat on Maya purple card then midgard with kiel switching, while midgear always on kiel. I switch to midgard when going to spam Triangle Shot or Full strip since SC combos doesn't really need 2 kiels together except these 2 skills and the +10% cast delay reduce from the hat helps a lot. Obtainable on EBF shop.


Blessed Valkyrie Helm Blessed Valkyrie helm[1] - Gives +15 all stats. Quest item.


Legendary Prism Prism 3 [1] (Maya purple effect) - If you wanna constantly be safe from surprise attacks while doing your thing on an enemy. Quest item.


Middle Headgear: (Card Icon Kiel D-01 Card, Card IconMaya Purple Card ) 


18877.png?nocache=441474145 Baron's Evil Eye[1] - Reduces 5% cast delay and SC needs cast delay reducer as much as possible for faster full strip and TS. Obtainable via Pro Hunter Coins.


Any other slotted middle hg


Lower Headgear: (Card IconBungisngis Card (needs lower hg with refine),Card Icon Dark Pingicula Card, Card IconLeaf Cat Card)


63026.png?nocache=1696950639Nebula Aura[1] - Provides mdef and chances to cast defensive skill. 


63039.png?nocache=2090622939 Deviling Rucksack[1] - Provides +5 agi and dex. Vote shop item


63338.png?nocache=189454803 Rainbow Rucksack[1] - Provides +3 all stats. Chance to get this when slotting Poring rucksack or Devi rucksack.


63340.png?nocache=777974984Rainbow Sash[1] - Provides +5 all stats. Overall a luxury item for those who are rich enough to get themselves one or lucky enough to turn their nebula aura into one. Chance to get thiis when slotting nebula aura. (Unrefineable)




Armor: (Card IconTao Gunka Card, Card IconGR Card, Card IconGarm Card, Card IconDetale / Marc Card, Card IconBuwaya Card )


15047.png?nocache=1402842399 +6 - +9 Siege Suit[1] - Budget armor which gives helluva good resist and hp. Best used with set. Highly recommended for starters. Obtainable via World Investment or castle chest.


65112.png?nocache=1663283041 +6 - +9 Emperium Armor[1] - A better version of Siege Suit which adds more resist, atk, and stats etc. Best used with set. Obtainable via Emp frags or Emp Armor chest.


65121.png?nocache=1904006190+6 - +9 Executioner Armor[1] - Best armor to pair with Glorious Hunter Bow. Overall the best set in the game for my opinion. Obtainable via BG badges or Chest of Heroism.


15074.png?nocache=1334415113 +9 - +12 Geffen Magic Robe[1] - Gives 10% cast delay reduce and 10% resist which is kinda good for SC but is kinda expensive and less tankier. Obtainable via GMT.





Garment: (Card IconRaydric Card, Card IconNoxious Card, Card IconGuardian Kades Card, Card IconFarbjodur Card, Card IconDeviling Card, Card IconMenblatt Card, Card IconRandel Card )


2586.png?nocache=1839108820 Siege Manteau[1] - For Siege suit set. Obtainable via World Investment.


65113.png?nocache=574754840 +6 - +9 Emperium Cape[1]- For Emp set. Obtainable via Emp frags or Emp Armor Chest.


65122.png?nocache=2140143712 +6 - +9 Executioner Manteau[1] - For Exec set. Obtainable via BG badges or Chest of Heroism.


20717.png?nocache=2024125312 Gigant Snake Skin[1] - Gives added stats and good when combined with temporal boots but least recommended. Obtainable via Faceworm Nest.


2576.png Adventurer's Backpack[1] - Gives pretty good bonuses tho i usually use set and only use this together with Deviling card when facing RG / Genetic because it adds +15% reduce to neutral. Obtainable via Pro Hunter Coin.


2541.png?nocache=562951133 Asprika - Good for reduicing melee damage. Obtainable via GM Castle.




Boots: (Card IconMoonlight Flower Card)

The reason why i don't suggest Amon Ra Card is that you'd have to remove your GTB card to be able to make use of it and when the kyrie procs out of you it will simply give the enemy the info that you're not on GTB card which they might think of using dispel or VR card against you and remove your "Preserve" skill buff which will also remove your FK skill. And yes, lesser movement speed, hellnaw man.


2484.png?nocache=216268275 Siege Boots[1] -  For Siege suit set. Obtainable via World Investment.


