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13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018


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Heya Gatheringro Players!

It's been 13years since Gatheringro officialy launched~

By this, i've created this event to keep us a wonderful memories in our beloved server!

This is an exclusive event that will show how we got to this far.

So here, we are currently looking for players who're willing to share their creation to become a part of these memories!



13th Cat Zodiac Event


What are the zodiac animals you ask?


Zodiac animals are known as the 12 selected animals, used as the horoscopes in China, 

There is a little story about how the cat didn't get in on the list even though he is one of the most intelligent one.



This is why we are looking for someone who has the ability,

to change the history,

to have the best original screenshot with

the best story to share with.


So there you have it! GOODLUCK!


Here is the list of zodiac animals by ranking.

zodiac event.png


 This picture shows the most heart breaking moment of the cat.  (Ohmy those feeeeels!!!)

zodiac temple.png




Event start : 23-04-2018

Event End : 14-05-2018    ( before 13-05-2018 23:59 server time)

-What am I asking for this :

  • A full original screenshot with gatheringro.com showing at the bottom right. (Do not cut and edit on it.)
  • Do not add your reactions on this page, questions are ok
  • Good ending story See below for more information
  • A Doram class.
  • Only one entry per player ( Lets keep it fair and believe in your own creation ) 
  • Your entry should be posted on this thread with your ingame name. 


-Special rules :  Only headgear that can be farmed/made for quest!  ( Which mean none costume, Legendary, Event headgears )  *Important!*
                           Here's 2 links that might help you out for searching : Link 1 : Headgears forum Link 2 : Headgears ratemyserver



-Judges : GM Team


-Prizes :

  • First place gro box.png GatheringRO Surprise Box + 31028.png Costume Black Cat Hood
  • Second place green box.pngSurprise Box + top cat.png Costume Cheshire's Cat Ears
  • Third place pink box.png Surprise Box + second place.png Costume White and Black Temptation


Oh mama FASHION!!!! 


khai senpaii.png



And here's the story i want you guys to change the history with:

(Short or long is fine! What count is the impact it gives!)


An ancient folk story tells that Cat and Rat were the worst swimmers in the animal kingdom. Although they were poor swimmers, they were both quite intelligent. To get to the meeting called by the Jade Emperor, they had to cross a river to reach the meeting place. The Jade Emperor had also decreed that the years on the calendar would be named for each animal in the order they arrived to the meeting. Cat and Rat decided that the best and fastest way to cross the river was to hop on the back of Ox. Ox, being naïve and good-natured, agreed to carry them both across. Midway across the river, Rat pushed Cat into the water. Then as Ox neared the other side of the river, Rat jumped ahead and reached the shore first. So he claimed first place in the competition and the zodiac


Bad ending : The cat drowned in 13th place and did not make it in the zodiac. It is said that is the reason why cats always chase Rats; to get back at them for what they have done. (Please change this bad ending into a good one!) 



Here's my example :



Good ending :

Cat was upset for being deceived by the mischevious Rat and soon fell into great depression. He wasn't quite sure if it was sadness or anger that he was feeling. Due to the shock of not understanding his own feelings, Cat soon collapsed onto the ground and wept. His tears flowed like an endless waterfall. *ZUUP ZUUP* Suddenly, a great majestic sprouting sound came from underneath the dirt near Cat and a super big Legendary Tree erupted from the ground.
The news of the Legendary Tree was spread across the world and even reached the ears of the 12 Zodiacs. He.. he is the chosen one!!!! The Zodiacs screamed "We can't ignore the cat's existence. He is also the chosen one!~~" Cat was then summoned before the Jade Emperor and he was gifted a mask of majestic being. Therefore, the exclusive 13th Zodiac is no other than the Cat with the majestic tears.




Special thanks for the lovely supports of @Shuichi , amazing gro players who helped me with some certain pictures!~



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IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren





