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Taverit's Guide to Hunting the Goldring Boss


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This guide focuses on killing the Goldring Boss (GRB) using the Ranger class.

This short guide contains:
-Short Introduction
-Stats n' Skills


I know most of you players here know what a Goldring Boss is... Annoying? Hard to kill due to being plant type? Constantly full-heals when near death? Are you having trouble with consistency? This guide will show you how to take down the Goldring Boss in the most efficient, no-luck manner, and cheapest way to do so. Enjoy~!



Stats n' Skills:
Putting the stats and skills on a Ranger is pretty easy. All you need is to be Max Level (250/120) and you're good to go!



Str = 50 --> 100 {for carrying arrows and other stuff in your inventory)

Agi = 110 --> 120 {just enough to reach max attack speed with Attention Concentrate, and Awakening Potion}

Vit = None are required. But if you're using your Ranger to hunt other bosses other than GRB, put some Vit.

Int = 40 or higher. But you need at least a base Int of 40 to auto-cast that Wind Blade from your bow more often!

Dex = 200 {though it won't affect damage dealt to the GRB, you must put into consideration the supplementary attack speed it adds. When coupled with good Agi, you can reach 193 attack speed with just Attention Concentrate, and Awakening Potion}

Luk = 198 {this is the core of your build. Luk will allow your Falcon to Blitz Beat very often causing massive DPS to the GRB}



SKILLS: (by the time your Ranger is level 250/120, you will have around 6 extra skill points to spend despite having all skills already. I highlighted the most important ones.)

ac_concentration.gif Attention Concentrate - Adds Dex for a couple of minutes and thus increases your attack speed. Very useful.

sn_sight.gif True Sight - Increases all stats for a short duration. Useful since it also increases Luk, potentially making the Blitz Beat Chance 100% per hit.

sn_windwalk.gif Wind Walk - The sole purpose of this skill is to make you move faster in this situation. Very well needed in chasing the pesky GRB.

ra_fearbreeze.gif Fear Breeze - Has a chance of making attacks hit more than once. Good for beating down on the GRB.

ht_blitzbeat.gif Blitz Beat - Now, you won't be using a Warg in this situation. You will be using a falcon (which is actually an owl) in taking down the GRB. You won't be manually casting this skill, but rather auto-attacking and letting the Auto-Blitz Beat do the work.

NOTE: Remember to stay fully buffed for maximum damage! Forgetting to buff may slow you down potentially giving up your chance to beat the GRB before it heals.




Upper Headgear:

 5308.png?nocache=442478393  Brazilian National Flag Hat [1] - This miraculous item is so good that it is used in every situation. Adds movement speed. Awesome for running around that map. To get this magnificent item, click here.

63089.png?nocache=1251419255 Prism [1] - This headgear is strong due to the stats it gives. Not required but still a good item. Guide to get the item is here.

63011.png?nocache=1519371212 Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - Unless you have this item, don't get it for the sheer purpose of killing the GRB. Most of the stats it grants aren't going to be used so I advise you stick with the To get the BVH, click here.

Recommended card(s) to slot in Upper Headgear:

4404.png Cendrawasih Card - a great card if paired with Flying Galapago.

4404.png Grand Peco Card - This card is really nice when up against the Goldring Boss since taking damage gives you a chance to cast Gloria Level 1 which will increase your Luk for a short duration and possibly make Blitz Beat a near 100% chance to proc per hit. Since Goldrings have a habit of attacking those who dare assail their friends, you might find yourself often surrounded by them being pelted with tiny damage while still giving you a chance to proc that Luk boost!


Middle Headgear:

63086.png?nocache=624632157 Noble Mask [1] - This item provides decent stats and a slot. You can get this item via this guide.

63348.png?nocache=323069527 Royal Dark Flame [1] - It's like the Noble Mask but a little better. You can get this item from defeating Belephegor during the regular World Boss Events (WBE).

5203.png Smiling Mask [0] - Improves your movement speed! Perfect for running around and chasing that annoying GRB! I suggest using this only if you don't have the Flying Galapago! Get it via this guide!

