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Up Coming Patch (For Gro Only)



As we all know the beta server has gone pass by few weeks ago but then not everybody has been successful on trying the beta test for some unknown reasons. As for a player that tried to play the beta test and failed for tons of times, what can we players expect for the up coming patch? i know that there is a thread for this i've read it but then i dont see any information on the thread that some of the cards that hasn't been implemented in the server will be implemented. It also peaks my interest to know if the new race will be implemented since the quake update and other new things from Rathena has been leaked from various resources.

As for another topic to be discussed, will there be new events for the server to come? the server has been like stagnant like this for years now without any new automated events running aside from invasion and picking up empty can and old paper. Isn't this a bit lack lustering for a HR server that there's no new things for people to be entertained rather than just sitting around in althea doing nothing.(don't even try to point out that there are gm's who are doing events because I myself don't find those events fun when they are just revolving to dice and HnS).

Another thing i would like to point out is please fix the item DB.

With nico being new addition to the GM team i hopefully and pray to the Gods that new things will be released to feel like this is a living server and not just a grinding server just for satisfaction of having god items and such.

May this thread be useful and enlighthen whoever reads this and not just ignore it :)

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- What do you mean with "fix the item DB" ?

- As you've noticed, Nicocaine has joined our team as a developer.
The latest thing he's working on IS actually updated automated events. I will not go into any further details on this one but it's really being worked on right now.

About the Beta Test

What the beta currently includes has been listed down in the beta feedback topic, but to go into even more detail.... checkout the list below.

The new race "Doram" is not yet available in this update as rAthena has not yet implemented it.

Doram has been released a long with a new client version which includes a complete new char selection interface with gender selection PER CHARACTER instead of account.

Due the fact that Doram is not yet available in rAthena, i was forced to use one client version older before these changes took place.

So as soon as Doram has been "usable" implemented into rAthena, we will have to do another client side update to make it available.

This won't require as much work as we've had with this update anymore, but it still requires some effort to do so.


What will be included in this patch:

We're really trying to listen to all the player feedback, so a few updates are really dedicated to the players.

Misc Updates:

- Rebellion Class Release

- New Skills for all Classes

- New Beginner Quest (You start now random in one out of 5 Izlude copies, not the actual izlude itself)

- A lot new individual Weapon sprites/graphics (Being shown while fighting)

- A lot of official skill Updates/Fixes and some custom balancing from our side
- All latest official updates (Maps, Mobs, Items (also cards), NPCs, Quests...)

- WoE Core map recieved a blue sky and clouds
- The attribute LUK now affects item drop chance by a small amount
- Guild Alliance reduced to maximum 1 (Please re-apply your alliance upon release)
- Fixed Althea and other custom minimaps, so your location is shown properly
- Fixed Status effects (Burning, Crystallization) (Banaspaty, Sropho Card, DragonBreath ...)
- Patcher recieved a small redesign of the 3 top buttons, including the new replay button as described below
- Fixed female Cloth/Hair Color issues
- Skoll Card effect still doesn't work, but upon further investigation i've found out that the official script function is broken which has been reported to rAthena and they confirmed it. Which means it should be fixed in near future (waiting for their fix)
- Balanced Dark Priest Card effect

- Some bigger changes on the Refinement System, you will notice some new npcs in Althea

- PvP Changes, Hellbox original map has returned and moved up to the top in the npc menu

- Small WoE Guardian changes

- Completly reworked Service NPCs in all towns, including NPC locations, @go coordinates and save coordinates. In case players want to use a town as their main spot.

- Implemented the new manner system to keep it nice and clean. (The new system censors the bad words only, so your actual message is still being sent)

- Really big Source Code cleanup, this allows us to easier update the server and prevent unforeseen bugs/crashes.

