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Taka Guide to PvM [Guilotine X Version]


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I. Leveling Guide


In Gathering RO there is Unique NPC that can change your job instantly without having test, and for leveling you can refer to this Section


II. The Stats


Str - 160

Agi - 150

Vit - 130

Int - 1

Dex - 110

Luk - 200


Str - Your main stats for dealing damage i put the leftover stats to this, also having minimal 130 strenght add total 30 ATK bonus from Adventure Backpack

Agi - For ASPD ( Attack Speed ) , this is also primary stats to reach 193 ASPD. its also add flee, having 130 agi add +15% ASPD and Flat 1 ASPD

Vit - For survivability, it increase your MaxHP for survive. having 130 vit add total 15% neutral resistance

Int - We dont need this except you want to play Soul Destroyer build

Dex - For HIT and soft ASPD, we need at least 100 hit to be able hit monster without missed

Luk - For Critical Chance , Soft damage , Also flee. i max it out cuz we want to squeeze out the petal card effect


III. The Skills


There aren't many skill that we needed for PvM cuz we're gonna go Auto-Crit attack, But there's a skill that will help you fight in PvM


Offensive Skill :

2.jpg.bcd50d41830e8b214a9f0c09b67750d5.jpgDark Illusion : Rapidly closes the distance to a target and deals damage. Has a low chance to trigger Cross Impact. Get close to your enemy Instantly

2.jpg.900bcb0b7a930944d69bfa6325cc6203.jpgVenom Impress : Weakens a target's resistance to poison element attacks. This skill has a 10 cells range. Make your enemy weak to poison type attack

2.jpg.d22ce77521192d29305e78959e679448.jpgDark Claw : Give an enemy a painful wound that lasts for 5 seconds, causing the target to receive higher damage from short-ranged physical attacks. Give a boost to your damage



Supportive Skill :

2.jpg.59135878774dc1f6e6ab4a98d3e776ff.jpgWeapon Blocking : Has a chance to completely block a short range physical attack. When an attack is blocked you have a chance to use counter slash or weapon crush. While its active it continually drains SP. Reusing the skill cancels the effect . So basically its Auto-guard GX version

5.jpg.10546f2ce5c16721f18b942941a17e4a.jpgHallucination Walk : Momentarily increases the caster's speed to the maximum, increases Flee rate and certain chance to ignore magic attack. Using the skill consumes HP. After using the skill, for 25 seconds the caster's movement speed and attack speed are reduced by half. use it when facing dangerous enemy for extra boost flee/movement speed

7.png.859cdd3166b007307bb4b09e40fe4e32.pngCloacking Exceed : Unlike regular cloaking it allows hiding from Insect and Demon. When active it allows you to receive up to 3 hits without being unhidden. Skill Level increases the number of hit and movement speed. Go faster and undetected!

2.jpg.8b47a36e7fde27c4a2b30c870576802d.jpgEnchant Poison : Gives equipped weapons the Poison property. Changing or removing either weapon cancels the effect for every weapon affected. Every hit while the Enchant Poison effect is running has a (2.5+0.5*SkillLV)% chance of causing the Poison effect to the target. Combo this with venom Impress

6.jpg.d2d3f109e6263aa779575cb07bcc6509.jpgEnchant Deadly Poison : Uses up a Poison Bottle to enchant your weapon. Increases ATK by (150+50*SkillLV)%.
Enemies that get hit by the enchanted weapon will randomly receive poison status ailment, and HP will be drained percentage wise very quickly. The holy Grail of SinX, it will boost your damage crazily ( Require 1 2.jpg.b4659e25c113bb870efb2e81edfe25db.jpg Poison Bottle )

5.jpg.092e3227c4340b336d65566ec4b92cad.jpgFull Throttle : Exceed the limits of the body by sacrificing your own vitality to strengthen yourself for a short time. You will become horribly exhausted after the skill's duration. All stat s +20%. Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed for the duration of the skill.After the skill duration ends, you will be inflicted with 'Rebound' status. During 'rebound status', your movement speed is lowered and your natural HP/SP recovery is disabled.This skill cannot be removed by dispel or clearance. LIMITER BREAK!! use it at pinch time