    The river's current was so strong that it carried the unconscious Cat to an unknown land. This new land was vibrant with different shades of yellow and green. However, why were there chunks of cheese here and there? After a few hours, Cat was startled awake by a big mountain of a cat with a chef hat resting on top of his head. Without much questions the giant cat led Cat to an outdoor restaurant which was bustling with all kinda cats in different shapes and sizes. Cat was amazed for she has never seen so many cats in one area before. 
    The news of the Great Zodiac Race was the hottest gossip in town. Some laughed and some pitied the foolish cat for being deceived by Rat. Cat stiffened in her seat and hung her head down as she held back tears. Suddenly, a giant plate of mushroom pancake was placed in front of her. Her stomach gave a loud rumbled and she blushed. Chef gave her a small smile and nodded. Cat took one bite and almost swooned from the mere deliciousness of the pancake. How can something so simple be so fluffy and divine? The mushroom mixed in with the syrups melted on her tongue and slid down her throat like smooth wine. It was within that moment that Cat's life will be changed forever.
    Chef took a liking to Cat and took her under his wings and treated her like she was his own kitten. He taught her how to bake and cook and was amazed at how Cat seem to absorbed everything in like a sponge. His greatest surprise was the power she had within her little paws. The legend was told that only one cat every 99 years were born with the power of the Golden Paws. They were known to be the greatest at producing the best bread, pizza, pasta or any goods that needed to be knead. The news traveled all across Lasagna and everyday the restaurant was jammed pack with customers.
    One day in December, a well-tailored fat cat came into the restaurant. He was sent down by the Head Chef of the Jade Emperor's palace to look for a chef for the upcoming New Year's Banquet. Cat whipped up her famous mushroom pancake and served it to the fat cat. "OHO~ This is spectacular!!" exclaimed the fat cat. He slumped to the ground and fell into a catnap. After a few hours, he woke up and exclaimed that Cat must go with him to the palace at once. Cat was hesitant about going because she still felt ashame and bitter about the outcome of the Great Zodiac Race. Later on that day, Chef persuaded Cat to go and assured her that she will always have a home in Lasagna.
    On the day of her departure, Cat was sent off by Chef, her fellow co-workers and friends. Cat was amazed by sight of the Jade Palace and with the HUGE kitchen. WHEW! The kitchen was even bigger than the whole town of Lasagna. On the day of the banquet, Cat was introduced to the Jade Emperor and the twelve members of the Zodiac. Rat recognized Cat right away and laughed in her face. "Puhahahahah~ Once a loser will always be a loser!" The urge to claw the Rat and roast him over an open fire was strong, but in the presence the Jade Emperor all Cat could do was smile.
    Once in the kitchen, Cat had many thoughts of sabotaging Rat's plate to make him suffer like how she suffered. However, Cat realized that she hadn't suffered at all. It was more like a blessing in disguise. She was able to meet Chef and her many friends in Lasagna. Even if she wasn't acknowledge as a member of the Zodiac, but wouldn't it better to be acknowledged by people who really cared about you? Cat smiled as she happily prepared the feast for the New Year's Banquet. 
    Everyone complimented on how delicious and fluffy the mushroom pancakes were. The feast was a huge success and the Jade Emperor summoned Cat into the dining hall. He was impressed with the feast and offered a position in the the royal kitchen to Cat. Cat bowed and humbly declined the Jade Emperor as she wants nothing more than to return home to Lasagna. The Jade Emperor nodded in understanding and granted her the title, The Golden Paw Cat. 
    Cat returned home and became the most famous chef in all of Midgard. There has even been rumors that the Jade Emperor would send fat cat over to get an order of freshly made mushroom pancake.

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Good ending:

Alas, I have lost the Race of an Eon,
I was divested the chance of becoming
A zodiac, a cosmic scion...
But in this downfall,
I shall answer a new call,
I shall have a new beginning:
To devote my life to wisdom unending.

I shall pass on my philosophy
Of how wisdom can soothe all hatreds, and leave anguish be.
Through meditation and harmony,
One may be in union with the spirits of fire, wind, and sea.

The Book upon my crown,
Symbolizes knowledge that is attained through toil and letting down.
The Apple upon the book,
Symbolizes that nature brings balance to knowledge much like a flowing brook.

Come, learn what wisdom failure may give
To those willing to strike down pride and continue to live
I am Kakaneko, Māo-zhǔrén of the Zodiac Way
Ascended yet remained, humble and never astray.
IGN: Kakaneko
(Note, Kakaneko is an ALT. Kazalus is my main character~ ;* 

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Minina's good ending:


A desperate cat was trying to reach the meeting while watch how the rest of the animals reach the finish. She, on the riverbank, observes how all celebrate the new 12 Zodiac Animals, no one notice the tears on the Cat, so she wipe her tears and walk alone to home.

"What a disgrace I've brought to my cat family!" yelled the Cat. All in Animal Kingdom were talking about how the Rat was so smart and how the Cat was so naive. After that and for that reason, some Cats got bullied, all there said they are not even worthy to live in that kingdom. Cat was so sad and ashamed for herself, and see how the things went after the race was something she couldn't resist.


