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image.png.b4a18c07da6a8ef9666b064185dd49cd.png Showing you an option about how to start your Ranger


So, before we start this, let me tell you that there are many many ways to start your day as a Ranger. Here I'm sharing you my way


Here are some helpful commands (Source: Adventure Guild - Daily Challenges [Link])


  Helpful Commands

There are a lot of commands available in GatheringRO which can help you to find your desired items and monsters.

  • Show Item info (type, price, etc) (2 same commands)
    @ii / @iteminfo
  • Show Monster info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff) (3 same commands)
  • Prints out in which maps a monster normally spawns at (does not count script-invoked mobs)
  • Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate)
  • Show who is selling an item and the position on your minimap.
  • Allows to autoloot per rate or up to 20 specific items.
    @aloot help
    @aloot rate
    @aloot item
    @aloot info
    @aloot clear
  • Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates (3 same commands). /mm or /mapmove
  • Enables you to to jump randomly on a map (that you are already on).

  • Or use the trade channel to ask other players for specific items. Channel System Guide


More Info about Commands: Commands



Let's begin!! /rice



Target #1: Be a Level 250 Ranger


Just follow the arrows on the floor. Ask for being warped to Althea


Or just walk to another portal, and type @go 0




First, warp to prt_fild01 to level up


Go to Althea, and change Job into an Archer at the Job Master.

Here's more detailed info about Job Tree (source: Job / Class Information)


Job Class Tree

This tree shall help you to find your way to your favourite job class.
It also helps you with the minimum base & job level requirement info to change to your desired class.






Archer now? warp to cmd_fild02, get more level.

Use Double Strafe or Arrow Shower to attack multiple enemies at once


Once you reached base level 95, meet Mercenary Service at the 7 o'clock direction of Althea Fountain.

Get ~10x 12171.png?nocache=383155326 Fencer Scroll 9 [#12171]

Don't have zeny? new to gRO?



@warp alt_fild03 and kill the Goldring[#31510] and friends. Sell the loots to any NPC


Max your Dex, Double Strafe should be able to kill Goldring and friends easily.




Hunt bigger targets. Warp to thor_v03, kill 1830.gif[Bow Guardian] using Steven's Bowling Bash*.

*CTRL+R, open his skill window, and put Bowling Bash on your Hotkey.


If you die, Steven Mercenary will leave you. So, keep @jump to survive the mob attacks.

Keep changing Job to the higher ones. But stop on Sniper and reach 250 Base Level first before changing into a Ranger.

Else, you’ll have harder times in increasing the Base Level.




When you are a Ranger, get some job levels and max out those skills first.


You can get more skills if you want to





Target #2: Status Build


Make something like this


Here's the explanation



Str for expanding your weight capacity

Agi with 160 Agi + 200 Dex + Job Lvl 120 + Improve Concentration.png Improve Concentration +656.png?nocache=2025377552Awakening Potion,you can have max Aspd (193). Excessive Agi due to maxed Aspd is used to anticipate skills like Decrease AGI.png Decrease AGI

Vit basically for more HP. I put the last, after all stats done (Dex, Luk, etc.)

Int not relying damages from trap or falcon, so, not really put attention on this

Dex something called sAtk (Status Attack) for Ranged type (read further here: Renewal Changes [Link]), affected by each point of your Dex. So, maxed it.

Luk 1 sAtk for 3 points of Luk. Also 1% Auto Warg Strike.png Warg Strike chance per 3 points of Luk


That's it for my stats build. Feel free to make your own /gawi



You can always Reset your Status Build

Visit the Hypnotizer Lady@warp althea 145 224



She can reset your Status/Skill for 5,000,000 zeny*

*if you've reached maximum level

Read comment Section to see more thoughts about Status Build





Target #3: Get Prepared for Hunting


Need arrows?

Find Althea Guide around the Althea Fountain, and go to Supply Shop. You can find the Archery Tool Dealer there


Need cheaper arrows?

Go to , find the Tool Dealer@warp mora 106 112 and buy the arrows.


Turn them into Quivers at Quiver Master.

So, you’ll need 3,000z in total while Elf’s Arrow Quiver at Althea’s Archery Tool Dealer costs 60,000z per Quiver.




Here are some self-buff skills that might help during battles



Improve Concentration.png Improve Concentration

Falcon Eyes.png True Sight

Fear Breeze.png Fear Breeze

Wind Walker.png Wind Walk


Just make sure that they are ON while fighting





Gears to start with? Look below



Try to get these items

5308.png?nocache=184056739 1746.png?nocache=546217498

15042.png?nocache=247848282 2580.png?nocache=855113449 2479.png?nocache=648724159 2890.png?nocache=1552859166

12575.png?nocache=306542323 1773.png?nocache=538876174


What are those? How to get them?