IV. The Gear


I will divide the section into 2 : The Armor/Weapon and The Card


The Armor/Weapon ( 2.jpg.3c833021c06a13520e87d0ee7357e787.jpg / 6.jpg.388de922a67c8a440dffd45c5c1313fd.jpg ):




Headgear - Upper

2.jpg.8ba7eaae30f406a24b2339adaeb4e82f.jpg+4 ~ +9/+12 Tiger King Doll Hat :
STR +2, DEX +2. Increases damage inflicted on Brute monsters by 10%. When dealing or attacked by physical attacks, adds a chance to transform into king of tigers 'Eddga'. When transforming, drains 5 SP every sec but gain a brutal power for a while ( Each refine increase ATK by 25 ) [Recomended] [Mid-Cost] this headgear will increase your damage by a lot, and even more when its overupgraded

Drop From : PHQ Shop


2.jpg.55dac28debb404467704377c1f8b4854.jpg+9 ~ +12 Old Bone Circlet [1] :
All Stats + 1.Each refine increase critical damage by 1% and ASPD +1%.Each 2 refine increase Max HP, Max SP 1%.Each 2 refine inflict 10% more damage with Cross Impact .Each 2 refine inflict 20% more damage with Cross Ripper Slash [Recomended] [High-Cost] the reason i recomend this it has increased ASPD bonus which is usefull for reaching 193 ASPD and more survivability with increase MaxHP and critical damage, and whats more it have a SLOT.

Drop From :
PHQ Shop


2.jpg.0f7b1bafc2afc6cb6814f93b46aa2075.jpg+9 Queen Anne Revenge [1]
STR +5 ATK +7% Refined to +5, ATK +2% Refined to +7, ATK +3% Refined to +9, ATK +4% Nullifies weapon type against monster size penalty. [High-Cost] Good headgear give you little Str and % ATK bonus, At +9 it give you drake card effect

Drop From :
PHQ Shop


2.jpg.2f23687fb499553d89064fcdb8a36457.jpgLarge Orc Hero Helmet [1] :
Str + 3 Has a chance to activate Lvl 3 Weapon Perfection each attack [Mid-Cost] Tobe honest i dont want to put this on my equipment list. but... if youre bothered by reduced weapon size penalty from katar well.... there you go... you dont need drake if you use this

Drop From :
WB Shop


2.jpg.59d9f47aafe2b82b69e17648ef23d922.jpgAncient Gold Ornament [1] :
A beautiful golden accessory with ancient magic. It changes its power depending on the owner's class.When base level is 150 or higher, All Stats +2.[Swordman|Merchant|Thief] ATK +8% [Mage|Acolyte] MATK +8%, increases the effectiveness of your healing skills by 7%.[Archer] DEX +3, long ranged physical damage +10%. [Low-Cost] Allstats + 2 and ATK +8% fair enough. use this untill you get the recomended gear

Drop From :
Biolab Exchange



Headgear - Middle

2.jpg.1a9107292abfed705b5dcecb02f846a0.jpgRoyal Dark Flame [1] :
Allstats +1 ATK/MATK + 4% [High-Cost]  give all stats +1 and ATK/MATK +4% more boost to stats and more damage that we can deal to the enemy

Drop From :
King Poring World Boss


5.jpg.a1fa437a32d69fb2c0fe355e4dbd4c9f.jpgNoble Mask [1] :
Int + 1 Str + 1 ATK/MATK + 3% [Recomended] [High-Cost]  The lower version of royal dark flame BUT.. can be upgrade... refer to the card section to read the detail why its recomended

Drop From :
Noble Mask Quest



Headgear - Lower

Any refineable Lower Headgear [Recomended]  Refer to the card section


6.jpg.81333062bc48f4116657f81407a5de76.jpgGolden Fish In Mouth [1] :
Allstats +2 Atk +10 Matk +10 Slot generated from socket enchance in althea [Recomended] [High-Cost] like i said before that all stats bonus will help us reach 193 ASPD and more attack etc

