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Robrowser Now Available


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What is this?
roBrowser is an open source project created by Vincent Thibault.
It allows us to offer you GatheringRO to be played through just your web browser, using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL technologies.

Why would we need this?
roBrowser is not meant to replace our normal client you're used to.
But it gives us the possibility to offer you gRO through all different kinds of Operating Systems, without the need to download GatheringRO. That's right, you can now even play on a mac, however with a few limitations.

What kind of limitations?
Please note that it's still in a beta phase. Although it's working really great already, a lot of features are still missing. This includes and is not limited to: vending shops, skill effects, create party etc...
As this is an ongoing project, there will be future updates to implement missing features and fix bugs.

What are the prerequisites?
A recent web browser that supports WebGL and a GPU that is OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible is required. Has been tested and works best on Chrome. Firefox and Opera are supported but may have a few smaller issues. Internet Explorer is not supported!
Of course, a GatheringRO account is required to be able to log in.

- No need to download the game client
- Play on Mac and Linux
- Can be accessed from almost anywhere through the web browser
- Visitors can test our game right away
- No patcher required, we can update robrowser on the fly

Please note that using roBrowser does not represent what our full game has to offer! If you want to enjoy all features, without any visual limitations, please download our full client.

Loading times depend on the user's internet connection, as all visual content has to be downloaded on the fly from our server.

https://gatheringro.com/play roBrowser has been discontinued due to lack of player interest

Enjoy ;)

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Please note that it still has to download files if a player walks by which has a different job\clothing color and other headgears. But ones something has been loaded, it will cache the file on your system.

So for instance if you checkout the description of an item, it will take a while to load the picture. But the next time you check it out, it will load it instantly from your system.

Also, there's another delay if you are the first player who loads a file for the very first time. Our server will then unpack and optimise the graphics out of the data.grf file.

But ones unpacked it will be saved on the server.

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No, what are you talking about?
I thankful you for bringing us up the gro browser that we could play without download files. The more players join gRO too.

Actually, I've tried your gro browser, it's pretty fine. Data's good and everything is good especially characters' attack motion & effects.
Effects and taekwon's attacks are unusually. Loading screen only took me few seconds or 5 seconds. Seems good to me.

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As a OS owner. I love this.

This is a chance for so many players willing to try Ragnarok. I will totally suggest this.

Only thing that bothers me a little are how homunculus get stuck.

But I suppose this will get better every update!

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roBrowser has been discontinued.
It was a big load of additional work for us, the players didn't actualy use it, and it missed major features which never offered the full gaming experience.

Was a great experiment that failed.

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