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Woe and emperium fragment



So after some months of playing I rly didn't get how the amount of emperium fragment is calculated, please don't answer me that the system count your kill, your dmg ecc ecc is rly not working like that.

sometimes I played 2 hours killing enough ppl and doing dmg on emp and got around 30+ fragments, sometimes I played 10 minutes and killed some players and get again 30+ fragment

another time I got 3 fragment by just standing there with an afk char that I forgot online at woe_map while I was outside of home so...

I think would be cool to understand this mechanic, and would be cool also to improve the woe partecipation, I explain you what I mean:

ppl joining 2hours of woe should get (also depending on kills ecc of course) more fragments than who play 1hour or 30 minutes (I also got 30+ fragment by playing only 30 minutes...)


with this I'm not suggesting to decrease the number of fragment but idd to improve it, normal players take beetween 25-35 fragments each woe by playing more than 30mins (more or less, I don't know for sure), I needed 3 months to get 500 fragments and get my 1st emperium weapon, that's also because I'm working so I can't attend all the sieges...I'm trying to attent at least 20-30 minutes when I can (before going work or so...) to get some fragment u.u that's not helping XD

maybe should be better to add some other counts/points for the fragments..hope gms are open to suggestion about this and will explain how it work

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The system is really actually tracking your actions during WoE.
Once WoE is finished there are several complicated algorithms running in the background to calculate your total amount of fragments earned.

We do not want to share the algorithms since it will raise more questions than answer them.
We also don't want them to be stolen from other servers since we're offering a very unique system which took several years to develope.

Please note that there are several caps within those algorithms.
So going for player kills only probably won't bring you much further than 30 fragments per WoE considering you've done multiple kills and done a lot of damage to your enemies.

Playing multiple objectives will help you to earn even more.
The absolute max cap is 50 per WoE. Although the best players may be rewarded with some extra.

The more you earn, the bigger are also the chances to get a rare chest.
So there are several different systems in place to reward engaged players who do their best to support their guild.

The system has not been designed to reward players based on playtime. It's solely rewarding you on the actions you do for your guild during the war.
If you're an experienced or simply good player, you might reach the max amount of fragments during a 1 hour session. That's entirely up to you.
We don't want to "force" players to play 2 hours straight just to reach the maximum amount of what can be earned.

The system overall is "just" an addition on the WoE experience itself and is supposed to increase interest and fun during the war.
It's not in our interest to pour even more fragments over the good players while others are staying behind. /no1



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ok thx for your answer, but as I sayd I think in your algorithm there is something that in the end divide the points with the time. 

example: if u got 1k points in 30 minutes your last points will be something like 1000/30 -> 33.3

if u play 1 hour u will get 1000/60 -> 16,6


I'm not saying is working like that but there is something not rly working with the time, today I played around 30-40 minutes, killed some ppls, died a lot of times (comparing to other woe I died 4-5 times in this short time), destroyed 2 emperiums and I've got 40 fragments, more than I got playing 1 hour+ and killing more ppl and getting less deaths XD


for sure, as you suggested, achieving different objective add more emperiums. I never broke an emp during woe, since I mostly support with traps and kill ppl around, destroying emp gave me 7-10 fragments more.


idd this system is unique and rly cool, I decided to join right after I seen this ;)

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We've already tweaked a lot of things on the algorithms and added additional ones since the release.
Of course there's always room for improvements /ok

Rewarding playtime however isn't that easy to implement.
It would require live-timers which are tracking every second of every player which would eat a lot of resources.
On top of that it would require several checks to ensure that a players is actually doing something rather than just sitting around and move every few minutes.

With that in mind, it would probably very hard to get it done right.

Also, since the system is already tracking all the different actions which can basically already be counted as "invested time".
So i'm not sure if an actual playtimer is really required at this point.

As of now, there's also an algorithm which checks your total effort.
So as soon as you've reached a certain point of actions considered supportive, you will be rewarded with an additional 10fragments which counts towards having attended during WoE.

Supporting your allies with buffs
Supporting your allies with healing
Damaging Guardians
Killing Guardians
Damaging Emperiums
Destroying Emperiums
Damaging Players
Killing Players

All count towards your total earnings. And each one of them has specific max caps. Which is why it's better to work towards at least 2~3 objectives if you're in for some extra fragments.
The system also detects, yet again, by running several algorithms if you're just a beginner WoE player or if you're already an experienced one.
And then rewards beginners additionaly to give them a rewarding feeling instead of pushing them back and say "you'll never make it". /swt3

The initial design of our reward system was actually built up on the old mailing system.
However during the development time, the mailing system had been official removed, so we had to scrap our initial code right away.
But now since we're back with roDex, we could give it another try.

That way we could tell the players which actions actually rewarded them with fragments.
We're currently working on other new content and improvements of the game.
But that's what we might implement this at some point in the future.


Baldr (where you redeem your fragments) also features 16 different phrases depending on how well you've done during WoE.
The "better" his attitude is against you, the higher your chances are towards getting:

- Additional Tome of Knowledge
- Treasure Chest (WoE 1.0 Version) and (WoE 2.0 Version)
- Rare Exotic Chests which feature a gear/weapon of your choice

There's also a hidden 'legend' feature which we've not yet talked about.
But will become relevant with a future update.

So these are also things which are additionaly rewarding for the more engaged/hardcore WoE players.



I think this post even includes some tips/information we've never revealed before.
So make something out of it /no1

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