65114.png?nocache=726059175 +6 - +9 Emperium Boots[1] -  For Emp set. Obtainable via Emp frags or Emp Armor Chest.


65123.png?nocache=232048913 +6 - +9 Executioner Boots[1] - For Exec set. Obtainable via BG badges or Chest of Heroism.


2410.png?nocache=1354898476 Sleipnir - God item that gives movement speed, hp, and hp regen.


22004.gif Temporal Dex Boots[1] - For increasing long range attack but will leave you kinda squishy. Obtainable via OGH's temporal crystals.


2492.png?nocache=1783941906 +12 Bayani Bangungot Boots of Nightmare[1] - Adds movement speed if +12, in case you wanna use other card on boots like Boss Egnimen card for more hp and regen for example.


22072.png?nocache=489510399 +12 Hiking Boots[1] - Same as Bangu boots but adds more hp and sp. Obtainable via Pro Hunter Coins.




Shield: (Card IconGolden Thiefbug Card, Card IconMaya Card, Card IconThara Frog Card, Card IconKing Poring Card)

Tbh i don't usually remove my GTB from me unless i'm going to take buffs from an ally AB, even against WL i rarely switch out my GTB cause if you fight against a fast reacting WL, he'll surely use White Imprison on you the moment he sees you reflect SE and will go do combos on your or be able to get in a long distance away from you.


2115.png?nocache=2052941556 Valkyrie Shield[1] - Gives good reduction for few elements.


63900.png?nocache=1207691017 Emperium Buckler[1] - Same effect with valk shield but adds few more bonuses.


63905.png?nocache=1329321178 Emperium Guard[1] - Gives a sure reflect chance from melee damage which means you can debuff melee enemies with your debuff weapon + reflect shield while they're hitting you (For example sp draining weap, their sp being drained from your melee attack and their sp being drained from their own attack).


2123.png?nocache=1806624107 Orlean's shield[1] - Gives 5% more chance for reflecting single target skills. Best combined with Maya Card.




Accessories: (Card IconAlligator Card, Card IconHorong Card, Card IconErrende Card, Card IconBelphegor Card)


2703.png?nocache=1439572987 Expert Ring[1] - Reduces cast delay which is a need for SC. Dropped by Ragged Zombie.


2703.png?nocache=1439572987 Improved Expert Ring[1] - Does more reduce on cast delay from EP.


65124.png?nocache=159614108 Executioner Badge[1] - For Exec set. Does godly effects when it's activated. Obtainable via BG badges or Chest of Heroism.


5823.gif Arrow of Love[1] - Gives +5 agi and dex. Obtainable from Valentine event.


2831.gif Brisingamen - God item that gives a lot of stats and long range damage.



Shadow Chaser Skill Set:

In this part i'm only going to talk about the skill that are of relevant use to me. Lets start with the copy skill.



Copy Skills: 


rg_plagiarism.gif Plagiarism - The passive skill that lets you copy first job skills. The skill we're bound to copy with this is the Flying Kick skill.


sc_reproduce.gif Reproduce - The active skill that lets you copy 3rd job skills. The method to use this is cast reproduce, get hit by the skill to copy, then re-cast reproduce. The skill we're bound to copy with this is the Magma Eruption skill. 


Note that you'll only be able to copy skills that inflicts damage on you.


st_preserve.gif Preserve - The skill that allows you to keep the skills you've copied. It can be dispelled and if you get hit by a first job skill right after it got dispelled, you'll lose your FK so be careful.


Now for the skills to copy:


tk_jumpkick.gif Flying Kick / Flying Side Kick - The main purpose of this skill is to be able to instantly close your distance to the target. It will be your main combo initiator. Also note that FK also procs your debuff card from weapons (freeze from sk, burn from banaspaty, etc.) which is really good for your 4 sk weap to freeze the enemy then provide time for you to spam full strip and strip accessory to the enemy. 1st job skill of Taekwon.


nc_magma_eruption.gif Magma Eruption - I mainly copy this skill for the purpose of having a reliable secondary damage skill in my hand which also helps a lot against high hp enemies and for preventing enemies from regenerating. 3rd job skill of Mechanic.




st_rejectsword.gif Reject Sword - Reduces physical damage by half and reflects it back to the enemy.


sc_deadlyinfect.gif Deadly Infection - Transfers deadly statuses that you have on you towards enemies that are attacking you but it doesn't remove the status from you.


cr_autoguard.gif Auto Guard - Skill you can get by using Randel Card on garment. You can just put the garment with randel on, then cast auto guard, then change garment. You won't lose the buff unless you remove shield or it's duration goes off, or ofc got killed.