Drop from :
WB Shop


2.jpg.02c66b3f5e6633185441c286114b340e.jpgFather White Moustache [1] :
Attack +25 Slot generated from socket enchance in althea [Mid-Cost] use this untill you get golden fish

Drop From :
Belpheghor World Bosses


5.jpg.edf9616f4d88fe35e4ad8022af37c148.jpgPirate Dagger [1] :
Attack + 5 Slot generated from socket enchance in althea [Low-Cost]  use this untill you get golden fish

Drop From :
Vote Shop / Comodo Digging Quest




7.png.85f66411200ea103457e652149a7cf4e.png+7 ~ +9 /+12 Guilotine Katar [1] :
Increase damage on Demi-Human monsters  by 50%.Increase damage of Cross Impact by 30%.DEX + 2, FLEE -30. [Recomended] [High-Cost] A katar that will outshine even +15 Crimson katar if its used vs Demi-Human, use it on GMT. Enchantable at Biolab Enchant. Try to get Fightning Spirit / Fightning Spirit

Drop From :
Stalker Gertie [MvP]


2.jpg.aed3b113ec914ce5c9ee17b1e9fd625e.jpg+10 ~ +15 Crimson Katar [2]
ATK increases by (Refine Level * Refine Level), up to +15.Base Level 70 or higher: ATK +5 for every 10 Base Levels [Mid-Cost] use this if you can go beyond +10 if not, try to get Guilotine Katar or use it on non Demi-Human enemy

Drop From :


5.jpg.de28b6d97130607e9bf0b39d6d83497a.jpgThanos Katar [2] :
INT +6, VIT +6, LUK -6, MATK +80.When dealing physical attack, has a low chance of regaining 5% of your damage as HP and SP. Drains 100 HP every 10 seconds.Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped. [Mid-Cost] The Survival katar use it when you low on HP at instance

 Drop From :
Shard Exchange ( Ghost Palace )



6.jpg.2ed0e4068c89c972720092abc4f2046f.jpg+7 ~ +10 Chakram [2] : HIT + 10 when Katar Mastery is fully learned.Increases damage when using skill Meteor Assault by 20%  [Mid-Cost] use it with Assasin Handcufs to get massive Critical Damage Bonus. Enchantabel at Biolab Enchant

Drop From :
Champion Chen [MvP] . Osiris [MvP] ,  Eremes Guile


2.jpg.3c833021c06a13520e87d0ee7357e787.jpg+10 ~ +15 Speciality Jur [4] :
Bleeding yourself when attacking (Success Chance 0.1%)  [Low-Cost] 4 slot good for start

Drop From :
Eremes Guile




2.jpg.197dfea2fd16a8cf0a6c17c754f7a49b.jpg+7 ~ +9/12 Anti Magic Suit [1] :
MaxHP + 5% MDEF +10 Increase HP/SP regeneration 50% Refine Level +7 : Reduce Damage From Demi-Human 10% Refine Level +9 : Resist All Element +5% Refine Level +12 : Increase HP/SP regeneration 25% [Recomended] [High-Cost] Lets face the fact bro/sis.... that LK HP reduction is not good right? and more over... that Sealed LK make us die fast.. so, lets up the survivability shall we?....

Drop From :
Geffen Magic Tournament Coin Exchange


2.jpg.211658d84a53dd21fa0db9f9605e037e.jpg+4 ~ +9 Heroic Hidden Cloth [1] :
Add MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +5%. Increase Damage on Cross Impact and Cross Ripper Slasher by 10%. Has a chance to get Crit +20, Flee +20, ATK +10% and MATK +10% bonus for 10 seconds when doing physical attack [High-Cost] 50 : 50 between Glass cannon : Survivability

Drop From :
Prize Of Heroes


5.jpg.0a462b6b4336ee4998450624a5d65863.jpgBrynhyld [1] : Increase Max HP/SP 20 * Base Level Player, Increase ATK based on Level Can't be knockback Unbreakable [High-Cost] Allright you wanna go glass cannon? then there you are