She walked to a bridge and looked down - "I'm nothing but a shame". Then she jumped... but she forgot cats have 7 lives, so the only thing she got was a broken leg. While she was licking her injured leg, an old cat was watching her in the distance, then he said: "Why did you do that?, look what you did." then the old cat came more closer and sees is the cat of the Animal Meeting, so he figured it out why she did it. Coty, was the name of that old cat, he took Cat's chin and told her: "One day you will know why the things happened like that, humm... there is a myth, other races gonna love us, more than other animal in Animal Kingdom, remember that. You don't need to be part of something that doesn’t define us."

Cat was surprised for those words, Coty, the old cat, returned to his house not without say good bye to Cat. Then she went back to home; more peaceful and now with a light in her soul, with a hope.


The years passed, other races lived together with others, humans with animals. Humans took animals as pets, as friends. Cat lived enough to see how the world changed and how her cat family was the most loved in the human world, even nowadays. Where humans took the cats as little kings and queens, humans around the world took the cats as a symbol of greatness, making statues of them, pictures of them, even trying to look like them!


Cat, in her softy cushion and petted by her human, remembered Coty's words. "So, this is what you meant, it's not a myth after all, now it's a reality, thank you", she said in her mind. Then she slept happy for her new life.


The End.




IGN: Minina

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After being pushed by the rat in the river, the cat carried away by the river and landed the town of cherry blossoms, the one and only princess of the blossom town saw the cat in the river bank and she help the cat, the princess bring him in the castle immediately for treatment, after few days, the cat woke up and remembers what happen and he tell to the princess family what happen and the whole family was shocked on what the cat tells to them, the cat choose to stay in the cherry blossom town and forget what happen and continue his journey together with the new family, after being considered as 1 of the member of the family, the cat give his best to pay back how the princess family treats him, after 10 years, the emperor of the blossom town suddenly died because of serious illness, and they need to choose new emperor, the board members of the town choose the cat to be the emperor of the blossom town because of his kindness and loyalty to the family and every single person in the town, the cat tears starts to fell down because of happiness, after all failures that pass on his life, finally he became the Emperor of the blossom town, not only an emperor but a “LEGENDARY EMPEROR” because he is the 1st and only cat emperor in the whole dynasty of blossom town, this achievement count as success.


Maybe the cat was failed getting the title for 1 of the zodiacs,

But he gets the titled of being “LEGENDARY EMPEROR” of the blossom town.


 We must learn from our failures and use it to achieve our success.

“Behind every mask, there is a face, and every face have different stories”



Thank you.


Doram Name : Zashikihime

IGN : Hyouzuki

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Main IGN: o0 Taiki 0o

Doram Name: XxBastetxX




As the strong current of the wild river was dragging the cat away from the ox and the rat, that the size of the ox was merely the size of a golf ball. The cat's dream of becoming one of the 12 zodiacs begins to blurry, more and more as she is washed away by the river, she then starts to remember her life, and question herself, "Have i done anything bad?" "Is this the best i can do?" "My precious family..." while saying "I'm Sorry." as she lost her breath and her body begins to fail her, she started to drown.


She was drowning for a very long time, but it seems that the gods had helped her survive the dangers. She then regains consciousness, coughing and panting in exhaustion, she opened her eyes and surprised with the amount of sand she sees, and asked, "Where am i?" "I need to go back." "I need to see the jade emperor.". Forcing herself to walk, but her exhaustion got the best of her, and so she fainted. Minutes after, a mysterious woman was passing by, and saw a weak cat laying on the bed of sand, the woman attends to her with curiosity, and saw how weak the cat was, and so the woman took the cat and brought her home. Weak and absent-minded the cat was, the woman didn't stop taking care of the cat until she gets better, until the cat begins to feel the woman's sincerity for her.


As soon as the cat recovered, she started asking herself, "what can i do to repay this human's kindness?" then the vision of what the rat have done to her started to show up, the cat infuriated, she immediately knew what she must do. The day after, she started to chase rats away from the house, keeping safe of the precious foods and belongings of the woman, being grateful of the cat, the woman provided the cat with food and shelter as payment for the cats good deeds, the woman even started to love the cat that she tells the deeds to her friends, the cat was getting more and more attention and good feed backs from the neighborhood. Until one day, when the woman was very tired and was sleeping at night, the cat heard a rattling sound, "what was that?" the cat whispered. She then woke up and investigates with her eyes, she then saw a rattle snake near the bed of the unwary sleeping woman. Wanting to save the woman, out of instinct, the cat fought the rattle snake, the noise woke the woman up and saw the cat kill the rattle snake to save her. She was once again thankful for the cat, and proudly tells her neighborhood how brave the cat was just to save her from the venom of the snake. "I should've been dead." the woman said. The high priests of the ancient temple heard of this gossip, the story of a brave feline, and so, has requested to summon the cat to them.


