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Bug Fixes


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* Fixed Cenere Card delay effect
* Fixed a King Poring reward item not showing a slot
* Implemented a weight check for the counter mixture item exchanger
* Fixed Exploding Dragon not dealing any damage in 95% of all use cases
* Fixed Equipment Switch button function
* Fixed Costume Devil's Whisper item effect
* Fixed Goldsmithing Dagger class restrictions
* Fixed Raid skill area of effect range should be 9x9 rather than 7x7
* Fixed Chewy Ricecake and Oriental Pastry item effect timer
* Added missing trading restriction information for Summoner Emperium Weapons


Cash Shop Update

Costume Rudra's Wing are back available for a limited time!
Also don't miss your chance on the brand new Costume Thanatos Sword.

Mid Year Limited Time Offer

Costume Preview
Cash Shop Item Preview



Website Updates
We've made further website enhancements including major SEO improvements.
This helps us to get higher ranks on search engine results.


Avatar Generator
Our new automated image generator uses live data from the server to generator an image of your ingame character.
Simply visit the following address and replace the Everade with your own ingame character name.
You can use it within your signature or anywhere else.

We might further expand this feature in the future.
Please note that your ingame character must be saved in the first place and that the image will not updated immediately after it has been generated already to save ressources. It will update automatically later in case you changed your gear.





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