Drop From :
GM Castle


6.jpg.864cce2a51f11ccfc9e933b1b0012a34.jpg Sapha Cloth [1] :
LUK +3.Has a chance of auto-casting Level 1 Meteor Assault while physically attacking.If higher level of this skill is learnt then it will cast at the learnt level. [Low-Cost] Need all set to shine, use this untill you get the recomended gears, Enchantable at Mora

Drop From :
Loli Ruri



Garment :

7.png.fe133a0bcb65acabc8a206a59d4116d0.png+9 Adventure Backpack [1] :
Enables use ofLevel 1 Greed [- Base STR 90 -] Refined to +7, ATK +20 Refined to +9, ATK +10 [- Base INT 90 -] Refined to +7, MATK +30 Refined to +9, MATK +20 [- Base VIT 90 - ]Refined to +7, Neutral resistance +10%. Refined to +9, Neutral resistance +5%. [- Base AGI 90 -] Refined to +7, ASPD +8% Refined to +9, ASPD +1 [- Base DEX 90 -] Refined to +7, long ranged damage +5%. Refined to +9, long ranged damage +5%. [- Base LUK 90 -] Refined to +7, Critical damage +10% Refined to +9, Critical damage +5%  [Recomended] [High-Cost] This is your goal get it!!, its a MUST. in term of survivability / offense this much much much win than the other

Drop From :
PHQ Shop


2.jpg.45488c5f9557e485934a962894ea9319.jpg+8 ~ 11 Giant Faceworm Skin [1] :
MDEF +10.This manteau resonates with all types of Tempral Boots.MaxHP +15% and MaxSP +5% when equipped with Temporal Boots .  [Mid-Cost] allright you can use it... but untill you get Adventure Backpack try to get Str/Agi/Luk special

Drop From :
Faceworm Instance




2.jpg.cdd8b1dd7ae333f1bd673002d9c0892d.jpg+9 ~ +12 Temporal LUK boots [1] :
MaxHP +300, MaxSP +30, MDEF +5.For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +100, MaxSP +10, critical damage by 2%. If base LUK is 180 or higher, critical damage +30% [Recomended] [High-Cost]  I don't care whatever reason you have, Get this!!!! its another Holy Grail For Critical Build. Enchant it with Bearpower / Lucky days




2.jpg.abe52accb0f26788dedbe288641ded3b.jpg Physical Enchancter Ring [1] :
ASPD + 10% ATK +4% Crit Damage + 5% If combined With Anti Magic-Suit After Attack Delay -5% If combined with Geffen Magic Robe After-Cast delay -5% [Recomended] [High-Cost]  ASPD + ATK + Crit Damage and + ASPD more with Anti magic suits. what else to ask?

Drop From :
Geffen Magic Tournament Coin Exchange


6.jpg.ae1ae082f04d079a03ad24671a756b5f.jpgStr Gloves [1] :
MaxHP +100, MaxSP +20 ATK +1 per 10 points of STR. ATK +1% when STR is 110 or higher [Mid-Cost] Increasing your base damage straight up accesories

Drop From :
Eclage Exchange


5.jpg.05ade5edc4d99cc314101478a465249a.jpgLuk Gloves [1] :
MaxHP +100, MaxSP +20 CRIT+1 per 10 points of LUK. Critical damage 1% when LUK is 110 or higher [Mid-Cost] Increasing critical chance and damage a little

Drop From :
Eclage Exchange




The Card 3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpg :



Headgear - Upper

3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgLord Knight Seyren : Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Maximum HP - 50% [Recomended] [High-Cost] Make your GX crazy with damage/HP


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgSealed Lord Knight Seyren : Enables use of level 1 Berserk. Maximum HP - 60% Increase damage taken by 25% if the compounded headgear is +10 or more Increase damage taken by 15% [Recomended] [High-Cost] ahh the sealed version, that's why its recomended to use refineable headgear to use this