As the cat arrived at the ancient temple, the high priests held a ceremony to honor the cat's bravery, and so she was named "Bastet", she was then worshiped by the people as if she was a god. Days passes by and words flew across the fields to the neighbor kingdoms, the story of the brave Bastet mesmerized the people. Having a lot of worshipers from other far away places, the high priests even named the temple after her, thus the Temple Of Bastet, where she was honored, worshiped, respected and beloved by many people. The story even flew to the kingdom of china, where the 12 zodiacs originated. The people was also mesmerized of the story of the brave cat, that the people of china, in their hearts, made the cat the 13th member of the zodiac.






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The cat is drowning to bottom of the river and the river current forcing and bring her to the unknown place. In the brink of the death… there is a sound in her head “Do u want surrender with your pathetic life?” The sound of god and the goddess is said to her. They continue “Don’t make a shame of your life, Olympia, you were descendant of the god of war Ares and Bast, we will fight what is right and take back our victory again. Because we never lose! Remember that Olympia.”  That voice was provoke the inner strength of the cat that she was the descendant of the gods. DRIVEN by its hatred of injustice, The cat is survive, she swims to the ground  and she shout her promise to the sky for  that promise can be heard by her god ancestor. “I promise to this sky and earth, alpha and omega, the life and the death that me, Olyimpia will bring wrath of justice upon the Rat, I will find them, not only in this mortal world but I will travel to the edge of galaxies, to the corner of the world, to the realm of the death, to the Endless Tower that ruled by The king of the death NAGHT SIEGER!!!!” She is practicing her power, harnessing her strength to break her power limits. She proves that beating valkryies were an easy task for her. Odin the All Father see it and giving him THE GOD item Brisingamen the jewel can usually used by the goddess Freya to enhance the power of its wielder  as a reward. On the next day, She want to challenging Thor, The god of thunder, Odinson to only get his magic belt, they called it meginjord and his mighty weapon Mjolnir but unfortunately, That battle of century is draw then for the respect from Odin allfather and he give the cat impossible task that he must slay 3000 Baphomets in 3000 worlds before he give the cat meginjord!!!. And then she is agree with that quest, not satisfied with only to kill 3000, she will slay all baphomet and take his all the baphomet’s horns and skulls, then make it for her own helm, she named it “Gigantic Magestic Goat” as a sign that she bring the wrath and havoc to the baphomet’s evil world and make that worlds peace under her control. She rule all the world in the name of absolute justice. And she came back to odin all father. Thanks to her beautiful works, Odin gave her meginjord “Thor Magic Belt”, one of the best items in the entire realm. And then driven by its past and hatred, She is started to search that cunning rat, she want rat to know how she feel that day, and absolutely she will bring judgement to all his kind that spread in thousand world!!! And after her success to bring judgments that means death to the rat, she leaves only one rat, the one who betray her, to become her slave for entire life. But in the end, she still killed that cunning rat, and make rat’s soul disappear then no one can find the rats body!!


"Dont Mess with me because i am is john-wick in cat version!"


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        The cat felt a mixture of different emotions, as he clings for his life against the strong current. Grief from not being able to become one of the chosen ones, confusion as to why it had to happen to him, and hatred to the rat who betrayed him, those were the feelings that filled him as he lose consciousness.

          He woke up to the chirping of the birds, the sound of rustling branches, and to the smell of a delicious meal placed on the table next to him, with knowing nothing of where he was. As he tries to stand up, he felt a sharp pain in his body as he didn’t recognize the door opened. By the door was the person whom might have saved his life.

         “Did you have a nice rest?” said by the person as it approached him. The person was a young lady in her twenties, and was more beautiful than any woman he has seen before.  As the lady was about to touch him, he jumped to the farther side of the bed. He remembered what happened and his heart was filled with nothing but rage as he glared at the young lady. The young lady smiled and said nothing as she stood up and went away.

           The angry cat felt the sharp pain in his body again but his desire to get revenge was even stronger. He stood up and opened the window and as he was about to jump, his body failed to respond causing him to fall towards the ground.

          He woke up again with the lady earlier treating his wounds. He swatted the hand of the lady and backed off again as the bandage rolled to the ground.

        “The food will get cold. At least eat something first before you leave.” she uttered. The lady once again stood up and grabbed the dropped bandage.

           “I have seen eyes like yours, eyes that lose sight of what they want to do because they are blinded by their hatred. If you really want to get back at the person who did you wrong, regain your strength first. At this rate you’d lose all the rest of your lives without you noticing. You already died twice and have seven left, wouldn’t it be wise if you lose the other seven trying to win against your enemy?” She said as she smiled and walked away.