Masquerade Skills:

One of the reasons why SC poses so much of a threat. For this part i only use 3 masquerade skills and they're the only ones i will mention as they are the only relevant ones for me. The skill is blocked by GTB.


sc_ignorance.gif Masquerade Ignorance - Your best friend against most of the classes. Drains sp and enemy and makes them unable to cast spells for 20 seconds!! Tho you have to be aware that few classes like ranger or RG can still threaten you big time without even being able to use skills, and that's where Masque weakness comes in.


sc_weakness.gif¬†Masquerade Weakness - Reduces enemy max hp by 30% and removes their weapon and shield for 20 seconds!! No weap and shield? Silence them with masque ignorance left and tadaaa, ez kill ‚̧ԳŹ¬†Tho be aware that Rangers can still pose a threat with their Auto Warg Strike even if they don't have a weapon as long as they can hit you with their hands, indeed you can just get to a distance then spam triangle shot on them but this is also where Masquera Gloomy comes in.


sc_groomy.gif Masquerade Gloomy - Reduces enemy aspd by 50% and hit by 60% and removes their mount! Very useful against RG or RK to remove their movement speed increase from mount not to mention it will make RK not able to use dragon breath and dragon howling skill. Same goes with the warg strike of rangers.


Item Requirements: 6121.gifMakeOver Brush and 6120.gif Face Paint. Both available on tool dealer in Althea.


Stripping them Naked ‚̧ԳŹ¬†:

Stripping enemies doesn't have 100% chance cause yea they might be trying to do some struggle before the fun part right?  as full strip only has 15% chance and strip accessory only has 22% chance. Using cast delay reducers (2 Kiels etc.) helps a lot for this skill while the 4 sk weap + FK combo gives a lot of space for this skill. Note that even if enemy is using gtb, full strip will be the skill to give you access to your masques to get through ;)



st_fullstrip.gif Full Strip - Strips off armor, shield, weapon, and upper hg from an enemy for 135 seconds and prevents enemy from re-wearing one. Countered hard by Full Chemical Protection skill of Genetic or from Master Buff Scroll.


 sc_stripaccessary.gif Strip Accessory - Removes accessories from enemies for 100 secs and prevents enemy from re-wearing one.



Other Skills:


sc_triangleshot.gif Triangle Shot - Your main damaging skill from bow. Agi increases it's damage. Also note that it does knockbacks to enemies being hit tho in WoE and BG knockback is disabled but in PvP rooms it works.


sc_escape.gif Escape - Lays down a trap on the ground then does backslide. A very useful skill as you can set traps on the ground using it like Anklesnare. Also you can maximize this skill by controlling where your backslide direction would be by putting /bingbing command on your alt+m or simply shift+left click on the opposite side where you'd want your char to backslide into. Provides help for getting into distance with FK, and FK + Escape instantly traps an enemy.


sc_feintbomb.gif Feint Bomb - Same as escape, does backslide for 9 cells but instead of trap, it lays down a fake copycat of yourself that explodes right after. After using the skill, you'd be undetectable by the enemy for 2 seconds. This skill will be your bestfriend offensively and defensively. Also you can maximize this skill by controlling where your backslide direction would be by putting /bingbing command on your alt+m or simply shift+left click on the opposite side where you'd want your char to backslide into.


st_chasewalk.gif Chase Walk - Makes your char invisible. Not that unlike sinx card, you'd have to re-cast the skill to remove its effect before being able to cast another skill.


rg_closeconfine.gif Close Confine - The skill you can rely on in keeping your enemy in place of course after stripping them you'd want them to stay still together next to you for 10 seconds. Note that using Body Relocate, Feint Bomb, Escape(But will entrap enemy) and other relocation skills will remove its effect.


sc_shadowform.gif¬†Shadow Form - Casting this skill on an enemy makes them take damage you receive instead of you. You'll be able to make a lot of crispy plays with this skill ‚̧ԳŹ¬†Note that when on shadow form, you won't be able to use any skill unless you get out of its range. It does provide good plays and mind games but you don't really have to rely on this skill that much.