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgViolent Coelacanth : ATK + 2% For each 2 refine, ATK + 1%, Max SP - 1% [High-Cost] Increasing your % ATK / 2 refine thereis nothing wrong with that


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgAngra Mantis : Critical damage +2%. [Thief and Thief Upper Classes]. Every 2 refine on the compounded item adds 1% critical damage [Mid-Cost] More Critical damage / refine



Headgear - Middle

3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgViolent Coelacanth : ATK + 2% For each 2 refine, ATK + 1%, Max SP - 1% [High-Cost] [Recomended] beter put it on middle, because we cant put MvP card on lower headgear on this server


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgAngra Mantis : Critical damage +2%. [Thief and Thief Upper Classes]. Every 2 refine on the compounded item adds 1% critical damage [Mid-Cost] No coel?? allright then go dual angra mantis



Headgear - Lower

3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgAngra Mantis : Critical damage +2%. [Thief and Thief Upper Classes]. Every 2 refine on the compounded item adds 1% critical damage [Recomended] [Mid-Cost] now this is why i recomend you to search for any refineable lower headgear, its for this reason if you know what i mean


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgPhylla : DEX + 1, AGI + 1. When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds you will receive CRIT + 20 [Recomended] [Mid-Cost] if you got no refineable headgear then this is the alternative recomendation, if you're asking why no vanberk, it is because this card proc chance to be activated is more high than vanberk


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgDuneyrr : ATK + 10. When dealing physical damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds your Perfect Dodge will increase by 10 [Mid-Cost] fair card, give us ATK and Perfect Dodge


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgDark Pinguicula : Attack +10, When killing a monster, adds a chance to have a poisonous herb drop [Low-Cost] Increase attack and poison herb to make poison bottle.. allright


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgVanberk : STR +2. Each attack has a chance of gaining CRIT +100 for 5 seconds [Low-Cost] That Proc Chance too low.. use it when you have no choice




3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgAngry Student Pyuriel : Increase critial damage by 30%.Increases damage received  from all monsters races by 10% [High-Cost] [Recomended] The critical damage bonus is awesome but be carefull that increase damage taken


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgTurtle General : Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. Add a 3% chance of automatically casting Level 10 Magnum Break on the enemy when attacking [High-Cost]  more damage


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgSniper : Reduces HP recovery by 100%. Add a 5% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack [High-Cost]  more survivability


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgDrake : Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size [Mid-Cost] if you bothered by your weapon reduction then this is the solution


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgAbyssmal Knight : Increase damage on Boss monster by 25%  [Mid-Cost] for MvP Slot it on Special Jur


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgThe Paper : Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks. Drain 1 SP from its owner on each attack. [Low-Cost] Increase your critical damage more but drain 1 sp/attack


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgAnuoe :  Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks [Low-Cost]  without draining sp




3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgTao Gunka : Maximum HP + 100% DEF - 50, MDEF - 50 [High-Cost] [Recomend] Like i said on anti-magic suit section, we're not always berserk so.. lets up the survivability more ok?


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgSealed Tao Gunka : Maximum HP + 50% DEF - 50, MDEF - 50 if refined more than +9 Maximum HP + 25% more [High-Cost] [Recomended] The sealed one try to get the armor +9 and it will be ok


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgSarah : If the user receives damage greater than their current maximum HP amount, this card will decrease the damage received by a large amount [High-Cost]  Extend your life from fatal blow


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgAmdrais : ATK + 15%, MATK + 15%. Each 4 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped [High-Cost] Glass Cannon Build you have been warned though!