Recommended card(s) to slot in Middle Headgear:

4404.png Grand Peco Card - Don't have a Cendrawasih card? Get Grand Peco card!

4404.png Cendrawasih Card - a great card if paired with Flying Galapago. Not recommended to pair with another Cendrawasih Card since effects don't stack.


Lower Headgear:

5967.png?nocache=1978736144 Flying Galapago - This item is incredibly useful for the added Blitz Beat chance and bonuses from combo-ing cards with it (such as the Cendrawasih Card). Really good but very optional as well.

5203.png Smiling Mask [0] - Improves your movement speed! Perfect for running around and chasing that annoying GRB! I suggest using this only if you don't have the Flying Galapago! Get it via this guide!

63340.png Rainbow Sash [1] - Gives you stats which is good, yay! This is expensive but worth it. Get it through this guide!

Recommended card(s) to slot in Lower Headgear:

You may slot any of the same cards as above (do not duplicate Cendrawasih Cards)



15042.png White Wing Suit [1] - a great and easy item to obtain (drops from Anubis). This item is good when combined as a set but still okay when used as a stand-alone.

2367.png  Sniping Suit [1] - Not as good as a White Wing Suit but still not a shabby choice.

Recommended cards to slot in Armor:

4404.png Ancient Mimic Card - good for adding a bit of that Agi to add attack speed.

4404.png Venatu Card - Reverse Ancient Mimic Card. Not bad either and it's easier to farm too.



1733.png Gust Bow [1] - this is a staple weapon when hunting the GRB. The Wind Blade auto-cast from this thing deals incredibly subtle yet effective damage. You have to equip this with Wind Arrows to have the Wind Blade effect and have at least 40 base Int. You can farm the bow very quickly from Breeze mobs. I suggest hunting in lhz_fild03.

1736.pngDouble Bound [3] - Another really nice bow for taking down the GRB! Has a chance to cast using the learned level of the user's Double Strafe which will be useful in taking the GRB bit by bit. It has three slots so it's a good time to experiment!

Recommended card(s) to slot in weapon:

4404.png Sidewinder Card - great for inflicting that Double Attack which will subtly increase your DPS.

4404.png Abysmal Knight Card - Use this card if you have other uses for your Gale Bow. Note: Does not affect damage done on GRB.

4404.png Skoll Baby Card - Useful for that Firebolt proc. May require more than just 40 base Int to hit the GRB.



2580.png White Wing Manteau - the only Garment I recommend. You can obtain this through the Mora Quests.

2528.png Wool Scarf [1] - Cheap, easy to farm, used for the slot. Obtainable from Banshees in thr Cursed Abbey

Recommended card to slot in Garment:

4404.png Kasa Card - the auto-casting of Firebolt may require more than 40 base Int to land on the GRB due to it having both Holy Property Element and high Mdef.



2479.png White Wing Boots [1] - You can get this along with the White Wing Manteau in thr Mora Questlines. I am basically asking you to get a White Wing Set to ensure your attack speed is on point.

22004.png Temporal (Dex) Boots [0] or [1] - With or without slot (preferably slotted) are strong and grant great amount of Dex which scale through refine rates. Recommended for those who can afford it.

Recommended cards to slot on Footgear:

4404.png Moonlight Flower Card - Best choice you can ever have on these pair of booties.



2890.png White Wing Brooch - You can have one or two of these in Ranger due to the great stats it gives. The downside is that is has no slots. But hey, it's still good. You can easily farm these from Golden Acidi (plural for Acidus) in abyss_03.

2728.png Cursed Hand [1] - This item is a bit controversial... Critical Wounds reduces healing and when I tried it against the GRB, it only healed itself half-way. Debuffs aren't supposed to affect MvPs but the extra hit from the Cursed Hand counts... I guess.

2978.png Gentle Heart [1] - Alone, this item is pretty "meh" but when combined with Hurt Mind, it gives you a chance to cast a variety of skills. Psychic Wave is my favorite among them since it deals neutral damage thus making it a great candidate for hitting the GRB. Be aware though that the chance is low so don't always expect it to proc!

