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Emperium Glove does less damage than Improved Ring



No Bug Tracker around so I'm not sure if this is at the right section

I didn't actually own an Emp Glove but knew someone who did and I lent them my Imp Ring to test. The character attacking me said he had 200 STR. Both the Imp Ring and the Emp Glove we tested had a Bronzering card on it. It costs 450 Frags to get it and that's worth much more than an Imp Ring. The Emperium Accessories were supposed to be better than the Improved Accessories


EMPERIUM GLOVE [1] with a Bronzering Card:



IMPROVED RING [1] with a Bronzering Card:


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From the screen shot, it looks like the gx is not using any weapon.

The atk of the weapon you have is a big factor.

In my rough computation, you need to have at least 400+ atk to be able to match the imp ring with 200 str

the equation I used is : [1.05 * X = X + 20] and solving: [X = 400] (weapon atk and upgrade atk)


*the 1.05 is for the emp glove and the +20 is for the imp ring at assumed 200 str

*both accessory has +3 str (I am not sure with imp ring, I based the +3 stat from my imp neck) and is just removed for simplification purpose,

*the bronzering card also removed for simplification purpose.


To further explain here is an example.

+ 0 grimtooth (180 atk, 2 slots) vs a + 0 scalpel (120 atk, 3 slots)

to be carded with +20% increase in damage like hydra card

for grimtooth : 180 * 1.4 = 252

for scalpel : 120 * 1.6  = 192


In conclusion.

% increase (like emp glove) benefits more with weapon that has high attack while +attack (like imp ring) benefit more to weapon with low attack, assuming the same str

Unless the 5% increase of emp glove is directly affecting the final damage which is most observed in skills.

In my opinion the emp gloves should be improved a bit more, like adding aspd or a little more increase in damage


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Agree. Although that's the problem if its percentage increase. It is always base on the damage seen on the status window so as explained earlier in this thread, this accessory will benefit you most if you have bigger status atk and equipment atk. Uhm for a boost, I hope so but they already nerf it so I don't think they will be doing something soon. Still waiting for legendary p2 update tho :D

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Tested it again

GX with 200 STR, EDP, and Master Buff Scroll on (for Maximize Power)

Using a +10 Guillotine Katar, Emperium Glove did more damage than Improved Ring. With Cross Impact:



Imp Ring = 6429

Emp Glove = 6532


But using +13 Scalpel and a +10 Sandstorm, Improved Ring did a minuscule more damage than Emperium Glove. Also with Cross Impact:



Improved Ring = 6739

Emp Glove = 6736


Same results for normal /noctrl non-skilled damage. So with weapons with low attack damage, Improved Ring is better. But for weapons with higher attack damage, Emperium Glove is better. Thing is, I had the impression that Emperium Accessories will always be better than Improved ones. A boost for the Emperium Accessories perhaps? XD

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Problem is, just looking at the damage, the two lower attack daggers outdamaged the higher attack Katar. Katar did 6.5K while the dual daggers did 6.7K. Given that choice, I'd rather go with the dual daggers then since they do more damage than the higher attack Katar to begin with.. and with that, the better pair for the dual daggers would be the Improved Ring.

Oh lol they nerfed it? Maybe the Emp Glove was better back then

My thing with it is that the difference in damage between the Emp Glove and the Imp Ring, even when the Emp Glove was better with the Katar, was very low. The Emp Glove only did around 100 damage more

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