15042.png?nocache=247848282 White Wing Suits [1]: Dropped by Anubis@warp in_sphinx4

1746.png?nocache=546217498 Elven Bow [1]: Dropped by Gargoyle@warp gl_sew02

18130.png?nocache=880323486 Crimson Bow [2]: a better bow than above, Dropped by Kavac@warp lhz_dun02

2890.png?nocache=1552859166 White Wing Brooch [0]: Dropped by Blue Acidus@warp abyss_02


5308.png?nocache=184056739 Brazilian Flag Hat [1]: Make the 7928.png?nocache=574979717 Flag at Weaver@warp hugel 93 231, and bring it to Francisco@warp althea 193 225. Tell him that you're from Brazil, and pick the Brazil National Flag Hat option [details]

12575.png?nocache=306542323 1773.png?nocache=538876174 Elven Arrow & Quiver: Althea's Archery Tool Dealer sells it, or cheaper ones at Mora@warp mora 106 112


2580.png?nocache=855113449 White Wing Manteau: Guardian of Power@warp mora 151 97will give one for 10x 6380.png?nocache=1321189270 Mora Coins

2479.png?nocache=648724159 White Wing Boots [1]: same as above, from Guardian of Power

6380.png?nocache=1321189270 Mora Coins: Helping Lope and Euridi Quest[details]gives 10 coins (not repeatable), but can get more from Mora Daily Quests[details]





Ok, now your Ranger is good enough for

Hunting better gears [ref1] [ref2] [ref3]  

Participating the World Boss Events[WBE]  

Getting Gears for more Movement Speed [Link]



fyi: There's also an alternative outfit for Rangers



Using 64606.png?nocache=171870387 Outfit Voucher [#64606]







You can turn your character's body sprite into this:




you can also visit our Alternative Outfits page to see the complete ones




64606.png?nocache=171870387 Outfit Voucher is obtainable from:

120x 61642.png?nocache=1011881844 Evil Boss Fragment [#61642] World Boss Events [WBE]

Cash Shop [Link]





Thank you for reading /gawi

Any feedback & suggestions would be lovely


For Further Reading (links):

Dagger/Trapper/Warger Ranger

Rota's complete guide to grinding

Get Good at Gro

Mikeyyyy's Guide To Rangers

Ranger - gRO Wiki

How to Walk Faster With Low Cost Gears

Rap's Guide to EASILY get MAX Level

Gatheringro's Custom & Features



Last Edited:

08 Oct 2018 - Added gear options to start with

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On 7/6/2018 at 10:56 PM, D e M o N said:

Maxing LUK is not a good idea due to diminishing returns.


150-160 Luk (including bonus) is the optimal amount of Luk a Ranger should get.


If a Ranger has Temporal LUK Boots, then the optimal amount is 180 base Luk.



Interesting /ok So, with 150~180 base Luk instead of 200, where would you suggest for the remaining stat point to be put at


22 hours ago, Yzobel said:

Good guide Gacha! Too bad only few of population just looking at these guides nowadays! Anyway it's much better to help them here and online!

Hehe, thank you @Yzobel!!glad you liked it. Yss, I'd love to help when available. This guide will do the job when I meet my extinction in the future /heh

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 7/7/2018 at 7:06 PM, Gacha said:

Interesting /ok So, with 150~180 base Luk instead of 200, where would you suggest for the remaining stat point to be put at

Considering this is to start off with a ranger, I think we should assume that gear is below average or average. 130 base LUK (minimum works with ABP) is just fine and is basically the highest you want to go, unless you have Temporal Luk Boots. You can even go to 150 base if you want that 50% Warg Strike chance. Putting 99/100 INT to use Amon Ra is always nice, and extra SP and regen helps a lot if you are mobbing a ton with AS/SS as well as helps mitigate SP draining buffs like from Master Buff Scroll or party members. Once you have 99 INT and whatever LUK you want, getting 200 DEX is always nice. I prefer going AGI until 193 ASPD, or when optimizing stats later (for more LUK for ABP or whatever) use Attention Concentrate and then go to 193 ASPD. Relying on Awakening Potion can be tough especially if you have low carry weight, but that depends on how many arrow types and bows you carry. I personally like 130 VIT for my ABP, but just having like 80-100 is just fine if you don't have any stat breakpoints to meet. Rest is STR for some atk and carry.

Just my thoughts on how stats should generally go! Nice guide, pictures/hidden sections are a great touch :)

Keep on being OP Cat man 👍

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