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Werewolf Essence

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1 hour ago, Gale Windscar said:

Costume Eleanor Wig, Costume Sword Wing and Costume Bau Alma's Dog Ears are available through WW essence too.

So... Why did I get 3 of the same item? O_o


55 minutes ago, Olga said:

You too cold hahahaha! thats some luck! told you to open em up fast!

Shut up noop. I told you opening them is a bad Idea.

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8 hours ago, raphaelluigi said:

That's what you get for hoarding!  /ok

Gtfo! It's not like I could have sold them.. They are account bound.

2 hours ago, Kaze said:

man your luck is worse than mine /heh

What did you get Ma'am?

1 hour ago, Hersheys said:

Would so love buy one of those capes! They're cute! But oh well XD

I wouldn't want to get one from a WW egg though. /heh

If they weren't account bound, I would give you one as I don't need all three.

They are now taking up precious space in my storage. Lol

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