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What's the item script for Belphegor card?



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4 hours ago, Rayleigh said:

Has a GM shown you the card? The bonus is 1 ATK / MATK per 10 Base Level and 1 Hit per 17 Base Level resulting in 25 ATK / MATK and 15 HIT.

Yea saw the card linked in-game once. Ohh! Nice effect. Thanks!! /gawi

1 hour ago, Aketsu said:

can u also tell us what's the drop of belphegor and werewolf? using @mi nothing happen

Werewolf doesn't drop the card. There's a chance you can get an "Essence of Werewolf" from the treasure chest that spawns after the Werewolf dies. You click the essence of werewolf and you either get the Werewolf card or a rare costume and an evil boss fragment. Belphegor presumably has it's counterpart that works like that too. An "Essence of Belphegor" perhaps.

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You won't get any special loot whatsoever.
Being MVP has no actual effect on what you're going to get, unless the fact that you've done a lot of dmg.

But there are certain algorithms which increase the drop chances a little bit on the more rare loots we've added to the Treasure Chest.
We can't go into any further details since the drops and their drop chances haven't been revealed.

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