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So You Want To Make Helm Of Darkness!


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Items to create Ymir's Heart Piece.

Vesper Core 01 x 1

Vesper Core 02 x 1

Cogwheel x 15

Immortal Heart x 15

Worn Out Magic Scroll x 15

Solid Iron Piece x 15

Fragment x 5


If you're successful, you get : Ymir's Heart Piece x 1. You need to do it 4 more times. Remember there is a 50% CHANCE OF IT FAILING.

After you make Ymir's Heart Pieces (remember, you need 5 of them). You still need to collect 5 of the other hearts. After the hearts, you need 5 of each will of darkness (listed below).

Immortal Heart x 5

Burning Heart x 5

Heart of Mermaid x 5

Ice Heart x 5

Stone Heart x 5

Wooden Heart x 5

Ymir's Heart Piece x 5

Will of Red Darkness x 5

Will of the Darkness x 5


Once you have all of the items, go back to the NPC in Niflheim (niflheim 307 72)



Give him the items and you get :

Helm of Darkness[1]5181.png

A forboding helmet that hides part of the face. People wearing this have the appearance of Beelzebub.

STR + 2

Class : Headgear

Defense : 3

Equipped On : Upper, Mid

Weight : 200

Required Level : 50

Applicable Job : Swordman Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class

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