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The channel system has been entirely revamped to not just bring more life into the game, but also to help new players on their journey.

Channels are here to connect you with people and friends.
Rather than normaly talking in public, you get the choice to write within channels.

Like sending a private message to a player you can also send messages to specific channel names instead.
This allows you to reach a much broader audience than you're used to from the past.

Channel Chat

All players are always in the main channels, which means you can reach a lot of players (depending on the chosen channel) at any given time.
Of course our rules of conduct have to be followed within these channels as well. So make sure to now spam and stay friendly and calm /no1



Public & Private Channels

Take a look at all the public channels by using the following command.
It then shows you a list of all public channels including the current active player amount in it.

@channel list

Channel List          Channel Read

To checkout the channels you're currently connected to, use the following command.
It will show you a list of all the channels you're currently in, including your created ones.

@channel list mine



Create a custom channel

You can create your own private channel and invite your friends to get some privacy.

@channel create <#channel_name> <channel password>


Manage your channel

You can create your own private channel and invite your friends to get some privacy.
The following command creates a new channel and allows the creator to set a password.

@channel create <#channel_name> <channel password>


Change Color

To checkout the currently available colors your can choose from, use the following command to get a preview.
It will list all available colors for custom channels you can pick from.

@channel list colors

Channel Colors


In case you're the owner of a channel you've created earlier, you can now change the color of your channel.
This command changes the channel text to the specified color.

@channel setcolor <#channel_name> <color_name>



Leave/Silent Channels

Please note that you can't leave the public and support channels.
But any other channel can be left independent from the others.

@channel leave <#channel_name>


If you're a loner and want to keep it that way, there's always the option to disable public log entirely.
Simply click on the tab you want to have them disabled. (Regular, Battle Log tabs on the left-top of your chat window)
And open the Window Sign Information window. (The blue, very small round icon at the right-top corner of your chat window)

Disabling the Public Log will set all channels silent on the chosen tab.
Channel Disable

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