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Baldr's Analysis


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Thanks to all the valiant warriors who joined us on this special occasion of the first WoE with the new player reward system!

Baldr's indept analysis has brought your hard effort to attain your first fragments to our attention.
We have noticed that especially the less experienced players were not properly rewarded.

That's why we've already started to improve the reward algorithms of Baldr's brain chemistry and will continue to analyse his results.

So don't let your head down just yet, brave warriors.
This is just the beginning.

It has also come to our attention that a few players did not redeem their fragments from Baldr.
But don't you worry... Baldr will keep them in his pocket until you give him a visit.
So in case you missed his location, he's on the WoE Core map just a few meters away from the new WoE shops.

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