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We are looking for YouTube video creators and/or Twitch streamers.
Are you the one we seek?
We are looking for active video content creators which are capable to create sheduled/frequent new content for his viewers.
Please note that we will not restrict, control nor censor your video content as it will be your personal channel.
This is considered a collaboration to help you, as a content creator and us, to show off our features and gameplay.




  • You must be able to create quality video content for youtube thus providing us proof with at least 1 video on an existing or new youtube channel.
  • You must be able to create quality video streams for twitch, thus providing us proof with at least 1 recorded stream on an existing or new twitch channel.
  • You must be fluent in english speaking.
  • You must be able to manage your channel on your own, this means creating at least 1 new video or stream content per month.
  • You must create new video content which is all about GatheringRO. Your channel shall not include anything else.
  • You pick the video content by yourself, which should overall be interesting and informative for the viewers.



Why should you collaborate with us?
This is the perfect job for you if you love creating video content (editing or live streaming) and GatheringRO.
We may be featuring/promoting your channel and you can still monetize your content through the normal youtube and/or twitch monetization models.

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