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    How to watch a replay?

1. Download a replay file from someone else or watch your own recordings (you can skip part 1 and 2 in case you watch your own replays).

2. Place the file into your .../GatheringRO/Replay installation folder

3. Click on the Replay button at the bottom right of the gRO Patcher to start the replay client

4. Press OK, then select the replay you would like to watch

5. Navigate through the replay with the tools given at the bottom right corner

The replay is fully interactive, which means you can move the camera to your needs while watching a replay!
Or use other features such as opening your inventory / equipment window and much more (if the replay settings allow it).



    How to record a replay?

1. Record something ingame by clicking on the REC menu icon. replay.png
2. Pick your prefered settings if you want to hide personal information

3. If you're ready to record, press Start and give it a name
Your gameplay will now be recorded!

4. Press Stop if you're finished recording. The file will now be saved



    How to share my replays?

You can either share it directly with your friends by sending it to them and refering them to this guide.
Or you can also upload it here to our forums for your latest guide or similiar purposes.

1. Press on "Use Full Editor" at the bottom so you get full access to the text editor within the forums
This makes the "Attach Files" function available, yet again at the bottom

2. Press on "Choose Files..." and navigate to the .../GatheringRO/Replay installation folder
This is the folder where all your replays are being saved.

3. Pick the recording you want to share, the file will now be uploaded to our server
As soon as it's finished you can press [Add to Post] to the right of your upload, to place it somewhere within your topic or post

4. Submit your new topic/post, and that's it /no1



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