These words left a deep impression on the cat. He was in denial of his own weakness at first but he accepted that he can’t prove anything with the way he is now. He lived with the lady as he recovers from the injuries, along with that he learned a lot of things regarding the woman who saved his life including her past. Her name was Lee Rin, and she was the local doctor that was both loved and hated by the villagers. Some treat her as a saint; the others treat her as a witch. The cat helped her with her duties from time to time and has grown fond of her. His rage was immediately replaced by feelings he never knew of. He only knows it’s a warm and comfortable feeling.

           A plague spread throughout the village and it didn’t help with the other villagers thinking she was a witch. The villagers used this as an excuse to get rid of Lee Rin. As the cat returned from getting water for the patients, what he found was a burning house. He ran towards the burning house and tried searching for Lee Rin. He saw her lying by the floor with injuries all over her body as he calls out her name. She was clinging for her life as she touched the cat’s face.

          “This is the first time you called out my name. Don’t get mad at them. They don’t know what they’re doing.” as she wiped the tears of the cat. The cat carried Lee Rin out of the fire and went to the cherry blossom tree by the river. The cat cried as he tries to treat Lee Rin’s wounds but it was not enough.

           “I’ve always known you’re not an ordinary cat.” She said as her consciousness slowly fades. She took out a bracelet on her pocket, and gave it to the cat. It was bracelet made out of jade which is not unknown to him. As he watches her cling to life, he remembered a story told by Lee Rin. It was about a boy who she found by a river who had the same eyes as the cat when she found him. He didn’t believe it at first because he found the story odd. The story was about boy who had jade hair and wore ornament from another world with the guy disappearing with a promise to Lee Rin that he would come back. He had his suspicions on the identity of the guy but as he saw the jade bracelet that Lee Rin gave to him.

            “JADE EMPEROR!” he shouted to the moon as he wiped his tears with new found resolve. He threw away his pride and fears in order to save Lee Rin.

            “As your faithful servant, I offer the rest of my life just please grant this selfish request of mine. I beg you please save her and reunite her with the one she loved.” He cried as he begged for his last resort. He saw the river current stopping along with the cherry blossoms stopping mid-air. As he lifts his head, he saw a figure that he never expected would personally appear. Standing before him was the Jade Emperor himself, to which stunned him with his majestic appearance. He knelt down and pulled out a bottle from his pocket and made Lee Rin drink. Her life went back to her along with all her wounds getting healed. Lee Rin opened her eyes and saw the cat and the Jade Emperor. Tears ran down her cheeks as she thought she would never see him again. The Jade Emperor grabbed her hand and pulled her towards his body and hugged her tightly.

            “I’m sorry I made you wait. I am never hesitating again.” He said as he caresses her face. The eunuch along with the other 12 guardians came to follow the Jade Emperor. The emperor rushing towards the call of a mere cat, just to save a person was unheard of inside the Jade Palace. Interfering with the lives of humans along with changing their fates is something that a celestial should never do. What came next was a shock to the Jade Palace and to the cat and Lee Rin.

            “I’ll take her back as my wife. Do you have any objections?” He asked towards the 12 guardians as well as his eunuch with a resolve in his eyes that he’s ready to throw away everything for the person he loves. Lee Rin and the cat were so shocked of what the Emperor just proclaimed but with lack of objection, the decision became final.

          The Jade Palace rejoiced at the wedding of the Jade Emperor and their new Jade Empress, Lee Rin. The Emperor gave the cat a helm and assigned him as the first guardian of the Empress instead of becoming a guardian of the Emperor to which the cat didn’t refuse. The cat met the rat but left him a strong warning. “I forgave you already but if you try anything funny to those which I protect, I won’t hesitate on taking you down.” He warned with a grin on his face as he walks away towards the person who showed him happiness.


Never get blinded by the hate, but spread happiness instead.



thanks to Gacha, Sharky and Eli for making it possible. (for the prequel of the story about lee rin and the emperor that's for another day :P)

IGN: Flamel Emure


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Annnnnd it's over! Thank you to all that has participated in my first forum event. My heart has seriously melted when reading all the entries. So, who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be? GM Team and myself will take a closer look and decide on the winner(s) which will be announced within the next few days. 

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The best oscar cat stories wil goes to.....


First place : Kazalus

Second place : Sucrose

Third place : Ryu Sakamato


Others wil receive a consolation prize for their amazing efforts!


Congratulations to all winners! thank you for particpate, and i'll see you guys ingame! 

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