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Something New To Gro?



What is new to gRO?
It's been a while since i played any online games.
How are the costumes here? How can i make a costume?

What are the gears for Arch Bishop and Sorcerer?

What is the source of money now? In my time, it was Mythrils and Valk Flowers

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Hi Erina, Nice to meet u & welcome!

1- For Costume, your can get by Donate Or Doing Adventure Guild Daily Quest at Althea (@warp althea 122 165) Here the Guide Link & Here The Update

2- For Ab & Sorc Eq is rather long, its better u go online & ask someone. Or someone else can mention it here.

3-Source of Money by farm gold ( @warp alt_fild03 ) or u can collect some rare item/eq & Sell/market it at Althea (@go 0). Mithril are not primary source of money now since Big update Coin Exchanger. ( zeny > Coin )

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There was a lot going on, so i can't cover it all up.
But here are some of the major updates we've had during the past months

If you want to read yourself through other updates, checkout the news section:

- Highly reduced click latency/response (walking and so on)

- Major Client update

- Implemented the new 3rd class skills

- Rebellion Class release

- Refinement System Overhaul

- A lot of new client / interface features


- Ingame Record System


- WoE Reward System

- WoE Core Map / Rotation System
Reward System: https://gatheringro.com/woe.php
Basic Information: https://gatheringro.com/war/woe

- Skills have been entirely rebalanced from scratch

- Adventure Guild recieved an entire overhaul:

- roBrowser (play gRO through your browser without downloading the client)


- Cash Shop overhaul


- Reward Of Choice System


- Major Bug fixing over the past months

You can get costumes from:

- Costume Shop Clerk in Althea (requires gRO Tokens)

you get gRO Tokens from event boxes which you can win in events or which you can buy in the Adventure Guild Shop

- WoE Fragment Shop

- Cash Shop (donating)

- Vote Shop (just check back from time to time)

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