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgPorcellio : ATK + 25, DEF - 5  [Low-Cost] Increase your damage at the cost of little deffense



3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgPetal : Every 10 point of base LUK increases critial damage by 2% [Mid-Cost] [Recomend] Another one of Holy Grail Of Critical build, thats why i max my Luk


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgDeviling : Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 50% more damage from other property attacks [High-Cost]  Survivability card pick this if you think enough damage




3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgVicious Cookie : ATK +1%, MATK +1%, MaxHP -2%. Every 2 refine level increment, ATK +1%, MATK +1%, MaxHP -2% [High-Cost] [Recomend] Temporal Luk increase or Critical damage.. so lets increase ou base damage more


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgMatyr : Maximum HP + 10% AGI + 1 [Low-Cost] Survivability + Agi


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgFirelock Soldier : STR + 2 [Refine Rate +9 or higher] Maximum HP and SP + 10% [Low-Cost] Survivability + Str




3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgIfrit : Increase ATK, Critical Rate, and HIT every 10 Job Level. Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 10 Earthquake on the user when the user receives Physical Damage [High-Cost] [Recomend] Attack/Hit/Crit Chance what to ask more?


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgOwl Baron : Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on an enemy when attacking. [Mid-Cost] recomended for Berserk user for suden Burst Damage


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgGolden Scaraba : ATK + 20, Max HP - 1% [Mid-Cost] Sacrifice small HP for greater damage




V. The Combo



The combo of this build is very straight up and simple, becuz we use auto-attack and watch as our enemy screaming like a bish


1. Enchant your weapon with poison with skill 2.jpg.8b47a36e7fde27c4a2b30c870576802d.jpg Enchant Poison



2. Use 2.jpg.900bcb0b7a930944d69bfa6325cc6203.jpg Venom Impress on your enemy, this will make them weak to poison elemental attack, in result increasing your damage, venom impress at Max level make the enemy - 50% poison resistance, so if your enemy have 0% poison resistance, its mean +50% damage for you.. isnt that awesome???



3.The big gun 6.jpg.d2d3f109e6263aa779575cb07bcc6509.jpg Enchant Deadly Potion, this make your attack damage crazy like a mad man, also it will fastly rot your enemy HP



4. Still want to squeeze more damage??? then 2.jpg.d22ce77521192d29305e78959e679448.jpg Dark Claw is your answer. at Max level give 100% bonus damage to the enemy who marked by that vicious claw. so... double damage is ON!!! go hit them hard









VI. Helpfull Consumable Item



A. Food

In Ragnarok Food help us restore health but also increase our stats by certain amount, depending on what kind of food they are, the greater the grade the greater status they given.

and whats more they stack with buff like 2.jpg.9bf2a3da173206629366a4606a69bb64.jpg Increase Agility or 5.jpg.a26f39ffe17b0915110b2956ead3f043.jpg Blessing, so stack them up for more damage / stats!

to obtain food thereis 5 way : first by Cooking , second by 2.jpg.8804719920d8ff67d571b8c778664606.jpg Mix cooking ( GenX skill ) the guide is here , the third is buying from player vendor , the fourth buying it from BG and lastly doing Instance - Sarah Memory


Here's the list of food that will help Guilotine X maximize their damage and increase survivability


2.jpg.48ca55b8a2f46b990f9359887ec2de60.jpg Savage Full Roast - +20 Str


5.jpg.fe957ca987bd11740c56db273a732ec8.jpg Minor Stew - +20 Vit


6.jpg.b4579b1ecfa8fc72af622c3c424390a2.jpg Siroma Ice Tea - +20 Dex


7.png.acee616e7676e6fea4fe6db9aefabd78.png Drosera Herb Salad - +20 Agi


8.png.750b7203caf92b1517268afa0e14cb64.png Petite Tail Noodle - +20 Luk


no GenX ? no Money to buy from vendor? too lazy to cook? lets farm it on Sarah Memory, here's the lits of food that you should get from Sarah Memory


2.jpg.e99a917dd3bf8835add09dc8004a42fa.jpg Shiny Marinade Beef - +6 Str  (type @aloot item 12071)


5.jpg.6d43683c8f17c4b05e422fe52dacd906.jpg Awfully Bitter Bracer - +6 Vit  (type @aloot item 12081)


6.jpg.527cdd8e88a17ee354298d1c3439910e.jpg Peach Cake - +6 Dex  (type @aloot item 12091)


7.png.c9a90eefc480470f7717819f7f6630fd.png Chilli Shrimp Gratin +6 Agi  (type @aloot item 12086)


8.png.ee596c0009710c6965d07094d3d82fe2.png Lucky Soup +6 Luk  (type @aloot item 12096)


Here's a little trick from me... all of that food stack with other grade food. so if you eat 2.jpg.48ca55b8a2f46b990f9359887ec2de60.jpg Savage Full roast + 2.jpg.e99a917dd3bf8835add09dc8004a42fa.jpg Shiny Marinade beef you will get 26 Str bonus, Eureka!!!


