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Adventure Guild - Daily Challenges


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    Adventure Guild & Hunter Association - Daily Challenges

The Adventure Guild is a small group of people who's being controlled by the Hunter Association and consists out of volunteers and Pro Hunters!
The Hunter Association regulates the natural balance of nature and is responsible for testing and licensing of Hunters.

Its headquarters is located inside a beautiful building in Althea from where they organize all different kinds of hunting quests.

Pro Hunter Exam

The organization sets daily challenges for you to achieve, which are being rewarded with exclusive costumes, consumable rewardszeny and experience. Descend into randomly generated challenges, where every quest is different from the last. Overcome powerful enemies and environmental discoveries on your adventures through the Orbis of Midgard. Adventure Guild suits great for beginners to earn experience, some extra zeny and items but also scales up to end-game worth of content!



    Hunter Association's Jobs

A chairman of the Hunter Association stationed Ging, a renown Pro Hunter to recruit new Pro Hunters as their numbers are running low.
While the Adventure Guild allows normal adventurers to take on their requests, the Hunter Association distributes their Boss Hunts only to extraordinary Pro Hunters!

Pro Hunter Exam

Hunter Association's Jobs are daily, randomly picked, team-based instance Boss Hunts.
Instance bosses drop a Boss Chest which can be looted by every party member who participated on the boss fight. It is highly recommended to team up on these daily targets, even for professionals alike.


Hunter Exam

A Hunter license Pro Hunter License is a type of card given exclusively to Hunters after they pass the Hunter Exam which proves the status of the owner and has multiple benefits. It provides access to an exclusive market and the permission to attend in daily Pro Boss Hunt jobs handed out by Ging.

Pro Hunter Exam

The exam consists out of multiple challenges for you to overcome.
Only a true hunter shall pass, so proof yourself worthy!


Job Reward

If the daily target has been eliminated, the Hunter Association will send your job reward, a Hunter's Chest instantly per mail.
A Hunter's Chest includes at least 2 Hunter Coins Hunter Coin which is the main currency used for the exclusive Pro Hunter's Market.
Hunter's Chest IconHunter's Chest

There's also a chance that the chest includes other rare items.


Pro Hunter Market

The Pro Hunter Market is only available to individuals that carry a Pro Hunter License Pro Hunter License.
Thus it is required to have finished the Hunter Exam in the first place.

Pro Hunter Exam


The precious Hunter Coin Hunter Coins can be traded in for exclusive content at the Vending Machine located inside the Adventure Guild building.
Its content may change overtime, so make sure you get your hands on the items you want before they're gone.



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    Adventure Guild's Quests

It's Falmira's job to give out the daily requests to adventurers like you.
She will be requesting the daily objectives for you to achieve, starting with a Monster Hunt Quest.

Pro Hunter Exam

You will start on Rank C every day and you will have to complete 5 quests of the current rank to advance your rank to the next level!


Quest Ranks

There are 4 Quest Ranks: C, B, A & S

  1. Rank C - Monster Hunt Quests
  2. Rank B - Monster Taming Quests
  3. Rank A - Item Supply Quests
  4. Rank S - Boss Monster Hunt Quest

Rank C, B and A each offer you 5 randomly generated quests before you can move on to the single Rank S quest!
Falmira will offer you to continue with an additional set of quests in case you want to keep on going.

So you will proceed with the Ranks as follows:
Rank     C-B-A-S-C-B-A

Amount 5-5-5-1-5-5-5


Monster Hunt
Monster Hunts are jobs that require you to kill a certain amount of monsters. It is highly recommended to utilize our ingame @ commands to achieve your goals. They can help you tremendously to find the monsters you're looking for on the most populated hunting grounds. More details further below.

These quests will scale based on your current character level. Just like the rewards that will be handed out upon completion.


  • A base level 20 character will recieve random generated quests from the lowest tier monster pool.
  • A base level 40 character will unlock the next difficulty pool. Monsters ranging lvl 20-40 are possible.
  • A base level 100 character may recieve monster quests ranging from level 40 - 100
  • A base level 140 character may recieve monster quests ranging from level 80 - 140

Monster Hunts are character based. That means that if you login with your character base level 200, you will get a different quest assigned than your second character that's currently base level 100.

In case there's an annoying quest that you can't seem to complete, maybe try logging in with a different character instead. However to take full advantage of possible rewards, it is recommended to complete these with your highest leveled character.


Monster Taming
Have you ever had a Pet? Taming a Monster gives you the chance to experience having your own pet, unless you don't decide to hatch the beloved eggs. The Adventure Guild is after these precious eggs of yours, so go out there and tame the beast!

