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Pro Hunter Instances - Damage Calculation and Penalties




I have two questions regarding to Pro Hunter quests.

  1. Does damage deals to boss is calculated by system (eg. 1% minimum damage like world bosses) to decide someone is eligible for rewards or not - both chest and hunter's rewards?
  2. Does die when boss defeated will cause you not eligible to obtain rewards?

I did Buwaya instance today and my ranger died because of that painful Meteor Storm, and in the same time, boss defeated by my party. After resurrect, I click on boss's chest and its said I am not eligible for reward. /swt3

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1. Yes it is the same system like the World Bosses, so you must do enough damage to be eligible, although it shouldn't be too much.
2. Your death should not affect it since the database still saves all the damage done by player id in the background. The system simply checks your done damage when you click the chest.
    However i have never tested this myself so i can't tell if it actually works to 100%

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