B. Potion

Sadly Guilotine X cant consume 2.jpg.7693d6b39c004d6b1485d0a3b2b14dad.jpg Berserk Potion so your choice is either 5.jpg.51a9577434b83c41a899552ac1dfb67f.jpg Concentration Potion or 6.jpg.28c1cbbb126dd736a33b46cf9fc5e15a.jpg Awakening Potion




VII. Elemental Advantage



A. Elemental Endowed Weapon Item ( Offensive )

Intend to fuse this with the consumable section, but... since its also very important i split it from consumable, even though its consumable item

so, not all monster have 0% resistance to poison element, and some of them even IMMUNE to that element so what can we do?... use the element that corresponding to their weakness

im not gonna write all of the elemental advantage like water win vs fire and such and such you can check the detail here


after knowing what element advantage you want to choose there's 2 way for Guilotine X to do that, the first is using elemental katar like 2.jpg.cf3514f30b9135e8e17a2a52852a05f0.jpg Katar Of Raging Blaze who have fire endowed and the other same kind of katar who have element in it, Or.... using item that endow your weapon with element.. this is the list of item that can endow your weapon with element


2.jpg.278b9e07acffadb14312761caf7f440b.jpg Fire Elemental Scroll - Endow your weapon with Fire Element


5.jpg.488d4ca7e79ec33c6d7d9703a8e86cf7.jpg Water Elemental Scroll - Endow your weapon with Water Elemental


6.jpg.2219684f8804366eb13205a9a3bc5f29.jpg Earth Elemental Scroll - Endow your weapon with Earth Elemental


7.png.69c057be5a7f2e0d1300e589a07020f1.png Wind Elemental Scroll - Endow your weapon with Wind Elemental


5.jpg.deb7cded9bd969d0d86dfb86a716778f.jpg Lvl 5 Asperio Scroll - Endow your weapon with Holy Elemental ( Dont forget to bring 2.jpg.0dd45ab8975ec73d6d5349b32480ea26.jpg Holy water if you gonna use this scroll )


6.jpg.37092d5ca67f6f52a8e9d4cc64e1f43b.jpg Cursed Water - Endow your weapon with Shadow Elemental


all of that elemental converter can be bought on Battleground or you can make the Fire,Water,Earth,Wind elemental scroll with Sorcerer skill 2.jpg.9eeadd90107cd89ff32e3d2e516527b9.jpg Create Elemental Scroll, in Cursed water case you can farm it on gefenia - violy / fake angel



B.Elemental Endowed Body Armor ( Deffensive )


Dont let the enemy only one who have elemental advantage over us! you can also have elemental advantage over them by using element armor endowed card or this item who will reduce each element attack


2.jpg.2eb110843ecb70ea44e2a4bd741ae01a.jpg  Fireproof Potion - Reduce 20% Damage from Fire Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Water Property


5.jpg.ab2e3143c66a3b43714c5a1842ad8fea.jpg  Coldproof Potion - Reduce 20% Damage from Water Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Wind Property


6.jpg.16046abf7068a7606dd127815161181b.jpg  Earthproof Potion - Reduce 20% Damage from Earth Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Fire Property


7.png.11b983520dab69e1ad039f1dc6d292d9.png Thunderproof Potion - Reduce 20% Damage from Wind Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Earth Property


2.jpg.57452feeb01ad396edcb76dc81a30373.jpg Undead Elemental Scroll - Endow your armor witn Undead Property


5.jpg.228f8d7ce79dd997686f79e6810cbbf5.jpg Holy Elemental Scroll - Endow your armor with Holy Property


