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Summer Event 2018 (Full details)


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Summer Event 2018

Time schedules (based on server time GMT+1) :

Era of the Pharaoh and the Queen

Sun 08-July 20:20   / Thurs 19-July 23:20 /  Sat 28-July 16:20   Note : After worldbosses


Result of 08 July : 


highlight 08 july.png

It's Breakfast Time!

Fri 13 July 03:20  / Sun 15-July 23:20 / Friday 27-July 16:20


pharaoh OP.png




op soma.png


The Rewards :


Chance to win an exclusive summer costume / a bottled water (permanent summer looks) and so on!!!



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On 7/9/2018 at 11:54 PM, WindstormDragon said:

Can I 1v3


I can only make an exception for the last team who can't find their third member. So you wil need to be 2 atleast. 


Also here's the result of the first summer event


highlight 08 july.png





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