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Mahuro Thew


Hello GatheringRO!

I'm a fresh new player to Gathering Ragnarok Online, hi there!

My intention in joining GatheringRO is mainly to do quests in Ragnarok. I recently read the Ragnarok Manhwa and I was very interested in the game storyline, so that is why I decided to come to a high rate, renewal mechanics server with a steady population to help me achieving that.

My main concern is: Is the server up to date with the latest episodes, like Eclage? Are the Renewal mechanics really stable and reliable? Because I wouldnt like to spend hours to find out a quest in broken or missing stuff in between you see...

That's it. I'm downloading the client right now and I will be known as the Warlock Mahuro Thew. Feel free to join me in my path to discover the true Ragnarok Online experience!

Cheers ;)

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Welcome to GatheringRO ;)

Q: Is the server up to date with the latest episodes, like Eclage?
A: We are as up to date as a private server can be. We're running on the rAthena Emulator which is currently up to Episode 15.1 Fantasmagorica ~ Partially Implemented!

So Yes, Eclage is implemented, however it's still possible that some features or single quests might be missing. rAthena still states Eclage as partially implemented. But the quests should be either already fully complete and they haven't updated their wiki yet, or there are just a few smaller things missing. But you won't find another private server who is further ahead with the implementation of the quests. All private servers are based on rAthena or similiar emulator projects. And gRO is already fully up to date ;)

Q: Are the Renewal mechanics really stable and reliable?
A: We're not running full Renewal Mechanics. Our settings are:

- Old Item Drop algorithms
- Old Experience Rate algorithms
- Full Renewal Battle Mechanics ( includes skill damage based on lvl, attack speed, cast time, base formulas )

About stable and reliable, i think that's a kinda weird question. The system itself is stable and reliable, yes.

All in all, the changes in cast times for instance make much sense. The new jobs have become really strong, so with that their skills are partly way more powerfull than ever before. So rethinking the whole basic mechanics makes a lot of sense.

However out of a player perspective it will take a while until you are used to all those changes, compared to pre-renewal.

We've had a lot of balancing updates until this day. It's still not fully balanced, another update is ahead, but we're doing our best to give our players a balanced battle environment, as 3rd classes have not been built for a highrate server.

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