Research your enemy first and choose carefully what to go with... remember!, elemental advantage can make your life easier




VIII. Future Potential Item




2.jpg.c862a22525d2a27fd692ed2dc5e0ecbb.jpgJuliette D. Rachel : Every 2 refine ATK +1% Every 1 refine, ASPD +1%. Indestructible. The strongest Katar in Ragnarok up 2 date. +9 and above of this outperform 2.jpg.aed3b113ec914ce5c9ee17b1e9fd625e.jpg+15 Crimson Katar, the only advantage Crimson Katar have is that element on it, but.... who care when we have elemental scroll converter right??. also this katar can be enchanted by Malangdo Enchant if you can get Fightning Spirit 6 x 2 you can deal tremendous damage

Drop From : Stefan J.E.Wolf ( Sky Fortress Instance ) Not Implemented



5.jpg.ce5d966168d48af2f2b3c869ac7ce505.jpgVicious Mind Katar : Increase ATK by (Refine Level * Refine Level), up to +15. So bassically this is Crimson Katar but it can be enchanted, and it have its own unique enchantment like Nulify Weapon Size Reduction (3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgDrake Card Effect) Increase damage against Boss and the other

Drop From : ( Sky Fortress Instance ) Not Implemented



3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgStephane Jack Earnest Wolf : Adds a chance of increasing FLEE by 200 for 10 second when dealing physical attacks. Adds a chance of increasing movement speed for 10 second when dealing magical attacks. Adds a chance of autocasting Level 5 Fire Walk when wearer receive physical attacks. Adds a chance of autocasting Level 5 Electric Walk when wearer receive magical attacks.
+Immortal Cursed Knight Card: ASPD +1 +Immortal Wind Ghost Card: variable cast time -10%. Increase Flee by 200 and Flat ASPD by 1, So 200 Flee bonus = free 5.jpg.10546f2ce5c16721f18b942941a17e4a.jpgHallucination Walk so its mean enemy can never hit you nomatter what GG

Drop From : Stefan J.E.Wolf ( Sky Fortress Instance ) Not Implemented



3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgImmortal Cursed Knight : ATK +10%. Adds a chance of autocasting Level 5 Ignition Break when dealing physical attacks. +10% More attack is wellcomed, but the real deal is that Ignition Break, Since we auto-attack build its mean we dont use skill that much, so auto attacking and auto-activated AoE skill can help make life much more easier

Drop From : Immortal Cursed Knight ( Sky Fortress Instance ) Not Implemented



3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgWhite Knightage : ATK +15 Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 20%.
+Khalitzburg Knight Card Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size
monsters by 15%. Reduces physical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%. Let me tell you something good.... Almost all Demi-Human is on Medium size and Almost all MvP is belongs to Large size. so.....

Drop From : Old Glast Heim Instance ( I dunno why we cant obtain this in-game even tot the instance allready implemented. the item allready on server database so somebody ask eve about this )


3.jpg.25b6576ba32af0664133559c09af68ff.jpgKhalitzburg Knight : DEF +20 Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 25%.
+White Knight Card Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%. Increases physical damage inflicted on Large size
monsters by 15% Again let me tell you something good.... Almost all Demi-Human is on Medium size and Almost all MvP is belongs to Large size. so.....

Drop From : Old Glast Heim Instance ( I dunno why we cant obtain this in-game even tot the instance allready implemented. the item allready on server database so somebody ask eve about this )





IX. Glossary


PHQ = Pro Hunter Quest

WB = World Boss

DQ = Daily Quest

BG = Battle Ground

Enchant = Malangdo EnchantsBiolab Enchants



X. Conclusion


Many ppl say that SinX only good for PvP/WoE as Emper breaker and such and such, but i think this guide will prove that SinX also viable for PvM, yes i know the gear is expensive... but it will be rewarding if you sucess you will be different from the other, so... give it a try


any question you can PM-me in game or ask here, if there any suggestion by all means... pls share it


Thanks for reading this Guide, Sory if its hectic its my first time writing a guide


~ Cheers!

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