sc_manhole.gif Manhole - Put a manhole in the ground and buries an enemy on it. Note that you can only use 3 of this at a time. After using manhole, you got 2 skills that you can set on them, using escape on the manholed enemy will entrap them when manhole duration runs out, or you can use bloody lust skill on them.


sc_bloodylust.gif Bloody Lust - You will simply be drawing a circle on the ground that makes all enemies on it or will walk on it to be on zerk mode (0 sp, increase max hp and restore hp). This skill makes SC one of the best characters for 1v1 as you can simply drain the sp of the enemy and kill them there. Note that BL restores hp of the enemy so if they get inside, get outside, then get inside again of BL, their HP will be restored so you have to keep them inside of it. BL will also affect your teammates so be extra careful when using it, tho caster is safe from its effect.


sc_chaospanic.gif Chaos Panic - Just like bl, draws a circle on the ground but gets enemies drunk and rape them, pretty old school move eh SC? confused for the duration. It also affects caster and its easily countered by Panacea.


sc_maelstrom.gif Maelstrom - Draws a small circle on the ground that prevents ground magic attacks from hitting people inside the skill. Good against Sorcs.


Note that Bloody Lust, Chaos Panic, Maelstrom, Feint Bomb requires 6122.gif Paint Brush and 6123.gif Surface Paint both available on Althea's Tool Dealer.



The presence of a good SC player itself forces enemies to be wearing GTB as their shield cards due to the threat of being disabled by different masquerade skills which prevents them from using Thara Frog card to make them tankier, to use Two-hand weapons which makes them deal heavier damages, or to use Maya card which to reflect single target skills, and is also pretty much a big threat for magic users that relies on Goldring Boss Card to get their skills through against GTB users, and to rangers that are on their Bow most of the time. A pretty big space that good SC players can provide for their guild don't you agree? :D


Basic SC Combos:


1. FK + Masquerade Skill

2. FK + Escape

3. FK+ Close Confine

4. FK + Manhole

5. FK + Full Strip


These are basic intiations you an do to your enemies and it's up to you to decide which combo will be most fitting to use on your situation. In using FK + Manhole, you'd need to target the enemy's feet for the manhole. These are basic combos which seem so easy to do but being able to master them and use them without fail even against moving enemies will provide you big help for your battle.



Shadow Chaser Battle Guide!

Most of the content you'll get to read here are from my experiences battling these chars and what i did to win against them


SC vs Royal Guard

We do know that Royal Guards are mostly high HP specially because of their "Sacrifice" skill damage relies solely on their hp which makes them an ez FK + Freeze bait because of their necessity of Tao Gunka Card. After being frozen, you'll just have to constantly use full strip on them and cast all masques on them after stripping them and go start whacking them with your burning hammer to prevent their regen and spam triangle shot to kill them. Remember to keep them in place with escape or CC. Use Deviling + ABP so you'd be able to confidently face them in close combat because sacri is forced neutral. Switch to GR on armor when it becomes necessary or when you're low on hp. You can also bait their Sacri and cast shadow form on them and let out their masochist side and be honest with themselves. Or maybe it will be a harakiri for them. :D Beware of High-end RGs (very few in the server) that does OverBrand type as they can control what element they'd use.


SC vs Rune Knight

Same as RG, Rune knights on our server are wearing tao gunka card 90% of the time, and you know the drill, and tadaaa we're done here. Nope jk¬†ūü§£¬† Most RK damaging skills are long range which emp set and siege suit set reduces a lot. Wearing Guardian Kades Card on garment and Valk shield as shield reduces their Dragon Breath (water and fire) by 70% already + the long range reduce which makes it pretty low damage against you already. Most RK nowadays too are Spiral pierce spammers but the skill won't really do relevant damage when on 1 hand weapon so try to masque a RK when you see one that is spamming spiral pierce, a 1 hand spiral pierce + your siege suit set or emp set on you won't really be much of a threat. Also beware of High-end RKs(Only Schierouve Rovircher¬†atm) on the server who does ignition break type and storm blast type which is melee.


