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Woe Flags & Website Db


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Game Updates

  • Implemented rotating WoE 1.0 Flags on front of each bridge at WoE Core
    - Now you can see the castle owners and it's easier to find the castle you're looking for. These flags also offer the official "warp inside castle" feature if you own the castle.
    - The flags on the official castle maps have been removed. These maps are not used for WoE anymore. Make sure to warp to woe_map to join WoE 1.0
  • Skill Hell's Plant - Reverted latest change which increases now it's damage
  • Any Game Master is now able to help you with the 2nd mounts and your rent storage in case your Account Plus has expired.

Website Database

  • Updated website item database with all latest information and graphics
  • Added missing Althea Field 02 picture and mob information on our website World Map
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