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Easiest way to get some crunchy toast~


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Chibi Xilence's guide to get

5107.png Crunch Toast in a few minutes!

For people who don't know what Crunch Toast is.

It's a lower headgear,I've got one equipped on my Priest.


Items needed

519.png 50x Milk

539.png 50x Peace Of Cake

548.png 50x Cheese

7031.png 50x Old Frying Pan

754.png17x Raccoon Doll(you'll see later why)

Let's start with the easiest item:


You can buy the Milk at hugel 104 169
for 25z ea.



The next item is:

539.pngPeace Of Cake!

Just kill Smokies, they drop Raccoon Dolls (20% chance to drop). You can find Smokies at pay_fild09

You need 17 of them.


Then warp to alberta 118 136, there's Allin.

She'll give you 539.png  3x Peace Of Cake 754.png for one Raccoon Doll.



Now let's get our third item!

548.png Cheese!

You have to kill Taoist Hermits at gon_dun03 (100% chance to drop).


Maybe you're lucky and find the Evil Snake Lord!


The last item you need is:

7031.png Old Frying Pan!

They are dropped by Magnolias at moc_fild09 (100% chance to drop).



Now go to yuno 222 115 and talk to Kasis.


Done! :D

Now you've got your 5107.png Crunchy Crunch Toast~

~Screenies by Chibi Xilence

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Please don't link images back to other sites, unless they are an image hosting site suck at photobucket or imageshack. Those rocards images-- please save them and upload them separately. They tend to dislike it when you use their bandwidth.

Okay, I'll note that for the next guide.

Thanks ^_^

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