SC vs Sorcerer

Magic classes will need to be in GRB to be able to hit you because of your GTB which means if they become very reckless and get into your range, they are easy prey for your masques. Sorcs have spider web and extreme vacuum skill which will prevent you from moving and let them get out of your range and will plan to throw their skills at you. Take advantage of that moment they are seducing you by taking control of where your char is facing, you can escape/feint bomb going to their direction + FK + masque them or you can do escape + feint bomb (vice versa) to get into further reach then go FK Combo. Same as RK, Kades as garment card and valk shield will already provide 70% reduction on few of their skills specially Diamond Dust together with leaf cat card on lower hg you can go as high as 80% already. The thing i do just to be safer is i go to the extreme and reach 100% water resist to prevent getting hit by DD and get Crystallized, you can do this by using more stuffs that will add more element or water resist on you like potions or scrolls or gring s-1, or nydhog shadow garb etc. Their skill psychic wave won't really pose much of a threat since you're a fast moving char along with your escape and feint bomb skill, as PW only hits slowly and yea it kinda hits very low nowadays already, you can just get away from it, not much of a threat. The big problem you have against sorcs is that they have the capability to suck you out drain your sp instantly with soul burn, tho it's really a gamble for them too. This is the reason why i always carry a +12 bangungot boots with boss egni on my inventory. Just be fast enough to seal the deal before the sorc gets a lucky shot against you.


SC vs Warlock

Same as Sorc, warlock needs GRB to be able to hit you, but on WL you'd have to use Farbjodur card instead of Kades (But beward of comet, be sure to dodge it). With your GTB card, WLs wont be able to setup their combo on you using white imprison / sienna execrate, so they'd be relying on jackfrost but you can build 100% water resist to prevent it from hitting you. Maintain a distance against a WL where you'd be able to FK + Masque them the moment they get out of their sinx card while constantly chasing them and getting them in range for your manhole (you will eventually be able to catch up as you'd have higher movement speed cause they'd be on invis / sinx card). Against Sorc or WL, you won't really have to strip them before trying to kill them. Just hitting them with igno will be enough as they are so squishy, unless they force you to strip them cause they switch on to their GTB which is already an advantage for you.


SC vs Ranger

Depending on the user, Ranger can either be so easy or so hard. SC that has the ranger within his range is pretty much a very big threat for the ranger. Just like in WL, you just gotta be patient til they get out of camouflage or til you closed the gap and catch them while avoiding their traps. Against good rangers, it can just go so tricky as they might be really good in their trap placement and get back to camo, or will be moving into obstacles you won't be able to target your FK on them. Being in a close distance is the key, and being tricky with your escape and feint bomb.


SC vs Sura

This one can be kinda complicated since Suras just keep flying everywhere. Best you can do against sura is to keep FK + Full strip (Yes they have gentle touch cure to get out of freeze but you'll still have atleast 2-3 casts of full strip tries before they can flyout as you can just wear 2x kiels against this char), while trying to keep burning them with magma. Reducing sura damage is kinda hard as their dragon + fallen combo is convertable while Tiger Cannon is forced neutral, so just try to keep dodging these damages with feint bomb or shadow form. You'd have to be patient til you get your full strip off, or just damn seal the deal quickly with manhole + bloody lust combo then trap / close confine and knock him out with your burning hammer and arrows.



SC vs Genetic 

Oh my lord, this char is a pain in the ass. He can have both of your counterse (GTB, FCP) at the same time¬†ūüė£¬†But! Dont, worry! It's not the end of it yet! You can just Manhole + Bloody lust them and whack them inside it!¬†ūü§£¬†Jk. Of course we don't wanna rely on that all the time. Most Genetics are slaves of Acid Demo which indeed hurts like hell but is forced neutral and ranged damage which means Siege Suit or Emperium Armor already reduces it by 20% and still you can reduce it further with ABP + Deviling card and GR card (Only switch to GR when you became half hp already or armor broke) and note that Genetics don't usually have weapons with VR (dispel threat) as they are always on fcp which means on a 1v1 fight you might just be able to use thara frog to reduce their damage further more and just switch to gtb when they use hell's plant. With this you can already face them head on and man to man duel them with your arrows and see who goes down first! We know, you don't do that. SCs are not meant for those rambo kind of stuffs. But on this kind of situation, it might just be the best option. You know you can reduce its damage into a tickle but won't really be able to strip them or masque them, then you can go agressive and FK + CC them and burn them with magma + shadow form to kill them slowly, or you can fight them on CC + burn with your arrows. One tricky part is if both of you uses errende ebece card (pneuma chance), it will actually be of your advantage. If pneuma procs while you guys are sticking together, it will give you advantage with your magma eruption skill while genetics would only threaten you with their tickling cart tornado or hell's plant which you can avoid using GTB, or they'd just use crazy weed to remove penuma which gives you the time advantage.


