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Obtaining and Enchanting Temporal Boots

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Obtaining and Enchanting Temporal Boots

You can get Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells by doing the Old Glast Heim Instance. Talk to the warper in Althea and select Instances -> Old Glast Heim or warp directly to glast_01 200 273.

Obtaining Temporal Boots


Hugin's Butler will exchange 1 Temporal Crystal for Temporal Boots. These boots can be further upgraded to a specific Stat Temporal Boots in exchange for 5 Temporal Crystals.

  • The player has to be wearing the Temporal Boots to upgrade them.
  • You can choose which type of Stat you want for your Upgraded Temporal Boots.

These are the different types of boots you can choose from:

Temporal Stat Boots
22000.png Temporal Str Boots
22002.png Temporal Agi Boots
22003.png Temporal Vit Boots
22001.png Temporal Int Boots
22004.png Temporal Dex Boots
22005.png Temporal Luk Boots


Slotting Temporal Boots

Hugin's Craftsman will slot Upgraded Temporal Boots in exchange for 5 Temporal Crystals.

  • There is a chance to fail and break the Boots!


Enchanting Temporal Boots


Hugin's Magic Master can enchant the 3rd and 4th slots of Upgraded Temporal Boots using Coagulated Spell. You can choose the nature of the enchantment for the 4th slot. Once the enchantment on the 4th slot reaches stage 4 (max.) you can enchant the 3rd slot with a random special enchantment.

  • You have to wear the boots to enchant them.
  • The enchantment of the 3rd slot is always random!
  • You can enchant slotted and unslotted Temporal Boots
  • Unslotted Temporal Boots lose all their enchantments/refine rates if you slot them!



Here is a list of all the possible enchantments and the amount of Coagulated Spells required:

Enchant Fighting Spirit Expert Archer Spell Vitality Attack Speed Fatal Coagulated Spells Required
Level 1 Fighting Spirit 4 Expert Archer 1 Spell 2 Vit+2 Delayafterattack 1 Fatal 1 30
Level 2 Fighting Spirit 5 Expert Archer 2 Spell 3 Vit+3 Delayafterattack 2 Fatal 2 60
Level 3 Fighting Spirit 6 Expert Archer 3 Spell4 Max HP +1% Delayafterattack 3 Fatal 3 90
Level 4 Fighting Spirit 7 Expert Archer 4 Spell 5 Max HP +2% Delayafterattack 4 Fatal 4 120
Final (slot 3) Random Special Enchantment 150



Random Special Enchantment:


Bear's Power

When being physically attacked, adds a chance to proc +200 STR for 5 seconds and transforms into a Bigfoot. Consumes 5000 HP/sec during activation.


Adds a chance to proc +200 DEX for 5 seconds when physically attacking. Can be activated by skills, like Cart Cannon. Consumes 500 SP/sec during activation.

Lucky Day

When physically/magically attacking and being physically/magically attacked, adds a chance to proc +200 LUK for 5 seconds. Adds a chance to obtain a treasure box when killing monsters during activation.

Muscle Fool

When being physically attacked, adds a low chance to proc +200 Vit for 5 seconds, -50% ATK and MATK during activation.

Runaway Magic

When dealing magical damage, has a chance to proc +200 INT for 10 seconds. Consumes 2000 SP/sec during activation.

Speed of Light

When physically attacking, has a chance to proc +100% ASPD and +100 Flee for 5 seconds. Consumes 4000 HP and 400 SP per second during activation.

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