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Emperium Breaker Service


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The Emperium Breaker Service offers you the possibility to test your latest gear and skill build on an actual real Emperium.
Here you can strive for the perfect breaker build and compare it to the global best player (time to destroy the Emperium)!

Item Preview

This NPC can be found in the north-west part of Althea (Althea Guide -> Emperium Test).
He will teleport you to your personal breaking test room instance where you get the option to summon an Emperium for your personal speed test.


This service is an instanced system, which means you will always have your privacy and can get in whenever you want to.


Item Preview

Inside the instance, the Breaker Buff NPC will buff you for no additional cost with Blessing, Increase Agility, Enchant Weapon: Shadow Element and, if you are a Guillotine Cross, Enchant Deadly Poison.

The NPC displays your personal best record as well as the top ranked breaker as a comparison to your latest achievement.
This new service costs 5 Silver Coins (5,000,000z) per entry, which includes unlimited Emperium respawns and free buffs for as long as you stay.



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