2977.png Hurt Mind [1] - When paired with Gentle Heart, grants a chance of auto casting various spells when dealing Physical damage.

Recommended cards to slot in Accessory:

4404.pngWind Ghost Card - A little lightning, didn't hurt anybody~ This Jupey jupe-jupe card packs a subtle punch, occasionally whipping out a ball of lighting to hit the GRB a couple of times. May require more than just 40 Int to hit though.

4404.pngZerom Card - Adds Dex. Dex = more attack speed = faster killing time = good card.

4404.pngGazeti Card - Cold coooold bolt. 2 hits are tiny yet satisfying. May require more than just 40 Int hit.




Miscellaneous Items to consider:

12214.png Convex Lens - You can get this through many ways. Vote Shop, Cash Shop, Adventure Guild, Daily Rewards, or Player Rewards (trading gRO Tokens). This is very helpful when tracking down the GRB since it has a habit of teleporting around the place.

12412.png HE Bubble Gum - Lasts for a shorter duration compared to the regular Bubble Gum but increases your chances to get better stuff by 200%.. You can get this via World Boss Rewards. (Needs more info on drops)

12210.png Bubble Gum - Much easier to get compared to the HE Bubble Gum and lasts longer but the item obtaining chance is lower. Obtainable from World Boss Rewards, Vote Shop, Cash Shop, Adventure Guild, Daily Rewards, or Player Rewards

12434.png 12432.png 12433.png Stat Foods - You can make this using a Geneticist which will boost your stats by a lot making you a much more serious threat against the GRB. I suggest making Petite Tail NoodlesSiroma Iced Tea, and Dorsera Herb Stew.

656.png Awakening Potions - Obtainable from the Tool Shop in Althea. You can also get an Infinite Version (for a duration) from the BG Redemption Shop.

645.png Concentration Potions - Obtainable from the Tool Shop in Althea. You can also get an Infinite Version (for a duration) from the BG Redemption Shop.
662.png Authoritative Badges -  Obtainable from Greatest General or Sohee mobs. Farm in pay_dun03 where the Sohees are swarming all over the place. You may also obtain this item from the BG Shop as well for 1 Badge for each Authoritative Badge.



Killing the GRB is easy but chasing and finding it is a pain. I suggest you bring Convex Mirrors to track the boss' movement since the GRB is a fearful little runt who keeps teleporting around the map. The Convex Mirror mark's the boss' current location on the map making the finding part less of a pain. You can get Convex Mirrors via 'Voting Rewards', 'Daily Rewards' or Daily Quest.

The GRB can be unpredictable and tends to teleport around the map a lot. It also tends yo fully heal itself, therefore resetting your progress of damaging it. So, never stop attacking it. Bring with you around 10 Wind Arrow Quivers IN YOUR INVENTORY and use them when you drop below 600 Wind Arrows.

It's a good idea to also go with fellow Rangers to take down thr GRB faster. Although you can easily solo it with this build, the more hitters, the better.

Always carry around 11-20 Awakening Potions to make sure you're always stocked and buffed. 193 attack speed is a MUST.

Instead of using 'Fly Wing' or a Creamy Card, simply press alt+M and quickslot '@jump'. Just use that quickslot if you need to teleport!




Why this guide? Why not use Tarrot Card Minstrel?

First of all, not everyone has 2 Kiel Cards to lower cast delay.

Second, it's inconsistent. You can spend up to 10 minutes trying to Coma-card the GRB just to get a single Golden Apple. It takes just an average of 1-3 minutes to kill the GRB with this build. This build costs less than 30m... Heck, even less than 10m.

Third, Tarrot Carding is a cheap gimmick... it's not fun at least for me. 😛



Special Thanks to my phone for typing every single word here and not failing on me. Also you! Thanks for reading my legit way of killing that stupid boss.


PS: I used this build to get my GRB card in less than 2 weeks.

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