WoE Guide for Shadow Chaser


To me, my main role as SC on WoE is to be able to disable as much enemies as possible. Mostly i'd be looking for those magic users, rangers, ABs, and those who are possibly using two-handed weapons while trying to masque them. After doing at least 2 masques on an enemy, i'll mostly change target and try to masque again, and masque as many as i can while trying to strip them but not delaying me enough, so i'd be able to give my guild a lot of space to move and lesser risk for them to take. I don't go greedy to lock my sight onto a target and kill them unless i think that it's already safe for me to do so, or if my teammates can already survive in that time frame. I also try to look for their key players which will deal heavy damages to my allies and i'll manhole them while my allies will kill their team and we can just gangbang  group up on their key players when they're the only ones remaining.


Well this is it for the guide for now. I hope you guys would learn something out of it. I'm ready to accept any kind of criticism¬†ūü§£

You can tell me on the comment section if you got any advice that i can add, or if you have any questions. I'm not a pro on the char, i'm just sharing what i know about it.

Good luck and have fun using Shadow Chaser!¬†‚̧ԳŹ


Special thanks to :

Kazalus - For teaching me stuffs about making a guide.

Khai - Best SC in the server imo and one who teached me most.

Vio - for the knife[4] and cutter[4] idea.

To everyone in the Varia guild.

To Everade and GatheringRO server










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1 hour ago, mvp_kost said:

i want to make SC too... is this class viable in PvM???


i dont care if this class only able 1 v 1 in PvM i just want it

I really don't know regarding that part, i'm not a PvM type of player and never tried using SC on it. I'm sorry.


1 hour ago, Yzobel said:

Nice Guide! Keep it up!


2 hours ago, YoLac said:

nice guide boss idol +1

Thank you! ‚̧ԳŹ¬†

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Instead of using Parasol/Scalpel as your alternative to main gauche, why not Knife [4] and Cutter [4]?


Knife/Cutter are much easier to obtain and refine vs Parasol/Scalpel. Also much cheaper. xD


Swords have higher aspd penalty when compared to daggers. Also, Parasol/Scalpel is limited to just 3 slots.


When you use dagger, you have better hit-locking vs swords.


If you use 2 of each weapon, you will have a total of 6 weapons with 24 card effects.

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1 hour ago, D e M o N said:

Instead of using Parasol/Scalpel as your alternative to main gauche, why not Knife [4] and Cutter [4]?


Knife/Cutter are much easier to obtain and refine vs Parasol/Scalpel. Also much cheaper. xD


Swords have higher aspd penalty when compared to daggers. Also, Parasol/Scalpel is limited to just 3 slots.


When you use dagger, you have better hit-locking vs swords.


If you use 2 of each weapon, you will have a total of 6 weapons with 24 card effects.

++ guess u should write the sc guild vio ūüôā

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If your enemy is out of range, don't forget that you can also use Bow [4]


and Composite Bow [4] with the same status cards in those also. /slur




1 hour ago, Slowmotion said:

++ guess u should write the sc guild viÔĽŅÔĽŅo ūüôā


Should I? Maybe if I get enough request, I will make one. xD


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6 hours ago, D e M o N said:

Instead of using Parasol/Scalpel as your alternative to main gauche, why not Knife [4] and Cutter [4]?


Knife/Cutter are much easier to obtain and refine vs Parasol/Scalpel. Also much cheaper. xD


Swords have higher aspd penalty when compared to daggers. Also, Parasol/Scalpel is limited to just 3 slots.


When you use dagger, you have better hit-locking vs swords.


If you use 2 of each weapon, you will have a total of 6 weapons with 24 card effects.


I'll update my guide regarding this soon. Thanks a lot! ‚̧ԳŹ



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23 hours ago, D e M o N said:

If your enemy is out of range, don't forget that you can also use Bow [4]


and Composite Bow [4] with the same status cards in those also. /slur


I do understand your point on this, I used to use it too,  but do mind that the guide mostly pertains on how i play SC and from my experience it seemed that i don't need this at all to play against most of the players in the server so no i won't add this, and it might just add up to the risk and confusion of the player but it's still up to them, they can do their own experiments, research, or play style.


I've added the knife[4] and cutter[4], thanks again! ‚̧ԳŹ

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