- Overall Client performance improvements

Patcher Update
- Still collaborating with the developer of our patcher to get more bugs fixed.
Depending on how stable the latest release will be, we might get a faster and more reliable Patcher System. (not 100% sure as of yet)
- Added Replay Button on gRO Patcher which allows you to watch your ingame recordings using the Rec button ingame (really great feature)
Main Client Features:
Menu Icons
- Buttons have been replaced with graphic icons and can be hidden if needed
- MVP Monsters show now a way bigger HP bar so it's easier to check their HP during mayhem.
Skill/Buff Timers
- Changed the way skill/buff timer is shown.
-- Skills with >1minute timer will be marked in white and <1minute timer will be marked in red
-- This also affects Homunculus and Mercenary skills
- Shows your coordinates below minimap
- Maximize Minimap
-- Show own position while moving
-- Show Quest Icons
-- Show Guild/Party
-- Add personal Notes / Memorize location
Bank UI
- Bank zeny storage to deposit up to 2,147,483,647z (fast and easy to use)
Status UI
- Status/Attribute window has been seperated from the Equipment window
New command /quake
- Disables shaking effect of skills like Explosion Spirits, Lord of Vermillion, ...
- Added Dimension, Localizing01 and Localozing02 worldmap which completes the Worldmap
- By clicking on a map, it triggers the navigation system
- Mob[Tab] now shows the recommended Base level on all maps and dungeons
- Dungeons trigger a drop down menu to show all available dungeon levels
- More features such as mouse over map shows fast travel routes or icons if you click on maps for additional information
- Identify Items directly in your inventory by: Holding Ctrl + Right-Click on item, identifies it and substracts one Magnifier from your inventory
- Opening inventory window after obtaining an item will now show the newly obtained item with pink silhouette ( I did not pick the color ;P ).
- Description Window is now being streched to the correct size to fit in the complete description
- Viewing an equipment now shows a comparison with the current worn item
Other Client Related Updates & Fixes:
- Client does not close anymore if you click cancel on char selection screen
- Pressing F11 key to enter screenshot mode will no longer block user chat and other information messages.
- Fixed an error caused by some video cards.
- Engine Update to be able to display high polygon models to support better graphics (>New Prontera< (We've had new prontera before as well, however it was customized with decreased polygon count))
- Changed the Quest Information Window to only display up to 5 current quests.
- Changed the costume tab to allow drag & dropping of costume items in between costume tab and inventory window.
- Equipments that have been equipped through the Personal Tab in inventory window will be returned to the tab when unequipped.
- Fixed a display bug with /lightmap command where the object shadow would appear to be displaced on the ground.
- Fixed a bug where after using the 'Sense' skill, monster sprite would not appear normally in the monster information window.
- Changed character creation system to place newly created characters on 1 of 5 replicas of Izlude Town map.
- Fixed a bug where a previous skill copied with Reproduce would remain in the skill hotkey bar.
- Fixed a bug with /lightmap command where it would not work properly in dungeons.
- Changed the mini-map to show a more accurate position of oneself on the map.
- Fixed a bug where the NPC location marker on the minimap was visible through the World Map window.
- Fixed a bug where using the simplified aura command would result in a Level 99 simplified aura effect being displayed on a Level 150 Kagerou/Oboro.
- Fixed a bug where a minimized Equipment window would revert back to its original size after relogging or changing maps.
- Fixed a bug where AGI/DEX reduction was not showing
- Changed the monster shadow's size to be proportionate to its sprite.
- In-game Hallucination effect has been changed. No screen shaking anymore, it now inverts the screen.
- Changed vending system to show the sum of the cost for the items purchased through player vend in the chat window.
- Fixed a bug where when closing the skill shortcut window the skill cooldown time would still display.
- Fixed an issue where the sanctuary effect would display when a sorcerer summoned spirit enters a sanctuary.
- Added 10th character slot permanently
- Fixed a bug where Water Ball skill used by monsters would not show proper animation.
- The status icon (such as burning or freezing) will no longer be visible to other players when the target is in Hiding or Cloaking status.
- Fixed an issue where when a Shadow Chaser uses Feint Bomb, the hiding effect would still show the players shadow on the ground.
- Fixed a bug when changing guild title your character title will not display properly.
- Changed the Sense skill window now displays the name of the mob.
- Fixed a bug when you used the command /AURA and logged off
- Added new monster sound effects
- All items, Individual written restriction information removed from the description. Instead a new system generates a format including all required information.
- Corrected the effects of some equipment that were not in the correct position.
- Fixed a bug with the HP bar where some characters's did not display correctly in certain battlefield maps.
- An error in the UI guild ordering of players with certain letters in their names has been corrected.
- Click on the 'Help' icon under the Navigation window to learn how to use the system
There's even more, so stay tuned.
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Whenever i go search on Item DB starting from Type - Weapon to Type to Type - Armor this is the items that will be listed


Aside from that all the other searches like cards, usable, misc. are all fine.

I was never aware about that.

You guys really need to learn to report something if you encounter it. :P

It won't fix itself, and as i'm not using all these features most of the time as you do, there's simply no way i will ever find it out myself. Or it's just very unlikely to happen.

Next time please use our bug tracker. There's even a WEBSITE bug report section.


However still thank you for telling me, i will take care of it. :)

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