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About new instances and etcetera!



Hello i was wondering if sky fortress will be added, i think its the only one missing on the server? If im not wrong, also I'm new on the server and I wanna know how easy is it to get the piamette garment and angry bunny, aaand if f2p players have access to all the donation shop stuff, thanks in advance :3


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Welcome to GatheringRO /no1


We will be adding all official instances sooner or later.
They all go through an initial balancing process before we release them on GatheringRO to make them as exciting as possible.


Our currently available instances can be found here:


The original Mad Bunny Shield is fairly accessable from our World Boss Merchant (which can be found in the Adventure Guild building) by attending in World Boss Events.
Although it may take some time to get your hands on it.
Please note that there's a big variety of custom gear available througout the game, so there's plenty to choose from ;).

Our f2p players get access to 99% of all content available in the game.

There are always some exclusive costumes available for donaters (only visual) and some other features such as:
Character Name Changing, Storage increase, Deluxe Pet Box and the Account Plus system.

Donaters do not get an unfair advantage over players who play for free ;)

For more details on the account plus system, see here:

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The official one required for the set bonus is not yet available but may become available in near future.
For now there are Costume Piamette Ribbons available (in different color variations) from the gRO surprise box which is handed out during game master events.


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