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Custom Skill Balancings

  • Removed Casting Times of Landmine, Blastmine, Claymore
  • Electric Shocker can be put on to the target again
  • Reduced Cooldown of Arrow Storm
  • Reduced aftercastdelay of Sensitive Keen
  • Earth Strain - Returned Cooldown / Casting times back to official
  • Increased output damage of Blitz Beat as it has became very weak due reverting it's effect back to official
  • Increased output damage of Sould Expansion after it's initial damage reduction

Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed Stat Points issue, when in some cases it wasn't possible to increase the stats up to 200
  • Adjusted Tao Gunka Card description for renewal effect
  • Fixed battleground monster data, which caused completly wrong drops
  • Adjusted Falcon Assault to take arrow elements into effect
  • Cleaned up Self Destruction damage calculation
  • Cleaned up Dragon Breath damage calculation
  • Fixed Millennium Shield, Crush Strike, and Refresh durations
  • Fixed Makibishi area of effect
  • Fixed missing VIT bonus for Siege equipment
  • Added missing bonus for Diabolus Armor [1] and Diabolus Ring [1] combo
  • Soul Staff combos will now reduce variable cast time
  • Medal of Honor combos will now increase MATK by 3%
  • Added missing bonus for Sealed Dark Lord card and Dark Illusion card combo
  • Added missing bonus for Spirit Whispers combos
  • Added missing bonus for Witch's Pumpkin Hat combos
  • Wrong MATK calculation of Distort Crescent/Zangetsu effect
  • Fixed Shield Spell not casting correctly
  • Fixed Exceed Break attack increase not being applied
  • Fixed Gentle Touch - Energy Gain not adding spirit spheres
  • Updated Magnetic Field SP drain value
  • Fixed Spider Web and other trap skills not working correctly on GvG maps
  • Fixed Cloaking Exceed not hiding players from demon and insect monsters
  • Bloody Lust no longer affects monsters
  • Ruwach will no longer damage players in Invisibility
  • Forcefully save characters before opening a Vending Shop to prevent invalid data from saving
  • Elemental Shield requires a Blue Gemstone to cast
  • Adjusted Flash Combo to only consume 65 SP
  • Tons of missing old items, and brand new items implemented
  • Source Code optimization and cleanups
  • Various other fixes


We will be performing Maintenance for the GatheringRO Server and Network as follows.

Maintenance Schedule:
Start time: July 4 20:10 GMT+1 [servertime]
End time: aprox July 4 21:00 GMT+1 [servertime]
Impact: GatheringRO will be offline.
Patcher will have multiple disruptions.
Control Panel will have multiple disruptions.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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they keep giving bugfixes for new 3rd job skills i.e Flash Combo, Full Throttle but not making it available to use first, they tell it's implemented but the client does not support it, i can't stop facepalm reading it...

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It's simple.

Most of these updates are always from the emulator itself we're using.
And i copy & paste their changelog and adjust it a little bit.

Please note that i have to go through hundreds, sometimes up to a thousand revision updates with changelog.
This way, the players get all the important information you need.

I could also just simply write:
Updated to latest rAthena revision.

But that wouldn't tell you much.

So rather than increasing the time spent on writing these news, i do it as fast as possible, so it will also include some updates which might not be available in gRO as of yet.

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