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World bosses are epic event monsters encountered throughout the open world of GatheringRO that spawn a treasure chest when defeated.
They spawn at sheduled times which are announced ingame, 5 minutes before the boss appears.

Some might require a specific amount of quest tasks to be solved before the world boss spawns.


World Boss Timer

You can always use our World Boss Timer to check on the next upcoming World Boss!
This feature has been implemented for your convenience as it is independent of your time zone. That makes it easier for everyone to know when the next event is going to start.




Boss Treasure Chest

The treasure chest is a unique and GatheringRO exclusive system which rewards each contributing player on his own.
Simply click onto the Treasure Chest ones it appeared to check if you were egible for some rewards.

This means that each participating player who's been damaging the boss monster enough will recieve his personal loot drops.
There are no MVP exclusive drops!

The command @mi will display all possible chest rewards and their drop chances.
Please note that item drop modifiers like bubble gum or vip membership bonuses don't affect the chest drop rates!



Evil Boss Fragment Shop

Additionally to the possible rewards you will always be given a guaranteed Evil Boss Fragment.
This is a currency used to buy items at the Shady Figure, the World Boss Shop which can be found inside the Adventure Guild building.

He offers a variety of consumables, legendary crafting materials, equipment and costumes in exchange for your gathered Evil Boss Fragments.



Exclusive Loot

World boss events attract many players and are a good way to earn various kinds of high-level equipment, exclusive costumes, shadow gear, legendary crafting materials, world boss cards and many more.




World Bosses require a large group of players to cope with them, so get ready to call in your friends when you're up for some epic battles.
Boss Treasure Chests Rewards are limited to 3 chests per day per person and all rewards are account bound.
However you can still attend on the fights supporting your friends, if you enjoy doing so.

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