Taming a monster isn't always easy as it may require some expertise to do so, depending on which Monster you're trying to tame.


Luria the lovely lady sells Taming Items in her limited supply shop. Hunting for Taming Items isn't an easy job since they're pretty rare out in the wild. However she has a limited stock, so in case a specific item is sold out, you'll have to wait for the next day before she gets a new delivery.
The prices and quantity of her offerings are based on their rarity and monster taming difficulty.

There are 4 different ways to get your hands on Taming Items.

  1. Buy them in exchange for Zeny from Luria, the limited supply clerk.
  2. Gather Taming Items through item drops from monsters.
  3. Get certain Taming Items from quests.
  4. Use the 64501.pngUniversal Tamer that you get from the Adventure Guild Ticket Exchange, or from other reward sources.

Keep in mind that the chance to tame a monster successfully increases, the more weakened (HP %) they are.


Item Supply
Item Supply request are simple and straight forward. Simply get your hands on the requested amount of items and deliver them accordingly back to the Adventure Guild. There are no limits on how you achieve this goal, you can either gather these items through monster drops, purchasing them for NPC or player markets, or get them through any other means.

It is highly recommended to utilize our ingame @ commands to achieve your goals. They can help you tremendously to find the monsters you're looking for on the most populated hunting grounds. More details further below.


Head Hunt

Each 5th quest of either C,B or A Quest types will be a unique Head Hunt instead of either a Monster Hunt, Taming Request or an Item Supply Quest.

A Head Hunt targets a criminal on the loose, which are bringing citizens in danger as they stroll through the streets. It is your job to locate this single individual so you can call a Guardian that will put him/her behind bars. This event will trigger automatically if you can just get close enough.


A criminal's gender, looks, name, as well as their location and reaction will be different each time you encounter them, so don't get used to how they appear to you. It's also possible that you encounter a criminal that's currently being hunted by someone else. So make sure you find the the person you've been targeted for.

A criminal is able to escape after a certain amount of time, so make sure you get them behind bars before they get away! If you didn't make it in time, go back to the Adventure Guild and ask for a new target instead.


Boss Monster Hunt
This one won't go down easy on you. Only the most professional hunters come this far and also achieve to beat these high difficulty targets. If you can't seem to manage this goal just yet, don't let yourself down. There are many ways in GatheringRO to gear your character up and train further to reach this achievement eventualy. These high risk targets are rewarded with great rewards.


Quest Rewards

The Adventure Guild features its own central currencies, the Coupons. Adventure Guild Coupon

- Each finished C,B or A quest is rewarded with Base/Job EXP, Zeny and 1x C, or A Coupon according to the quest ranking you've just completed.
- Rank S reward includes Base/Job EXP, Zeny and 5x Coupons each for C, B and A!


The Coupons can be exchanged for rewards at various merchants which are located in the Adventure Guild building.
Each Coupon Rank can only be used at the corresponding shop (C,B and A).
i.e (Rank C Quest rewards C Coupons used for C Shops)

These shops offer a big variety of exclusive Consumables, Pets, Costumes and more!

Pro Hunter Exam

Kratos - Offers supplies for refining your gear, pets and other consumables!



Pro Hunter Exam

Larson - Offers Adventure Guild exclusive costumes!


Tips & Reminders
- The further you get in Quest Ranking, the higher the zeny rewards. You should consider buying items from the market to progress faster.
- Selling quest items on the player market may also be a good idea if you're after some additional zeny in case you don't need them yourself.
- If your character is strong enough, reaching and finishing the Rank S quest is very rewarding!
- The quests reset daily, so if you've gotten up to Rank B today, you'll have to start from scratch at Rank C tomorrow.


    Helpful Commands

There are a lot of commands available in GatheringRO which can help you to find your desired items and monsters.

  • Show Item info (type, price, etc) (2 same commands)
    @ii / @iteminfo
  • Show Monster info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff) (3 same commands)
  • Prints out in which maps a monster normally spawns at (does not count script-invoked mobs)
  • Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate)
  • Show who is selling an item and the position on your minimap. (Player market is located in Althea)
  • Allows to autoloot per rate or up to 20 specific items.
    @aloot help
    @aloot rate
    @aloot item
    @aloot info
    @aloot clear
  • Warp yourself to a certain map, at (x,y) coordinates (3 same commands). /mm or /mapmove
  • Enables you to to jump randomly on a map (that you are already on).
  • Or use the trade channel to ask other players for specific items. Channel System Guide
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